Planet Waves FM : Eclipses, Mercury and Thoughts on Occupy

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This is the new (regular) edition of Planet Waves FM. In the first half, I cover the current astrology: Mercury retrograde, the approaching lunar eclipse, and Venus conjunct Pluto — the aspect of lust. In the second half of the program, I discuss some issues involving the Occupy movement, relaying some information I received from C.T. Butler, a previous guest on Planet Waves.

3 thoughts on “Planet Waves FM : Eclipses, Mercury and Thoughts on Occupy

  1. Hey lusty Carrie: You Go Girl 😉 Loved your post, love your sexiness and love that you masturbated in church……..hahaha. The world has a *lot* to learn from you and if sheeple chose not to pay you proper attention and revere your spirit, then, as you say, that’s *their* issue.

    I just returned yesterday from my “pilgrimage” to Ireland (!) and I can’t put into words how rockin’ I feel! It was a huge success. I have a natal Venus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo, now being trined by that dynamic duo aspect in early Cap.; a Galactic Core moon placement AND a Great Attractor ascendant; a Vesta/Hebe placement in early degrees of Libra and Sappho (that rock that denotes all things queer (!) in early Cancer, (currently being SEXtiled by my chart ruler Jupiter….) and to round off that cardinal energy, (pow-wow) in Aries I have my south node conjunct eris and it was this trip that finally propelled me from my karma to my dharma BIG time…….. Jeez I can hardly keep up with myself, LOL. This no longer feels like some threshold that I have to go through ‘cos I know I’ve done that and am *out* the other side.

    So, with all that loving energy in spades, I myself would have to say I’d love a play pal right about now (I like that term Amanda!). They should know that we’d have a lotta, lotta fun — satisfaction guaranteed, hehheh, Goddess Carrie style! Cindi Lauper summed it up nicely in one pertinent, pithy phrase: “Girls just wanna have fun!” Oh yeah. Let those feminine energies loose to put a smile on everyone’s face.

    Don’t we all need that kind of fun right about now; from here on in?

  2. Guilt and Capricorn, hmmmm. I have my moon in Capricorn in the either the fourth or fifth house (depending on which house system used; Placidus places it in the 4th and Koch/or equal house in the 5th). I also have Saturn conjunct that moon in Cap; Moon is 13 degrees and Saturn is 15 degrees. I also have Mars at 29 degrees Cap conjunct Venus at 2 degrees Aquarius in the fifth house (no matter what house system used, these are conjunct in the fifth). Can we say horn-dog? Talk about lust.

    Venus conjunct Pluto are coming up on my moon-conjunct-Saturn. Powerful stuff.

    Yes, I do have guilt and yes, I do “dress well” when going out of the house. Not dressed up but I look very well put together. I also have Virgo rising (at 14 degrees ) so “of course” I look nice.

    The guilt thing is spot on; for years I felt guilty about my sex drive and lust because my mother and father instilled that in me; she by saying my father wanted sex “too much” and he by talking about sex as though it was bad and dirty (he is a devout fundy Christian).

    My mom (who has NPD) allowed me no privacy growing up so the time she walked in on me masturbating (I was 18) she got furious and shamed me badly about it. I had been masturbating to orgasm since about 3-4 years old because it felt good but when I was 9, my mother made me feel bad about it.

    This past spring, when I took the whole family up to Vegas to comfort my dad in rehab after his second wife died, the third thing he mentioned in front of the kids and Dave was that I used to masturbate in church as a small child. WTF? Why was THAT on his mind? They knew it anyway but why did HE think about it? It gave me the creeps because both my parents’ sexual boundaries are skewed.

    My mother told me when I was 9 that my father could not be trusted around me because she feared he would become sexual with me; this destroyed any relationship I would have had with him because now I feared him. Her plan to divide us worked like a charm.

    I also felt guilty because society made it clear that women are not to be as sexual as I felt. Women would harass me if I admitted to wanting or liking or having sex. I was called names and felt bad about myself. I still fight that because men have rejected me for my high sex drive.

    I am changing all that guilt and being assertive in what I want and who I am. I no longer hide it from my close female friends and I even have been talking about it in mixed gendered company because I no longer worry about males being “turned on” by my talk (which happened a lot in my younger days but now I am older so I doubt they will get turned on but if they did, that’s their issue, not mine).

  3. hmmm… so when the aspect of lust, involving venus and pluto, is square your pluto on one side and square your venus on the other, does that equal lust squared?

    or just lust frustrated?

    kinda feels like both here… good think i know how to masturbate, but a play pal would be nice too at this point.

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