Planet Waves FM : Slow Rising Smoke: Trayvon Martin

Today’s edition of Planet Waves FM looks at the shooting of Trayvon Martin. It’s a look at the situation from several angles — political, legal and astrological.

Eric Francis, host of Planet Waves FM.

I cover the concept of the Stand Your Ground law, which is based on an earlier idea, the Castle doctrine — the one that says “a man’s home is his castle” — that is the basis of Stand Your Ground. However, it would seem that with everyone pretty much agreeing that the Stand Your Ground law does not apply in this case, from the lead investigator to the bill’s sponsor to Jeb Bush himself, clearly something is wrong.

There is one idea I left out of the discussion: the duty to retreat. That’s the alternative to Stand Your Ground. In New York, for example, you have a duty to retreat from an attacker if you can. If you’re cornered by someone who is going to do you harm, or someone you’re protecting, your first job is to get to a safe place — then you can defend yourself if necessary. The purpose of this is so that people claiming self-defense don’t automatically get a license to kill. You can read more about that at the Wikipedia page on the Castle doctrine.

I include four charts below — the event, the two main players, and the event that started off Arab Spring from late 2010, published on Planet Waves or the first time.

Additional research on this edition provided by Carol van Strum, Nikko Merrell, Amanda Painter, Fe Bongolan, Genevieve Hathaway, Adam Gainsburg and Sarah Bissonnette-Adler.

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Thanks for tuning in.

Eric Francis

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Shooting of Trayvon Martin
Trayvon Martin -- noon chart.
George Zimmerman - noon chart.
Self-immolation of Mohammed Bouazizi.

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50 thoughts on “Planet Waves FM : Slow Rising Smoke: Trayvon Martin”

  1. Eric,
    It’s what I meant (see 3/29 8:50 PM entry) and it’s what Genevieve meant too. Are there other QB1’s now?

  2. Bkoehler –

    Oouuhhh, interesting about QB 1991. Way to pull that guy out of the mix. Very interesting. Any thoughts Eric on QB 1991 on the Aries point with Vesta and Uranus conjuncting it?

  3. liminali,

    These are great finds. Especially impressed with the emphasized 23 Virgo and 23 Pisces. (It is Venus that stations at 23 Gemini on May 15, not Mars, but he will return to the degree 23 Virgo – where he stationed rx in Feb – on June 20. However, if you had not had that ‘retro Merc moment’ I would never have noticed the Venus!) By adding the Venus station rx at 23 Gemini to Mercury and Mars, you get a T-square that duplicates the T-square in the Neptune-Ingress-Pisces chart of Feb 3, 2012. It too occupied the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo and Pisces, with Moon at 24 Gemini, Mars at 22 Virgo and Venus at 24 Pisces. Now that is stunning. Thank you so much for sharing your investigation finds regarding this tragedy.

    I feel the same way as you in that there is so much remarkable information in the charts that I haven’t yet been able to digest it enough to get obvious meanings. But I feel that (don’t laugh) maybe these two people were possibly brothers in another lifetime and that they are here to teach us something we need to learn now.

    For example, there is the emphasis on Vesta and the emphasis on twins and the emphasis on 24 Gemini (Ingress charts & natal Vestas close by). The Sabian Symbol for that degree is about pruning Palm trees. Palm trees are indigenous to Florida. Dane Rudhyar notes that because the “intellect” (or mind) expands “wildly” like the palm leaves seeking the Sun, it (the intellect) is “deprived of the complementary power of the feelings (moon, water)” and pruning is required to remove the dead leaves. When combined with the fire of Vesta’s hearth it seems to me a message of too much heat (masculine) and too little water (feminine) and there is a need to find balance between the two. The (two) twins in the Teharonhia-wako story (and the emphasis on Gemini by the 2 natal Vestas) point out the duality (one son is earth-oriented and the other is more spiritual) of the world we are living in. The emphasis on the mutable signs tells us it is about transitioning and for a period of time there will be guidance (if not direct force) encouraging we humans to decrease the degree of yang energy in our lives and bring in more yin energy to equalize the two. I would expect the personal planets of Mercury, Mars and Venus would repeat this message in some way at the time of their stations and/or when they reach their previous stations again. It is the outer planets that activate the timing and need for change and it is the inner planets that will bring the message down to the level we can relate to.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and your wisdom liminali. I will be watching to see how the Ceres positions in Trayvon and Zimmerman’s charts plays out in the near future, as I’m sure it will.

