Planet Waves FM Special Edition: Top Five Events of 2012

The 2012 Annual -- The Most Important Year of your Life

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Dear Friend and Reader:

This is a special edition of Planet Waves FM that is devoted to the top five events of 2012 — a year, and indeed a phase of history like nothing we’ve ever experienced. This audio series an introduction to the 2012 annul edition of Planet Waves, which provides detailed readings for each of the 12 signs — Revolution. Revelation. Reality Check. It is on sale to subscribers only at this point — and has become a runaway bestseller.

In this year’s annual, the first topic I cover is Uranus square Pluto, an aspect we’ve been writing about constantly at Planet Waves. That’s the miraculous astrology that has resulted in Arab Spring, the uprisings in Wisconsin and Ohio and finally the worldwide Occupy movement. Just how is it possible that the world seemed lazy, apathetic and ready to let anyone do anything to us, and then suddenly We, the People were rising up and not taking any bullshit? The answer can be found in astrology; Uranus-Pluto aspects are the most revolutionary of them all, and we get to live through one new through 2015. In this segment I explain the aspect and its basic energy, and describe some of the most personal manifestations it may have for you.

If you’re not a subscriber, you will see information in this space offering Revolution. Revelation. Reality Check. on a per-sign basis; subscribers can currently purchase all 12 signs at a special discount. To get that, all you need to do is sign up for any subscription at all — recurring, three months, six months or a year. You can do that here, first option, top left. Remember — the annual reading is NOT included in a subscription, but being a subscriber entitles you to a substantial discount that will pay for the subscription.

Enjoy the recording — your comments are welcome below.

Eric Francis

14 thoughts on “Planet Waves FM Special Edition: Top Five Events of 2012

  1. Thanks as ever for a really insightful post!

    I just wanted to add a dose of European and Asian discontent to the mix, as thousands of people in Spain, Greece and Italy, inter alia, took to the streets in anti-government, anti-corruption protests this year.

    In India, tens of thousands of people came out in vocal and/or physical support of anti-corruption campaigners, especially Anna Harare, who has devoted much of his life to the cause but was only really “heard” this year!

  2. gwind, thank you – you have described this transit so well as have others here. Thank you from my heart for contributing. I want to shout something like, “We Are Women” or “We Are Crone” or such but I think I shall jump, wave my flag and shout, “We Are”!


  3. The song is A New Order by Tino Izzo from the CD, “Four September Suns.”

    The usual theme music is by the same artist, not sure the CD, and that piece is called Earth Calling. We license these from Bob Chacra, a friend in Canada who represents Tino.

  4. Eric –

    Interesting podcast on 2012! I’m so stoked for next year if this year is anything to judge by – it’s like some crazy adventure film or wild “chose-your-own-adventure” book.

    Loved the intro music. What is the song/artist?



  5. Encouraging and excellent guidance Eric! May many more people find their way to hear such supportive ideas.

    Midway through the podcast, I paused and journaled. Not feeling connected to my original family, having been shuffled through many schools as a kid, I discovered, at an early age, that my sexuality became my grounding seed to being here on this planet. My focus throughout most of my life has been life through the filter of sexuality and individual relationships. [I can honestly say that if I passed today, I could go knowing that I have lived one fucking terrific life! I have learned so much!]

    Not unlike some of the women that have recently posted on PW, my sexuality has changed or is changing. Besides that fact of hormonal changes, decreasing libido, not bleeding any more, and being in a stable, yet growth oriented, supportive, long term relationship, I see now my sexual desire changing in order to move into another form of expression. This expression is directly related to group, or community, or a broader sense of connection. As an individual, I am seeking connection using the tools I learned in relationships, being self-absorbed, years of introspection and work, and now natural maturity, to evolve into something bigger.

    As I listened, I gained clarity. I found a way to grasp part of the mystery, even if it is just a start.

    This is an exciting, and very scary revelation, since I am [seemingly] stepping out into a world that appears vastly different from what I have experienced in linear past.

    You pose some excellent questions and for that, I am appreciative. Sometimes it just takes a little nudge this way or that for the process to get flowing again. I will throw in some Louise Hay type affirmations to your questions and see what evolves. Thank you.

  6. Astrology has so much to teach us mortals about the inexorable cycles of attachment, letting go.. attachment, letting go. (Especially when Venus changes solar house).

    It’s the letting go part we find so difficult…

  7. i know you haven’t had time to write a summary — that’s why i thought a sentence or two here would help. (just tryin’ to help!)


    sweet dreams….

  8. cool. so what was the earlier podcast about? i never saw a summary appear on the post. i figure our readers & listeners might want to know.


    oh, and class was great, thanks!

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