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The new edition of Planet Waves FM is done — thanks for the slight delay (usually PW FM comes out just past midnight Wednesday morning). I wanted to see the new film Explosive Evidence, created by Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth before doing my first podcast on Sept. 11 for the 10th anniversary. I describe the film in this edition, focusing on the last section — interviews with psychologists explaining why so many people refuse to see the obvious.

In this edition, I reference a few articles. One is called Were It So, from March 2002. This is the first article I wrote deconstructing the official story of 911, which was based on one photo taken on Sept. 14. I will be looking more closely at this image in tomorrow’s subscriber edition.

I also mention an article called Sept. 11, 1984, which gives a basic examination of the Sept. 11 chart. I conclude today’s edition with a similar discussion; you can see it in black and white on that page.

More recently, I wrote a piece called History, Turning on a Phrase, which takes apart the situation with 7 World Trade Center — the third skyscraper that fell on Sept. 11, despite not being hit by an airplane. Explosive Evidence spends an hour on WTC 7, discussing how the steel melted and the building fell at free fall speed, despite the only damage being from some small office fires and debris striking the structure — not enough to make it fall down at all, much less collapse in its own footprint.

But at the heart of the matter of Sept. 11 is why we believe or don’t believe what is presented to us. The whole incident relates to our worldview; that is, how we see Sept. 11 is evidence of how we see the world around us, and what we believe about the world. That is the theme I do my best to develop in this edition, and with your help will continue next week.

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Eric Francis

Photo of the Pentagon crime scene taken by the Department of Defense on Sept. 14, 2001.

4 thoughts on “Planet Waves FM: Sept. 11, science and astrology, part one”

  1. I look forward to seeing this movie. I never thought much about the conspiracy movement until I stumbled upon a Truth panel discussion on Cspan 2 several years ago. This panel was comprised of architects and such…and they blew my mind.

    That said, I will offer that I have a friend in Los Angeles who knew a woman who was a passenger on one of the planes. When my friend told me this (shortly after the event, as my friend and I both have lots of ties to that region of the country), I did not ask details about plane tickets and goodbyes at airports. I assumed those things. I can for sure verify that this woman existed and was alive on Sept 10, 2001, and since the morning of Sept 11 she has been gone. She was scheduled to board and fly on one of the planes that flew into one of the towers – I used to know which one but I’ve forgotten now. I could find out.

  2. Eric – I have been thinking about the Rove’s comment in your podcast. Obviously, he is speaking from a position of extreme hubris. However, I also feel that I am in the middle of a mind fuck of some sort. For instance, he said the they would act, and we would analyze, and while we were analyzing they would act again. Well, even with the ae911truth scientists, we are indeed analyzing what occurred. In this case, expertly, thank God, so that on the one hand, this analysis could end in bringing these men to justice. On the other hand, are they always going to be one step ahead? Or, is his inference that they will always be one step ahead part of the mind fuck – designed to get us questioning, demoralized and ineffective? They are the artists of smoke and mirrors.

    With ae911Truth, are we getting too close for comfort to them? In any case, this would probably be a good time for them to initiate another event. This new “terrorist threat” for instance. What a perfect set up. The population is being told there is a new “credible but unconfirmed” (geez) threat. We are reminded that the “enemy” likes anniversaries. We are told not to panic – which, of course, gets people panicking, if nothing else, etc. Their multilayered game was nicely played by having this new threat timed exactly when Obama is giving his speech (as shebear noted) Just that fact alone indicates their fingerprint.

    Back to Rove’s gloating comment. Rove was implying that they don’t even care if we suspect them, because they will always be one step ahead. Historically and, even, mythologically, that level of hubris doesn’t tend to end well, but then, think of the millions upon millions of dead even in the last century at the hands of people of their ilk.

    I had a startling thought a couple of nights ago. It occurred to me that Obama whose life has always been at risk as a black President, may be particularly at risk now. Remember in the film Loose Change where Bush’s grandfather and other industrialists apparently accomplished or almost accomplished some sort of coup with Roosevelt. If I understood it correctly, they were almost exposed, but were able to control the situation and Roosevelt “cut a deal” that apparently protected his presidency? But, then, look at Kennedy. Did he refuse to “cut a deal?” (Somehow, Bobby Kenney seemed to be the one most likely to refuse a deal, and he was assassinated, too.)

