Planet Waves FM: Looking For Ourselves Everywhere

Today’s edition of Planet Waves FM includes a discussion of “the end of the world,” the most interesting explanation of Gemini you’ve ever heard, a long rant about advertising and a 70th-birthday shout out to Bob Dylan. Bob, you have something rare: you’re one of the most fantastic artists and chroniclers of your decades — and we all know. The first song break happens at about 29 minutes, with talent provided by Dave Harnetty. Right after that music break is potentially a good time to pause the action if you need to. The gray tab above will take you to the podcast in the new player, and here it is in the old player.

9 thoughts on “Planet Waves FM: Looking For Ourselves Everywhere”

  1. yah, I just dug out of my bookshelf this book I have called The Healing Sun by Richard Hobday.. sunlight and health in the 21st century..
    in a nutshell its about the role sunlight has held in the history of healing as well as how it can heal and help us in the future.

    we are led to believe the sun is practically evil these days, and that we should be avoiding it and such, but its actually pretty imp. for vitality, happiness, and other things…Vit D for one.
    and I coupled this with some other things I’ve read and yes, I talk to my cells in the morning as we bask in the morning sun.. all kinds of things full-spectrum Light can do…

    just another perspective on letting our bodies be the healing, capable amazing things they are…

    also a big fan of natural light vs. artificial…

  2. Sadge, I do the same thing and always wondered if the sun could come in and do the repair and nourishing, since I can’t make chlorophyll. And thanks for the heads up about the mirror. I go into journey quickly when I meditate and had an intuition lately to stop when I was looking at a reflection in a pool of water. Need consciousness and will be ok. Thanks, girl. Love you.

  3. I lived in NYC in that era, Clinkjet. I remember. Vin Scelsa — what a voice.

    I also remember Father Bill Ayres (long since Bill Ayres) who still does his Sunday night radio program on WPLJ. I trace my interest in broadcasting directly to him.

    “He began hosting and producing a weekly radio talk show on New York radio station WPLJ 95.5 FM in 1973.[2] At first called On This Rock, it featured interviews with rock musicians, that focused on the spiritual meaning of the music to them, rather than its commercial aspects.[1] Known on-air as Father Bill Ayres, and then titled The Bill Ayres Show, he has taken thousands of calls and offered advice about personal, relational, spiritual and social values,[1][3] as well as playing music by artists whose outlook he thought along similar lines as his.”

  4. Burning: yes, collective transformation. my shades are on. except for early morning rays when I am talking to my cells to convert the light to food and repair. (another time dear)
    but it IS related to Dylan’s BD. meaning, 70 is nothin’. we’re meant and capable to live quite a while.
    like some other things. you have to Want To.

    re: becoming a subscriber. wow. I can hardly imagine being on the blog and not being a subscriber…meaning that the subscription is primary content for me & so symbiotic with PW p2. they need each other to exist *and* I feel I need both of them to be both informed and participatory. yes, I really feel it’s important to acknowledge and support the hand(s) that feed you, so to speak. and this place fuels me. so I may Act with integrity.

    we have a community right here that demonstrates many of the Values& Interests that I, personally, have a mission to support. and with a business plan that encompasses *no advertising!*, a decent vs. obscene profit margin, and meaningful services for free….damn, that is something I DEFINITELY want to be encouraging… . here & in the World…it’s something I Want to do.

    lastly, mirror work: I was introduced to mirror work by a shaman. It can be intense, wondrous, and interesting. for me, usually within 15 sec. my face/figure totally transforms into another animal or being.
    you can definitely transport to the Underworld….so make sure you can get back, or have someone with ya…
    just sayin’.

    peace Everyone!

  5. Thank you for reading Bob’s lyrics. As soon as you kicked in I was happily and unexpectedly transported back to NJ in the 1970’s…when I would happily listen to Vin Scelsa read poems and passages from books in his stupendous Sunday Morning radio shows on WNEW FM.

    Secondly – I must share a jewel about Roseanne Cash. A few years ago she played a free, outdoor show in Albuquerque NM. In the hour preceding the start time of her show, a very dark and ominous cloud was approaching us from the North. Sure enough, as soon as she and her band hit the stage, the rain began to fall. Halfway through the song the rain was blowing at us with some gale force, sideways style. People began to scatter….

    But Roseanne and her band played on. They didn’t miss a beat. Didn’t lose the groove at all! At the end of the song, she turned her back to us and triumphantly lifted her head and hands to the Sky Gods. Then she and the band quickly got off stage. Those of us who stuck it out with her then scattered for cover as well.

    Thirty minutes later the weather had settled sufficiently and the promoter came out and told us that he’d been around lots of performers who wouldn’t have come back out if they didn’t have to…but he was obviously excited to announce that she and the band were coming back out. They played a wonderful full set for us that I’ve never forgotten. And it was FREE! For us tax payers, at least.

    I especially will never forget her triumphant stance after finishing that first song. We should all carry that with us through our adversities!

  6. I agree with Burning River about being a subscriber to Planet Waves. First, there is the great intrinsic value of the on-going, intelligent, relevant and well written articles and the subsequent conversations and interactions with clear thinking writers and readers about, well, everything AND in the context of astrology… what could be better? Second, becoming a subscriber is an opportunity to support actual living, loving, human beings doing meaningful creative work – art, music, news, humor, political analysis, healing, philosophy, photography, everyday human life, nature….

    When I think of the amount of money I have given to heartless, irresponsible corporations, I consider the opportunity to support Planet Waves as a gift to myself. It is like drinking clean water.

    I spent some time looking in the mirror, too. I suspect because transiting Jupiter is exactly trine my Asc and Jupiter ( both Sag), the experience was different than I have had in the past. I just looked. It is as it is – just so. I have identifed with this body throughout my life, it has a name, but it isn’t “me”. I feel friendly toward the old girl – I kind of want to scratch her behind the ears and give her a good pat and maybe a carrot. Kat

  7. Rant on, Eric. Please rant on. Especially about the religions that espouse a god of love.
    Music break Harnetty–transfixing. What a find. Thank you.
    I’m going to go stare at myself in a mirror for as long as possible when I am finished here.

    And, oh, to anyone who listended to this podcast and is readng this blog today and you are not a subscriber. I ask you to ask yourself: WHY NOT? You Really don’t have 10 bucks a month for some of the best, pertinent news about the planet and the stars–no, wait, not some of the best–the best. Who is doing astroloigy and up-to-date news anywhere else on earth (well, really, on the internet)? And not just news and astroogy: it’s intelligent, factual, thoughtful, valuable information that cannot be found anywhere else. Come on.

    And then, he is creating a business model that is honest, is not aimed at bottom-line over-kill and manipulating your emotions and minds to feed into that bottom- line. This is the best $10.00 ($9.99, or something) per month that I have ever spent.

    Collective transformation? Interesting. May it be so. Got your shades on, Sadge?

    Bob Dylan 70? I don’t feel old until I think of that. So that must mean that 70 isn’t old. Yeah.

  8. I have to say, this podcast was insane! every second packed with Goodness.

    Now you’re talkin’ and bullshit’s walkin’…….

    you are in the Groove.

    now, I gotta get in the groove:
    (being something meaningful, doing something meaningful, being something meaningful, doing something meaningful….)

    whatdIsay about Gems…..
    YOU ROCK! ha!!

  9. Thanks for the insights and great music. I thought about the mirror and projection and both made me think of transference as well. Excellent, thought provoking podcast.

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