Planet Waves FM :: What Do You Believe About 9/11?

Fae Speaker – Purple Henry

Today, Planet Waves FM features musical guest Purple Henry

In today’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I cover one of the most pressing questions about Sept. 11: What we believe and don’t believe, and why. I base my discussion on a segment of Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out, a documentary about some of the flaws in the official story — specifically, they don’t match up with the laws of science. But what about human nature? That’s the topic I introduce today, and which I will develop in greater detail in Friday’s subscriber edition.

This edition also covers Saturday’s Virgo New Moon. My musical guest is Purple Henry, also known as Fae Speaker.

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15 thoughts on “Planet Waves FM :: What Do You Believe About 9/11?”

  1. I think you should do this every year to remind people that what they’re told to believe is not always the truth, no matter how many “legit” news agencies and politicians(!) tell them it is so. I’m listening to a book called Blink written by Malcolm Gladwell, who also wrote The Tipping Point, who shows that despite massive “evidence” to the contrary we should go with our first feeling about the truth of a thing since it’s usually right. My feeling was that the towers went down too neatly and much too orchestrated and ridiculous to believe they had the intelligence and didn’t act on it. Please!
    Thanks for the voices of reason.

  2. “Despite the legal battle the Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange finds himself in, today the website itself is still functioning. Today it has released half a million documents gathered within 24 hours of the 9/11 attack. So it seems that despite the political turmoil faced by Assange for Wikileaks it’s business as usual. RT spoke with the whistleblower’s lawyer Baltasar Garzon for the latest development in his case.”

    Timing is everything….

  3. I was in the WTC on 9/11, although my experience was mainly just a close-call. I boarded the last E train uptown as the first plane hit. By the time I reached my office, the telecommunications were down. Since my office at the time had televisions in it, I flipped on a TV and discovered what had transpired. I left the TV on while an IT guy came to work on my computer, and we were both watching when we saw the first tower collapse. To this day, I think of his reaction to the collapse frequently because he went into a denial so complete that I could not pull him out of it.

    The instant that the building began to give way, I turned to my IT friend to tell him, but he absolutely refused to believe it even though he was watching it happen. He kept insisting it was not possible. It took about 30 minutes before he could even entertain the idea of it, and by the time he did, he had quite a meltdown. I think we all have those moments when something so seemingly out of context happens that we are not able to process the truth of it initially, especially when the truth could be devastating to our sense of the world and of our safety within it. But some people can really get stuck in that place of denial if the truth is just too frightening for them.

  4. Thank you, Eric, for what must be your best podcast to date. Best regards to Heather Fae (“Day Parade” is very powerful).

  5. this is great stuff eric! i love the chart breakdowns and how no matter what people or government try to hide, the sky tells the story doesn’t it?
    9/11 led me to astrology and eventually here in a weird roundabout way– it was 9/12 and my prof of Central American studies at SFSU turned us on to Pacifica Radio and Amy Goodman (broadcasting the war and peace report from the old firehouse in Democracy Now) and told us that she was probably one of the last honest journalists broadcasting on the public airwaves who like you, wasn’t afraid to tell the truth, so for the next six months straight i kept my radio on 24/7 on Pacifica Radio which also features Caroline Casey on thursdays and i fell in love with astrology and its stories from the moment i heard it! how funny to be here (well virtually) twelve years later.

  6. On 9/11/01 a friend of a friend, who was a former CIA Agent (truth), walked into the room where a few of us were watch the on-going reports that afternoon and declared: “This is an inside job.” He did not need to elaborate, we all understood his credentials for making that assessment.

    Over time my favorite bit was the lawn in front of the Pentagon that was clearly undisturbed by the 757 that bounced on it several times before hitting the building. That lawn was quickly replaced as the “wreckage” was removed.

    I am looking forward to reading more about the astrological and psychological angles for the depth of denial that clings to this event. Thank you for brining all this forward Eric (and crew).

  7. so great to hear heather fae performing! i never would have guessed she could sound like that, based on hearing her speak. it’s like she channels the voice of someone 20 years older from about 50 years ago or something.

    oh — and the rest of the podcast is great, too.

  8. Pallas in Aries 9th House opposite Moon. Juno in Sagitarrius in 5th House conjunct Galactic Center and opposite Asbolus.
    Just lettin’ you know.

  9. Just listened to the second half. Stellar. ground – breaking from the psychological angle. You are providing quite a service to humanity with this research and coverage.

  10. Well she had problems in her marriage, though since when does that justify her behavior toward others? The social justice angle has some basis in the myth, but only in that she’s a kind of “avenger.” I think that mostly, it comes out of experience with the point, and it’s certainly true in my chart (I have Juno conjunct Pallas, 6th house, Sagittarius), aspecting darned near everything.

  11. Maybe Juno was such a “little bitch” because there were big problems in her marriage. Or is that (her marriage) not considered a correlate to “social justice”? Just thinkin’?

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