Planet Waves FM : Mercury Stations Direct

Your Mercury direct podcast is ready. No writing! Just talking!

Here is your program in the old player, where you’ll find the full archives and a downloadable zip file.

Eric Francis

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3 thoughts on “Planet Waves FM : Mercury Stations Direct”

  1. Dropping my expectations, positive or negative, enables me to see the beauty coming at me from my loving creator and all benevolent powers of the universe in any given moment. Hugs and kisses dwoorlinks!!!

  2. Interesting what you say about your pessimism. So many ways we humans try to protect ourselves from disappointment. I am finding that the more I go inside myself and use my own personal power to change my thinking and my responses to people, places, things and events, the better I feel. Holding it in limits me to unhappiness and resentment. Writing poetry, or whatever it is I write, has really helped with the tendency to hold things in. It really helps to express these feelings. Shared pain is pain halved. We have no idea what we are facing as a species and no or very little control of things outside ourselves. But it is almost always possible to change our minds. Blessings and love to all PlanetWaves contributors, creators, readers, and by extension, to all of humanity. Love you all! Susy

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