  4. Like be, I haven’t listened to the podcast, but these charts and this catalytic event are compelling to investigate.

    The first chart, the event chart, with Virgo rising, is ruled by Mercury which was transiting 23 Pisces on February 26th, the degree that Mercury will soon station and turn direct April 4th. Opposite at 23 Virgo is the degree Mars will return to May 20th after stationing direct on April 14th at 3 Virgo. In Zimmerman’s natal chart, Mercury is at 24 Virgo conjunct the MC at 26 Virgo. His large 9th house also has a prickly, uncomfortable out-of-sign Mars (3 Virgo) Venus (29 Leo) conjunction. Having my own (strong)natal aspects at 3 and 23 Virgo, this Mars retrograde is a BIG deal for peeps with aspects in those degrees.

    What information will we have on this case weeks from now? What will we think on April 4th or May 20th?

    These charts have more layers than an onion field. There are so many tight aspects, it’s mind-boggling. Take Ceres for example, event Ceres 13 Aries, trine Trayvon’s natal Ceres 13 Leo, which opposes Zimmerman’s natal Ceres 13 Aquarius, which is sextile the event Ceres.

    Their natal Vertexes are exactly square, Trayvon’s is 23 Libra, Zimmerman’s is 23 Cancer. If you cast a chart for the time on the (very suspect) **police report, 7:17pm EST, you get the Vertex(fated encounters) at 13 Aquarius, and the point of fortune at 23 Cancer.

    Checked on some name asteroids, OMG

    Trayvon’s full name is Trayvon Benjamin Martin. The asteroid list at Astrodienst has a George, and a Zimmerman, but no Trayvon. “Trebon” was the closest, nope not close enough. There are only feminized versions of Benjamin(a) and Martin(a), so cast those in the event chart(7:17pm), here’s what turns up…

    *George at 1 Saggitarius opposing *Benjamin(a) at 0 Gemini, forming a tight T-square with Neptune at 0 Pisces.

    *Zimmerman at 29 Capricorn exactly square Saturn rx at 29 Libra

    *Martin(a) exactly conjunct the point of fortune, which is also Zimmerman’s natal Vertex.

    You couldn’t make this stuff up!

    now on the other hand….


    I used to be a dispatcher; how in the hell can you have a dispatch time and an arrival time at the same time? Is the Sanford PD using teleporters?

  5. Perhaps it’s nothing but Trayvon’s natal Karma was 0 Aries 37. At the time of his death Vesta was 0 Aries 34.

    Eric has told us that 1992 QB1 represents a threshold. Trayvon’s natal QB1 was at 2 Aries 11, and at his death Uranus was at 3 Aries 1.

    A couple of weeks ago Melissa replied to the article “Minor planet mix on the mutable cross- and Mars”. She left a link that connected to a fable about two brothers, twins, and one of the twins was called Teharonhia-wako “because you have not forgotten where you came from”. The boy remembered he had come from the sky and said he would never forget. “I will always continue to grasp that place where I came from by using both my hands, so that when I leave this world I will be able to return there.” The legend goes on to say that the people would be influenced by the twins. “Their minds would be either turned toward the Sky world or turned toward the Earth world. Like the right-handed twin and the left-handed twin, their minds would be divided into the right and left sides. Those whose minds used only the left side would be solely turned toward the earth and would bring disruptive influences to it by trying to take control over it. The would only think of themselves in matters pertaining to the world. Those whose minds are turned toward the right side would always know where they came from [the sky], and try to protect the things on earth and always think of others first.”

    Trayvon Martin was born with his Sun (16 Aquarius 26) conjunct the TNO Teharonhia-wako (16 Aquarius 10)

    Here is the link Melissa shared on this topic

  6. Eric & All– Thank you for taking the time to make such an insightful “glimpse” into this life-altering situation. You illuminated several important points; excellent work!

  7. Great podcast Eric! As always, brilliant synthesis of the event, the astrology, the natal charts and the Tunisia event!

