Planet Waves FM: Scorpio New Moon, C.T. Butler

Today’s Scorpio New Moon edition of Planet Waves FM is ready. My guest is CT Butler, one of the world’s leading minds on the theme of conflict resolution and consensus, who is talking about Occupy Wall Street’s leadership challenges and how he is working to inform the movement of a formal consensus process as opposed to a casual one. That’s in the second half of the program. In the first half of the program, I talk about the New Moon chart, and the many aspects that are happening right now, most of which involves Scorpio and its ruling planets; or Pisces and its ruling planets.

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Then I talk about the chart for the Occupy Wall Street movement. Monday, The Mountain Astrologer posted a guest column by me about that chart, set for Sept. 17 in New York City. This is a chart that’s all about a message — to the chagrin of those who would accuse the protest movement of having none. It’s so obvious that you cannot miss it unless you are determined to.

Our musical guest is Seth Davis, with a song called “LA Burning” from his CD Prettier than Blue. Seth is a friend from New Paltz, the co-creator of Karma Road, a vegan café. I just love this song — notice the horn solo about two minutes in. Can you tell what instrument that is? It almost sounds like a trombone.

Then the interview with CT — much of the conversation involves consensus process and how this relates to the usual American way of thinking. CT has a lot of perspective on activism; it’s been his career since a young age. At the end of the interview, CT describes his plan to do a kind of Consensus Tour 2012. He’s looking for sponsors and participants. If you would like to reach him, you can find him easily via his website,, which lists his contact information.

Here is your podcast in the old player, which also includes an archive of all of my past programs — more than 75 of them. They’re also available on iTunes. Note, if it’s not there yet — the file transfer isn’t quite ready.

3 thoughts on “Planet Waves FM: Scorpio New Moon, C.T. Butler”

  1. I think it sounds like a trombone too. If not, a baritone? Great song….very nice arrangement/production. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Eric this is AWESOME! I was smiling and giggling to myself listening to this. It was so rich and deep that I realized that I need to give it a second listen tonight. So inspiring. I lovelovelove the energy that is bubbling up now…. MOVEment is happening, we can feel it and while it is chaotic, it is also much needed…. Like CT said, so many of us have been doing this work for such a long time already…. we have been waiting so long for this bird to take flight. Feels great to finally feel the winds of change ruffling the feathers and creating some updrafts!!

    I so deeply appreciate your work and your ability to bring so many wonderful Beings of change here to the Planet Waves “General Assembly”.

    Thank you for everything you (and your team) do!!

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