Planet Waves FM :: Cancer New Moon + Elisa Novick part two

Elisa Novick during Tree Love: The Heart of the Forest workshop in Dutchess County, New York. Photo by Eric.

In this week’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I cover the New Moon and the cardinal grand cross. We take a song break, offered up by an English recording artist named Pasco Tom who is a magnificent guitarist and plays a rather special instrument.

Then, you can listen to part two of my conversation with Elisa Novick. By the way I have a habit of pronouncing her name with an E like in grEEn when it’s more like elle-lisa. Speaking of, you may contact her via her website — Thriving Planet. By the way she needs a Word Press mavin to help her answer questions about things like style sheets. Any volunteers out there? Please contact me directly — at

Note — the recoding is in stereo. If you can only hear one of us, turn on your other speaker or put your system into mono mode.

Oh — and you can listen to part one of our conversation here. And here is the discussion from October 2011. One last, in case the tree thing gets you going, here’s our article from Beltane wherein Elisa opens up that topic. Note the PDF that’s associated with the article — you’ll love it.

Here is your current edition in the Old Player (an antique Flash player that works better for some people) and remember, you can find us on iTunes.

21 thoughts on “Planet Waves FM :: Cancer New Moon + Elisa Novick part two”

  1. Huffy – I finally made it to the impressively large old yew and asked it if it knew what the weather would be like for your vacation. Seems like you may have just missed the hottest week of the year but August will be mostly fine, a bit overcast at times with the odd shower now and then, but still warm. Sound typically British to you? Hope you have a good one, anyway!
    It told me I should move west but didn’t say whether that ought to be to Cornwall, Connecticut, Kansas or California. Trees, eh?

  2. I knew it! I miss those amazing UK trees. I spotted your UK humour, too! Have fun with your yew, don’t get too drenched… (I’ll be back there for a sunny 2 weeks in August, ha ha).

  3. Spot on, Huffy, the U.K. it is. That magnificent yew is in Warblington cemetery, Hampshire. Many people have requested their ashes be scattered around its roots. I’m really looking forward to my next visit.

  4. If I crack my code, which seems promising these days, it will at least be heavily weighted on tripping onto this site sometime in the early 2000s. Obviously, over a decade of living involves many gifts, in the form of many people and many experiences.

    However, this space, the people who populate it, and most recently, this special guest… have helped me grow from the conceptual to multi-dimensional reality.

    Yes. That’s along time. And part of me wishes that that was not so. But, I think, tonight, I am grateful for the most valuable birthday gift ever… (Um… beside my birth, I guess, but I’m not quite ready to admit that one. Still pissed about being here. Ha.)

    Thank you, PW citizens, seen and unseen.

  5. Wow! So glad to hear someone else has been communicating with trees. I remember once back in 2008 walking in the woods considering giving up the internet, but then I felt the trees telling me to help them speak to the internet bound humans. A Cherokee woman recently gave me the name Cedarbeard…yep, I feel like a spirit of a cedar tree is still with me…I lived with her for most of my childhood and teen years in my mom’s back yard. The Stepdad decided to cut it down simply because she was in his way where he wanted to build a shed. That was just one of many experiences that woke me up to the life force in plants. It broke my heart for that tree to be killed. This podcast warmed my heart. Thanks for putting it together 🙂

  6. Was too tired to stay awake this time, kept coming in and out of this wonderful interview – to be properly awoken by the lovely closing song. As I surfaced at the end – I got the words cosmic energy – that these trees are part of this incredible, cosmic energy. Thank you so much dear Elisa and Eric – will listen again, more consciously, soon.

  7. Loving the Pasco Tom. Voice is reminiscent of Jim Croce, but the harmonies are REALLY interesting…not like anything I’m familiar with.

  8. ohmygoodness! what an absolute delight this interview was! i’m asking the universe to send you and elisa both abundant blessings for this offering…a balm for the soul. much thanks eric 😉

  9. “1,000-year-old yew” – wow! Where are you Geoff? In the UK? They’ve got some beauties in parks and cemeteries there – another clue was raining till February (yikes!).

  10. What a thoroughly delightful two hours. I’ve hugged a tree or two in my time and listened for their wisdom but never had quite the revelations described here. There’s a 1,000-year-old yew in a churchyard near me and I’m going to give it a good listening to with my third ear as soon as it stops raining (next February, apparently).
    Loved the trees’ description of the human race as “the Infestation.” Are you reading this, John Carpenter?

  11. Yes! Well spotted, Luis! And it’s almost at the same level of Elisa’s face – incredible! Hope to get to listen this eve.

  12. Thank you Eric for bringing Elisa into our lives, I very much enjoyed listening in to your talk with her.

    P.s maybe I am seeing things but has anyone else noticed how on the bark of the tree on the front left of the photograph there is a clearly defined pattern depicting a face, a rather happy and mysterious face.

  13. Alison Krause … I’ve had the great pleasure of seing her and her band life and witnessed that miraculous guitar… And have spoken with her… Beautiful.

  14. One short comment for tonight… I think, from what I have experienced and what I have kept log-wise… All these inner planet retros have changed the energy, very much, for me – re: the difference from the last two years and this year. My boat is afloat and it continues to pitch… But I don’t feel like I am in danger of being tossed overboard. Much.

    As for the rest… another time. Keeping an even keel. xm

  15. So that’s the wonderful guitar you hear on Alison Krause and Union Station tracks! Thanks for the info, Eric, and for the lovely music from Pasco Tom, a fellow Londoner – such lovely guitar playing. Will get the rest later…

  16. It seems like the file loaded in the old player/download link is the one from last week, not the current part two.

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