    Looking at Trayvon’s and Zimmerman’s natal charts it’s interesting that Zimmerman’s Pholus and Trayvon’s Pholus are 150 deg apart, or quincunx. Travyon’s is in Virgo and Zimmerman’s is in Aries. It’s like they were doing this dance which had quiet a bit of tension and felt like there was no resolution to it with Travyon being the more passive side and Zimmerman being the more action, aggression based side.

    Zimmerman’s Pholus is conjunct Eris. And in Aries. There’s a alot of power there, but power that may be hard to fully control or own, or may feel like it’s in pieces and he can never fully orient or get control of it. It’s like trying to fire a tank with only half the buttons working and not knowing which half are working. And that’s opposite (not exactly but pretty) his sun. Eris can bring a feeling of alienation and talks about what one will do to try and solve this alienation. That sun opposite Eris conjunct Pholus speaks to a guy who felt alienated on the deepest level, felt as those his very self could never be accepted, and his solution to this deep feeling of alienation was to react violently. This seems to speak to a lot of pain this guy lived with. Like he was looking at a cracked mirror desperately hoping to see himself and instead a clown was starring back and his reaction is to take his fist and smash the mirror causing sharp shards of glass to shooting out and hit all that is around him.

    Also, it’s interesting that Ixion and Pholus are going over his very sensitive south node. Ixion is mr. amorality its. Zimmerman’s chart and the bit we know about him and the event chart all seems to point to a guy who is heavily living his south node. Those points going over his south node, not too far from the great attract, just seems to point to a guy that really doesn’t know the difference or care about the difference between right and wrong. I would not be surprised if he was a KKK clan member or part of another dark culture or a nazis or other such group that focused on the hatred of others in a past life. Seems like he is continuing to live that out again in this lifetime.

    It may be coincident, but for all charts – natal and events – Pholus is hovering in the late teens between 15 and 19 degrees, though in different signs.

  8. According to Lynn Koiner, Transpluto is associated with learning wholeness and integration and in the chart of the murder, it is in the 12th house, the closest body next to Mars at the ascendant and in opposition to the stellium of the 6th house: the Sun, Chiron, Pallas, Neptune and Nessus. To me this says that the veil (Neptune) has been removed around the abusive wounding and segregation of black Americans from white Americans and that wounding is now plain to be seen (Chiron). That a process of justice and healing (6th house) can now be brought the powerful healing light of the Sun.

    SO there’s my two cents worth from north of the border and someone who has not followed this story through mainstream media but gathered snippets of it online. Having grown up under the horror of segregation in Northern Ireland, I know that healing can take place if there is the political will at the top and at the bottom.

    This tragic incident will define the rest of your election year and I pray it plays out in the healing light of love. Everyone believing that, will bring it about. Occupying the heart and let it lead the way, even if that path is not clear yet. In every encounter, there is the chance to touch hearts and up the vibration and that’s where miracles take place.

  9. Here’s the list of possible special interests vested in incriminating Trayvon (culled from a comment on Daily Kos:

    We discussed real quick that there are ton of power interests and people involved that need zzimmerman innocent and Trayvon made out to be a monster
    1- Jeb Bush for signing the stand your ground into law as gov of Florida
    2- Rubio, potential VP signed the law as state legislature
    3- NRA
    4- The police who F@ckd up
    5- the whole repub party since Obama identified himself with Trayvon when he said if he had a son he would look like Trayvon…if repubs can destroy Trayvon they can hurt Obama.

  10. Rev. Al Sharpton had an interesting guest on his show tonight. Didn’t see the beginning of the interview, but what I saw was worth passing on to you here. A woman maybe 40 years old or maybe younger; a typical tanned Floridian, was discussing with the Rev., the questioning of her son who was a witness of this shooting incident. Apparently he was involved at the time with a dog, probably playing ?, and saw “someone” on the ground and then later heard the gunshot. The mother was answering the Rev’s questions about the way in which her son was being questioned. She said that the “lead” investigator told her that he didn’t believe it was a matter of self defense and that more investigating would be required.

    At one point, when asked by Rev. Sharpton about the appropriateness of the questioning, the mother said (paraphrase) that the investigator (don’t know if this was the lead or another one) was asking leading questions like what color was the skin of the person on the ground, to which the son said he couldn’t see because it was dark. Then the investigator asked was his shirt black or white or red, and again the son said he couldn’t tell. I needed that reminder that this took place after the Sun had gone down, so probably (7 PM being more like 8 PM is now, before daylight savings time began) it was totally dark. So Zimmerman and Trayvon didn’t really get a good look at each other I would presume.

