Planet Waves FM : Mercury Retrograde – Eclipse in Sagittarius

Good evening. The new edition of Planet Waves FM is ready. This week I describe our exciting week of astrology, which features Mercury stationing retrograde and an eclipse of the Sun, as well as our current moment wherein the Sun has just entered Sagittarius and is making all kinds of aspects to big planets.

I sort through this astrology with you, and then look at the accompanying world events — much of which has been focused on the Occupy movement and most recently, the UC Davis OC gas (pepper spray) incident that is shaping consciousness right now. What does this say about the nature of our moment in history, and the nature of our human reality?

I invite your comments below.

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Eric Francis

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5 thoughts on “Planet Waves FM : Mercury Retrograde – Eclipse in Sagittarius”

  1. Thank you, B.C., for elucidating your thoughts here.

    I agree about the UC Davis spray incident. It really feels like an important turning point.

    Speaking of which, I was flipping the TV channels this morning while those awful national shows were on (Today, Good Morning America). Martha Stewart was on one of them, hosting the cast of the show at her farm for a Thanksgiving meal.

    After showing the highlights of their time at Martha’s, they showed an “outtake”. Martha is showing them how to prepare a turkey. At one point she says, while taking out a canister, “Here’s a little something I learned at UC Davis…” and proceeds to spray “pepper” all over the turkey.

    I love the various creative responses to the incident. I’m just waiting for an Angry Birds-type pepper-spray app to play with.

  2. What’s the song at the end? It’s great.

    FYI, here’s an interesting story from the SF Guardian introducing The Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) as the International NGO group coordinating police response to the protests:

    Lately I’ve been finding it helpful to think of what’s unfolding as a battle NOT between powers, people or organizations (such as PERF, Wall Street, “the 1%” etc.), but between different thought-memes. I may be preaching to the choir here, but I don’t think it can be said enough:

    (1) The powers/organizations at work on both sides are shifting coalitions or collectives (e.g. PERF, the General Assemblies: very post-modern) rather than discrete, hierarchical structures as they have tended to be throughout history (or more likely, it was always this way, but the stories we tell about power structures are now more self-aware and thus the structures themselves more true-to-form). It is thus easier to see thought-forms at work, directing the show, on both sides.

    (2) The Occupy movement seems to have an understanding built into its DNA that we can’t simply replace the people in charge or enact new laws without first breaking free of an old way of thinking. Our current system is so entrenched and power-hungry, corrupting of everything it touches, that even those with the best of intentions can’t make changes from within it. If nothing else, that’s what Obama has demonstrated. We have to start again from somewhere wholly new. We have to create a pure spirit and then protect it from infiltration long enough for something equally pure to grow from it and manifest in thought and then in form. That is the true purpose of the movement. That is why the core group and those in tune with it insist on refraining from specific demands; they feel the pervasive weight of the old system ever-threatening to assimilate anything that brushes against it. But starting from a completely new place is scary because I don’t think anyone’s sure yet what will emerge from this new frequency (a evolutionary leap forward in consciousness incarnating after decades in gestation), once it is on firmer footing.

    (3) If we make enemies of specific people, organizations or structures, we risk being fooled into thinking that the problem is structural rather than systemic. Which, if the current system had consciousness, is just what it would want us to do.

    (4) It is in our best interests, tactically, morally and ethically, to remember our compassion for all beings and our inherently interdependent nature. What is done to one of us is done to all of us.

    (5) When confronting a corrupting, oppressive thought pattern, the most efficacious way to dispel it is not to attempt to resist or destroy it by force (thereby turning it into shadow material) but to expose it. Separate yourself from it, give it space, and observe it operating. Let it do what it will. When the light falls on it and true cause-and-effect is exposed, its power falls away. So it is in our individual minds, and so it is in our collective mind. (This is the genius of how the UC Davis pepper spray incident, among others, was handled.)

    Somehow, the core movement HAS internalized all of the above. I don’t get the sense yet that the movement is in any danger of going astray. On the contrary it seems very strongly rooted in and guided by higher forces. Like you Eric, I also find it astounding that after years of relative hopelessness and passivity, there is now an unstoppable, pure pulse of spirit moving through us. There is something very mysterious about it, as though a portal has been opened in consciousness between worlds. Is this what it felt like during the 1960s? I wonder how long it will last. But regardless of what happens, there are those among us who, having witnessed this, will be able to tend this flame for the rest of our lives.

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