Planet Waves FM: Deceptive Debt Deal, and the USA Horoscope

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In today’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I go over some implications of this debt agreement being signed on the brink of Mercury retrograde (and apparently the military cuts are bullshit; the whole thing seems to be accounting games to rival Enron) and in the second half, I look at the United States’ main chart — the Sibly Chart. Here is a fairly recent article about that chart. I will be covering the other USA chart, Scorpionic America, in Friday’s edition.

Our musical guest is Critter Jones.

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3 thoughts on “Planet Waves FM: Deceptive Debt Deal, and the USA Horoscope

  1. It’s sad, but I haven’t listened to one podcast since they got so long – especially since there is no way to “save my place” – unless I keep the window up on desktop – and come back later. I know I’m missing some excellent Eric-work but this is too long a chunk to listen too all at once (I don’t have a long commute for example). Perhaps there’s a method for listening “in chunks” that I’ve overlooked.

  2. I always set aside an hour’s worth of some fairly mindless task to do while working so I can listen to your podcast on Wednesday mornings. And it is great fun to listen to you riff on whatever moves you–astrology, politics, sex, spirituality, psychology–just the fundamental condition of being human. I was particularly grateful for the comparison between the Sibly and Scorpionic charts this week. I am duly challenged just trying to make sense of the whole of my own chart and transits, but still you inspired me (as you do politically) to look beyond my own little corner of the world (and heavens) to begin to try to understand the energetic patterns/astrological transits that are shaping/driving the collapse and rebirth of entire structures and systems now.

    It *is* difficult not to absorb the psychic energies of those who are scared, greedy and insatiably feeding off of others now. You, and all of the PW contributors give so generously, Eric. So many of us are nourished daily here. Please, take care to replenish yourself and let us know how we can support you. With daily thanks for creating a community.

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