New Moon, Diva Carla, and behind the Mohonk story

Planet Waves FM is done a little early today — and I actually have two separate broadcasts for you. The first broadcast is the recording of yesterday’s live interview of me by Diva Carla on her show. In a bold discussion of the Leo New Moon, we cover the theme of Vesta as the sexual healer and the keeper of the sacred inner flame, consider the deeper implications of masturbation, and look closely at the New Moon’s square to asteroid Psyche in Scorpio.

The second broadcast is a short follow-up to the Mohonk story (which you can read here). That piece was the result of a three-year investigation involving one purported conservation group’s efforts to steal part of the Grandmother Land (if you’ve been coming to PW for a while, you’ve seen my photos of this beautiful area).

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1 thought on “New Moon, Diva Carla, and behind the Mohonk story”

  1. Just now listening to this podcast, Eric. Thank you again for coming to my show. Everyone I’ve talked to who has heard the interview loves it. I invite everyone reading to adopt a practice of devotional masturbation to keep the inner flame glowing. Much will be revealed! We call in orgasmic yoga.

    Right now I am loving the distinction between how we feel our woundedness with Chiron and with Psyche. I had to look up where the wound that won’t heal is in my chart. Psyche is at 28 Pisces, just over the line into my 5th house. That explains a lot. And Apollo, that same damn mistake over and over? Virgo, conjunct my moon and opposite my Sun. Being that I’ve had an uneasy relationship with my Virgo moon, wonder if Apollo and his chariot have something to do with that.

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