    The mother reported the witnessing to the police on Feb. 26th and she wasn’t contacted for a meeting between her son and the investigators until March 3rd, almost a full week later, during which the news reports were saying there were no witnesses.

  11. Really really feelin’ that “we don’t know what’s going on here” feeling (which you have now pointed to in the charts.)

    The angelic pix of Trayvon is as much a media “ploy” as the “mug shot” of Zimmerman. But – What pot does that stir?

    Had the media’s favorite pic of Trayvon been of him in a hoodie and Zimmerman in a Yarmulke what would it be that is being projected onto us?

    Thanks PW. Thanks Eric. This is surely a pivitol moment in our time.

  12. That extra information is interesting, Michele. As I mentioned Dudu is alongside my mars/nn and in the 9th, and I often feel under a pile and feeling like I have to constantly clear crap to see a bigger picture. I shall continue to don my gum boots, and hosing out the dudu (and I’m relieved that your previous cross over posting to mine did not hit my thoughts, heh, but flew on by…….!)

  13. Oops. Clicked accidentally, prematurely. @ Amanda… I guess I was thinking about the “crap” surrounding the shooting… The stories published etc… “We seek truth in the 9th house. But what we get there are beliefs, an entirely different matter. Its opposite, the 3rd house, is built on facts. The 9th is knit with theories and opinions. While its ideals can open up new worlds, they can also shut our borders and lock us into conflict. The 9th rules higher mind, but this can be any belief that guides us. It becomes our personal religion, and religions can cause more wars than peace.(Quote written on a bit of paper, unattributed, sorry.)

  14. Discovered on your b’day, Amanda? Cue twilight muzak, dudee-dudu, dudee-dudu, LOL (sorry, couldn’t help myself)

    Yes, Michele, please fill us in some on asteroid Dudu. It’s conjunct my mars/north node conjunction and like Amanda, I’m curious to know more about it! Tanx.

  15. um, ok — Dudu? As in, doo-doo? shit?

    given that the wiki page says nothing about the name, i’m a bit lost, here. michele — how did you come to pick that one to toss in as your sense-maker in charts?

    the phrase “when the shit hits the fan” keeps popping up in my mind, though i hope that’s not the connection: Dudu was discovered on my birthday!

  16. Midheaven South Node or Karmic Showdown at High Noon

    See a rainbow skittled across a potent fire sky.
    See Treyvon comet cut through karmic dust
    To challenge a multicoloured wakening.

    An end to coverups.

    Old Stetson hats
    Whitewashing cracks,
    And cold hard facts.

    Down to nitty gritty time,
    Weeding out roots
    Of seething acrimony.

    Time for lawlessness exposed.
    High noon
    At the not-so-OK corral.

    A Floridian neighbourhood
    Reeking of suspicion.
    And military wannabes
    Donning pretend power
    At maintaining
    A corrupt status quo.

    *Them’s just the ways, folks.*

    Treyvon comet says NO.

    Igniting our heart’s passion for
    Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness
    He rolls out a red carpet
    For love’s entrance.

    His Mama will be proud.

  17. The take-away image, in this podcast so full of mind-boggling detail (reminds me of the work you all did when the congresswoman was shot – surreal – even as it unfolded), is the coffin in the church in the state of New York full of KKK attire.

    I play this game with myself with complicated, serious, overwhelming charts… When all the bits are roiling about trying to settle into a pattern in my head. I add asteroid 564. In this murder chart, it’s trine Mars rx. Transiting Jupiter coming up on it. Jupiter on it in the 9th, then, in Taurus. The Sun will be on it, too, May 10…

  18. i feel so blessed to be connected to planet waves – i tried to do these charts just the other night – monday, to be exact- but because i am lower than a beginner’s beginner i was having so much trouble trying to wade through the symbols and aspects, and then …poof! when i open my computer this am….here it is….
    i can barely move through the tidal wave of emotions that are connected with this one- and in a plug for the annual 3R reports, Eric did mention precisely that i would be reconnected to 2004 – a horrifically traumatic year as the universe hammered its message to me out with a vengeance- the political became personal and vice versa- on multiple levels and spheres of consciousness, and i finally began to use my skills as an artist to try to keep a grip on sanity in a world so broken, i would have to shut down for days as i tried to shake off the psychic pain of a world gone mad (ana intafid) and not speak as i used art to reintegrate into daily life and interactions. i shuddered when i heard Eric forecast for these coming months and i didn’t want to go through that pain again-but in the quieter moments, i remembered what i had learned in 2004-2005, that art can heal, it can renew, and it can be a tool of practical magic and political change.
    one last thought, and i as i watch the wave of this incident roll and grow like a tide, is Trayvon Martin our generation’s Emmett Till?

