Planet Waves FM :: Mercury Direct and Tantra Part 2

Good evening. Here’s the new edition of Planet Waves FM. I begin with a recap of the current astrology and news — Mercury direct, Venus in Cancer and the absurd chaos of the world — and then I re-introduce my guests, tantra specialists Patricia Johnson and Mark Michaels. You can hear part one of that interview here. There is a discussion and feedback about Part One collecting at this link. You can reach Patricia and Mark via their website, Tantra PM.

Here is your program in the old player, where you’ll find the full archives and a downloadable zip file.

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3 thoughts on “Planet Waves FM :: Mercury Direct and Tantra Part 2”

  1. Eric,

    First thank you for your into comments on the general astrological aspects in particular to the current news events. Especially, regarding the Mars Mission -‘New World Vistas, and US Space Command, which were illuminating quotes. Besides the environmental damage, I had no idea that likely an equally dark, larger purpose may be at work here.

    ef, also look forward to your 6 month house chart readings when they come out (today?) As I mentioned for the past 4 years I have been working on redirecting my path and career to service and it is a challenge aligning finances to purpose, although I think part of it is also allowing the organic process the patience it needs to re direct/align and I am following that…I feel I am truly almost there!

    Most importantly – Thank you so much for bringing this interview to us. To Patricia and Mark! I sincerely hope to have the pleasure to meet you both one day. Part 2 really got to the heart of things. It was a dynamic conversation and for me the heart- real counterpoint of the practice and discussion was really the eye gazing and your comments Eric on your Blue Book project.

    I can agree and can attest– I have been practicing Bikram Yoga 7 years, now and it has changed my life from the standpoint to/from the aspect of the mirror. When I first started I could barely look into my own eyes. The transformation of self presence and acceptance true worshiping of ones self, quite literally seeing that I am, that of worship is, as you discussed. Yes the opening up of finding beauty there leads to humility. And the acceptance found in humility, the vulnerability (as has been discussed in our current and upcoming astrological influences many of the PW articles presented this past week) is the only way to truly open you up to one’s self (to see), enables one to experience another. It is finding, accepting the you in me, that builds true intimacy. Be it in personal spirituality, or relationship with/to another. Thank you again for opening my mind in this discussion and recognizing the ‘life force’ potential of Tantra -moment in practice.

  2. Fantastic Part 2, Eric. So enjoyed hearing about your photographic experiment/experience with contemplating the beauty of your subjects – definitely a tantric activity. The conversation of embracing existance thru connecting with lover/partner, completed Part 1 for me, as that is what the tantric experience is all about, cojoining in that energy. I now want to listen to both Part 1 & 2 together and see what that’s like. Thank you all – Eric, Patricia and Mark, for the very rich sharing, the fun, laughter and beauty. I know it will inspire many to go further into this vast subject of tantra and explore what’s there for them, which is a beautiful thing.

  3. Loved Part 2, as well. The tri-conversational format really worked well, I thought. Much rich food for thought and terrific confirmation of my own empirical journey as a tantrafarian.
    In passing, whoever edited my stream of consciousness rant into a coherant comment I want to thank profoundly. What would life with such an editor be?! Especially if they did IT?!! Oh, see how your show inspires me to wild flights of fantasy!!! Well done!!!

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