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Note — I originally posted a damaged version of the file, with the theme music pasted into the vocal track. That has been fixed and updated — thank you Nora for pointing it out!

Sorry – another error: first day of 21st century was Jan 1 2001, not 2000.

In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I take on the “2012 alignment” on Dec. 21, 2012. Many people have been asking about this, and there are numerous theories as to what really is lining up on this day.

Before I get into that, I cover the astrology of the next week or so, which includes the Sun’s alignment with a deep space point called the Great Attractor and then subsequently, Galactic Center. These are difficult points to explain…I hope I did it adequately, though if you are curious, I do have some writing on the topic available.

The Great Attractor is one of the biggest things known in the known universe, which is saying a lot. The Great Attractor is called that because it’s vacuuming a million or so galaxies — galaxies — toward it at 24 million miles per day or so. If you find that intriguing, you can read an old article series I did for my Sagittarius buddy Jonathan Cainer — Sagittarius Secrets Revealed act one and act two.

Here is your program in the Old Player. Note, you can download a compressed file of the program on the Old Player page, which also includes a full archive of Planet Waves FM going back to 2010. More recent programs are collected in the category listing at the top of the blog frame.

Eric Francis

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  1. hey Lizzy, thanks for the suggestion. yes, i have been tested for every kind of food allergy, more than once, and with different methods. it actually is a digestive issue though, basically that i can’t digest anything, even water now. and i do actually know what’s causing the problem but not how to fix it, and that’s from a couple extremely perceptive medical intuitives i’ve been worked with. it’s a blood flow blockage to the pancreas so it’s not able to function so i’m left with extreme hypoglycemic/diabetic symptoms with no treatment b/c chemically everything comes up normal on the tests. but i’ve seen the best doctors and spent a fortune to find nothing. acupuncture has been the only thing that has helped, and it has helped big time, after many months though, so it’s been a very slow recovery. though i seem to have hit a stalemate with that recently where it’s only creating a temporary effect.

  2. And yes – it’s a wonderful talk, Eric. Fantastic stuff about relationships and loved the music too. Thank you!

  3. Hey Shape – really sorry to read about your condition. Have you already looked at the possibility of food allergies? Many undiagnosable maladies come from wheat, lactose, etc allergies. It was the case with me, didn’t find this out till last year, after a lifetime of being ill, and I haven’t got sick since. Everyone always told me it was stress, hormones and all that business and gave me all kinds of crap to take.

  4. great audio post! Tthe ambient-dub audio intermission was refreshing. funny you were in Miami when you got that b/c i was living down there in the mid 90s while going to college, while this style was pioneered. I got chills when you mentioned the Terpsichore asteroid @ 58:00 (the muse of music/dance). this is actually my main life/career focus. does this come up as part of the next phase after 12-21?

    I’ve been going thru the Hanged Man period though, which you mentioned in the Leo b-day reading. i’ve actually been going thru this all year very intensely w/ an undiagnosable/untreatable 24/7 health nightmare mystery (and i’ve exhausted every avenue, both medical & energetic/psychic) which has prevented me from being able to do anything at all for most of the year. it’s actually been building up for several years. 2011 was really bad too, and before that it was on/off for a few yrs. According to numerology i’m in my 9th year which is self-mastery and the ruler of my natal chart is Saturn. i was developing major things with music/dance but my world has been turned upside down b/c of all of this. I actually had a personal reading w/ Dave Arner over the summer (since you were overbooked) but unfortunately things haven’t turned around for my health yet 🙁

  5. I will be listening to this one again. Who knew I had all that stuff going on with the Galactic Center and Great Attractor?!

  6. a full moon is half a degree in distance. the Sun moves one degree per day relative to the earth. so the distance of three degrees of solar distance from 27 Sag to 1 Cap is the distance of six full moons. too far for the Mayans to have (mis)calculated by.

  7. sorry, you say: the alignment on the 18th is 3 days away from the solstice and is the distance of 6 full moons.

    okay, thanks!

  8. Hi Eric, really enjoying this. Can you please clarify: you say something close to:

    The Dec 18 is 3 days away from the winter solstice. That’s the equivalent of 6 full moons.

    Can you explain what you mean here?

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