  19. Chaos in Gemini, tucked into the 9th.

    This is a damned weird chart. My buddy quoted below is on the right path, I think — something is really off. I have to say however that I trust Trayvon’s family and I trust him. When I feel this energetically, and use the “shape of the shadows reveals the shape of what’s hidden”* technique of investigative reporting, what reeks is the police department, and up. I’ve never covered Florida towns, but I don’t understand how a state attorney could intervene with the opinion of a homicide investigator. I don’t know if Florida uses the district attorney system — independently elected county prosecutors — but I wonder where they are.

    The obvious coverup may have nada to do with Trayvon himself. There could be a whole other coverup in progress, a different body or pile of bodies and I swear there is the reek of the Klan around these parts. Smells just like PCBs.

    *taught to me by Arthur Joseph Kushner

  20. I agree with Eric, there’s a lot of something hidden and/or just made up. This may have been on the audio, but Borasisi would have been on the descendant, opposite Mars and square the midheaven. Lies, lies and more lies from the “other”, and does anyone’s “religion” have a bearing on the incident? Did one consider the “other” a foreigner? Venus rules the 9th house and she’s conjunct disagreeable Eris.

  21. Melissa, in the podcast (near the start of part 2) I talk about why I use noon charts. It’s something I do with news figures with unknown times, and I have found the results to be better than with using sunrise charts. You get a lot more information (such as that day’s midpoint of the Moon, and the ascendant at noon). In either case it’s a hypothetical chart, and after years of casting at sunrise, I switched to noon several years ago and it works a lot better for me. You lose nothing by going to noon; you gain a lot. By the way my “code time” for a noon chart is 12:01 pm, as there is no 12:00 pm (that is simply noon, the meridian itself, neither anti nor post). I will however switch to 12:00:01 pm so that in case someone is born at 12:01 pm there is no confusion.

  22. Thank you for the charts and insightful podcast. I looked at the chart and noticed a few things. Nemesis representing seemingly ‘justified anger’ is at the root of the fourth house. Ixion ‘anyone is capable of anything ‘is conjunct Pholus. Then, so interesting, is Hylonome ‘the cry of the poor’, aspecting Venus. We are hearing this voice now. It is a cry that is usually outside the walls of the gated community, not on the inside. Pholus is in that degree now, 20 Sag. I find it interesting that Teharonhia is between Chiron and the Sun in Pisces. This was potentially a time of healing with his father, seeing a model of a man in father.

    Segregation reinforced by fear of poor black echoes in the South today. However, most realize, we have more in common than not. This is especially true with music. Everyone comes together with the feelings invoked in timeless sounds that inspire many to dance.

    I have a question. Why are birth charts with unknown birth times not cast with the Sun the first house? Would this give some idea of house aspects from the solar perspective, especially when looking for hidden psychological influences of mother and father? When I look at the charts my mind tries to pull it that way. I thought maybe that some of his prejudice may be rooted in his self-loathing of his South American roots from his mother. I appreciate any answers.

  23. Exactly — neither was removing a distinguished U.S. rep from the House chambers for his clothing, while he was commenting on an issue of pressing national importance.

  24. BR:

    Don’t worry. I do breathe. It’s just that this story has an anticipatory quality to it. Kind of like Tahrir Square – Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement at Zucotti Park. Each day it seems, brings out another facet as eric said.

    Eric — I wonder just what the tipping point will be?