    Obama appears to walk a very narrow path – maybe, even a razor’s edge. Is he only alive now because he did cut a deal? How deep in the game does anyone in either party have to be, in order to be President at all? Anyway – it is three in the morning PDT, and I woke up and wondered about your and others thoughts. In your podcast, (I will listen to it again) you talked about the thing that Rove was missing in his inflated state about us. What was that again? I feel like I am on shifting sands. Are their astrological indicators about any of this from our perspective?


  3. I am half way through listening to this tremendously vital podcast. Well done Eric.

    I just want to throw this thought out there for now though. I caught the last third of Obama’s speech last night and I thought it was both fiery and essential but most importantly, I sensed that if the American people were to tap into Obama’s fervor, they would have an opportunity to be able to work through the difficult energies of this w/e coming up. That his speech was perfectly timed for the eve of the anniversary as a means to lift people’s spirits, to help shift gears from grieving to visions of the collective rebuilding of new system who’s time had come felt like a good thing to me.

    I continued to watch as the pundits began talking right after the speech ended and thought their first impressions were quite favourable. That is until when, just as the momentum of the speech was being harnessed, it all came to a sudden, SCREECHING halt. ***Breaking News Alert*** people, *** Breaking News Alert*** “There is *as yet* an unconfirmed report of an impending terrorist attack………” Fuck it wasn’t even confirmed but it still called the shots.

    So sadly, pathetically, the upbeat mood was *instantly* shifted back into one of heightened fear. Thanks prime time teevee and your puppet pundits. Poof, hope had vanished in an instant ‘cos Sheriff Fear was back in town. Oh yeah.

    It felt to me like someone had taken the head part off a running vaccuum cleaner, held the hose up to the wind powering Obama’s “hope” sails and sucked it up in one fell swoop. Gone was that feeling of exhilaration, of believing that the time had finally returned for hope to rise above fear, that collective creative energies were going to lead the way forward.

    All gone in an instance.

    Hmmm so the thought *instantly* crossed my mind that Darth “Cheney” Vader was still calling the shots — yet. again. — from some undisclosed bunker and was continuing to manipulate the U.S. and her people by consciously manipulating prime time tv to imprison them once again in a paralyzing state of panic.

    Anyone else sense the timing of the “breaking news alert” as suspicious??? It was waaaaay too orchestrated for my liking.

    Turn off the teevees? That’s a definite must people. Keep your thoughts uncluttered and hearts filled with what you know to be true and honest. That way we’ll keep ourselves strong for whatever comes down the pipe. Strong *and* vigilant from one moment to the next.

  4. Thank you so much for your brilliant podcast, Eric. The implications of what occurred on 9/11 for all Americans – individually and collectively (if there is such a thing) seems to be a keystone, a multi-faceted diamond, an opportunity, a gift. 9/11 is giving me (I’ll speak for myself) an opportunity to see the truth about the enormously powerful, cunning and ruthless people who in this incarnation, in this age, in this country are revealing themselves. I was astounded to hear the Karl Rove quote – incredibly chilling. Although, the film, “Loose Change” has been out a few years, I saw it for the first time the other day. It gave me a historical context for 9/11 that I didn’t have before. The pieces are falling together.

    I, too, have questioned the official story for many years, but it is only in the past few weeks that the implications of what has occurred and what it means about my self, my country and humanity has sunk in. You talked about the reactions we humans have when confronted with truths of this nature – anger, despondence, and changing out lives. I have been experiencing all three states simultaneously. It feels like an initiation – a kind of re-birth. Just today I realized I need to create a healing ceremony for myself. I also have work to do, because I believe that whatever anyone has done, I have done – perhaps on a smaller scale, but at some level Bush, Rove, Cheney are me, and I am them. It is late and I am tired, but this conversation – in the form of your podcast and the others who talk together here – is very important to me. I deeply appreciate the guidance, challenge and hope that comes from the words of the like-minded fellow critters (I love it when you refer to us as “critters”) who gather here. Love, Kat (PS – I also have moments of fear about speaking out – images of my door being kicked in, etc. But, mostly, I am also so loving the feelings of freedom, integrity and truth that it seems, in this moment, worth dying for.)

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