  25. Here are some thoughts from someone I trust in law enforcement leadership, ‘right of center’ conservative, who has been tracking the case. I am always interested in what he has to say about an issue:

    “I will say this thing seems a bit one sided…even given the known facts…I keep looking at the victim’s photo…it does not seem appropriate for his given age; seems like it’s a little too angelic and the press keeps pushing it…I need to know more about our victim; we know the shooter is an asshole but his acts seem so brazen he is either a complete nutbag ooorrrrr we do not have the full story…my instinct tells me this story has a long way to go and people may not like the outcome…”


    In reply I would say — the incident chart speaks of a situation more complex than we are hearing about. The complexity may all be with Zimmerman, who we know even less about than we do Trayvon. But that ‘nature and cause of death’ illustrated by those 8th planets, picked up by Mars rx 12th — that’s a lot of something hidden.

  26. edayis:

    The bigger challenge now is to confront the powers that are inflicting these laws, like “Stand Your Ground” and the compliant news media complicit in instigating racial divide in the middle of an election year. I am starting to get so mad, my blood pressure is on continued boil!

  27. Big ups!- Eric (and researchers)! Thanks for this initial probe into such a simple, and yet complex event. It’s difficult to tackle such tense topics like racism and power, and I’m thankful for your courage… Looking forward to more as the investigation continues.

  28. Brendan and I were discussing the possibility that Zimmerman and the Sanford police conspired the make Zimmerman look roughed up, to give him the appearance that he needed to protect himself out of self-defense. Now with the chart underscoring that Zimmerman is an inveterate liar, and that there was no hospital visit to corroborate the story and document the need for self-defense, there is plenty of room for justice to be served And/or the people to rise up. My question is, who will ask the question?

  29. I haven’t had a chance to listen to this yet, but I just want to write in and mention that I’m really looking forward to it. Eric’s analysis of disturbing current events in the past have been unparalleled in their insight into the event and the moment we’re experiencing collectively in this world.

  30. Yes, it IS amazing. A very convincing arguement for the “fated” aspect of astrology, seeming to say these two people were destined to play out this scenario in history.

    I think Demetra George’s remarks about Vesta in Aries (especially on the Aries point) are indicitave of the moment too, when she says in “Asteroid Goddesses” “. .There exist strong independence needs of not being possessed or dominated by another. Alienation occurs if one becomes excessively self-centered in the vortex of one’s own activities, so that there is no space left for the participation of others.” This seems the case with Mr. Zimmerman. Also her keywords for Vesta which indicate the “fanatic-zealot”, and too, she points out Vesta’s representing locks and keys and gates, therefore gated communities would tie into the “drivenness” of Zimmerman to stop Trayvon.

    There is a 3rd yod in Trayvon’s chart that includes Vesta in the focal point fueled by the sextile of Nessus and Uranus which would explain why he would choose not to “run” from Zimmerman. That Neptune is conjunct Uranus adds to the poignant picture of the sacrificial aspect of this act. I think that because their natal Vesta’s are conjunct, the Moon in Neptune’s ingress chart is a clear indication of that sacrifice being “for the people”, don’t you think? That their Vesta’s are conjunct the Mars in the Pluto ingress chart is pretty explicit regarding angry speech, especially since that Mars in Gemini also trines the Mercury in Aquarius. Wow. Thanks again Eric for providing these valuable tools.

  31. This is the “sacrifice” (i.e., making sacred) element of Vesta. It’s especially prominent in Trayvon’s chart — exactly square Chiron. Pretty amazing.


  32. Thanks for these charts Eric. Good work. Wish I could listen to the audio but my computer is just too slow and there are interruptions galore. I do see that Vesta is important in all 3 charts, and even conjunct one another in Trayvon’s and Zimmerman’s charts.

    Trayvon’s Moon probably does square Uranus as well as participate in a yod by sextiling Vesta in their combined quincunx’s to Nessus.

    Zimmerman’s Vesta opposite Neptune and GC that is T-square Mercury is almost sad, maybe not even almost. Both his Vesta and Trayvon’s Vesta also are conjunct the 1st Pluto ingress to Capricorn chart’s Mars retrograde (24 Gemini 13) as well as the Moon in Neptune’s 2nd ingress into Pisces this year. It too is in a t-square with the opposing Venus in Pisces and Mars in Virgo.

    The Bouazizi chart’s Vesta is conjunct the present day north node and Juno. Remarkable. Again, I thank you for providing these charts as I’m sure we will be pouring over them for some time. I also find the other yod in Trayvon’s chart between the sextile of Eris and the Sun to the focal point of Pholus in Virgo (where the transiting retro Mars had just been just before the shooting), mind numbing. It just takes my breath away.

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