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Today’s podcast is ready. Our current astrology is happening in two dimensions — many planets aspecting centaurs (Pholus, Chiron, Nessus) and then the Sun square Neptune. One is a wake up influence, the other is a fog over influence. Which one will win the day? There are other clues. Mars in Virgo is also saying pay attention to the details. Mars will be retrograde in Virgo fairly soon (see article below).

Inside the podcasting mill.

In this edition, I also decode some current news events, including the Penn State scandal. The fans there are experiencing a deep struggle in coming to grips with the truth about the coaching staff there; the centaur planets are working to shift us to another level of consciousness.

I also get into the Republican requirement of from its candidates, and the Occupy movement. Over 200 people were arrested yesterday when police broke up the New York Occupy encampment. Said NY mayor Bloomberg, “There is no ambiguity in the law here — the First Amendment protects speech — it does not protect the use of tents and sleeping bags to take over a public space. Protesters have had two months to occupy the park with tents and sleeping bags. Now they will have to occupy the space with the power of their arguments.” We’ll see what the astrology has to say about that.

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Eric Francis

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12 thoughts on “Planet Waves FM : Centaurs in the Fog”

  1. PSPS I was expecting Jerry (Brown) to better work with the college financial crisis here. All three of us in my family are meeting severe resistance to higher education. And these days the primary importance of college is to make up for the lack of actual education K-12 — making its availability imperative.

    Thanks for the soapbox.

    My daughter’s practically blind without her glasses; and she’s a follower, so if friends board the buses so will she. But hey, I boarded buses from NYC to DC for No-Nukes rallys which was what was happening in my “college days”. So……….

  2. PS I don’t think that Santa Cruz has a OWS movement going per se (?) only ongoing protests against the (also ongoing) tuition hikes at the UC.

  3. Thanks for the report baycyn. My daughter’s at UCSC and usually goes up to Berkeley to visit a close friend – who is a student there – for Thanksgiving. I have no doubt the students and campuses will become more involved with OWS as tuition keeps going up dramatically and services/class availability keep going down dramatically.

  4. I work in a 36-story building in downtown (Financial District) San Francisco. This afternoon over the building-wide public address system came a voice telling all of us in the building to “shelter in place.” Not to leave the building. (The voice belonged to one of the building’s security guards.)

    At first I figured there was a chemical spill or gas leak outside…there’s been lots of street/sewer/electrical work done near my building. Then my co-worker in Los Angeles (with whom I was on a conference call) sent me a link to a San Jose (CA) Mercury News story covering a OWS protest occurring at a Bank of America branch in SF. The one on the ground floor of my building!

    The coverage said that about 100 protestors entered the bank and refused to leave. A tent was pitched (I love the image!). Several of us went to the street-side window of the office and heard rhythmic chanting and saw LOTS of police in the street and on the sidewalk. Many in riot gear. Hard to see more; we’re on the 32nd floor.

    A co-worker from my office had gone out to run an errand, and when she came back she was not permitted to enter the building. The lobby was filled with police, and all of the doors were blocked by police in riot gear. She thought fast and went around the side of the building and was able to get in through the garage (the guard on duty recognized her and let her in).

    Before all of this, at lunchtime, I had gone out to pick up some food. I noticed there were lots of police along the foot of Market Street (near where 2 OWS encampments have been, one of which was gone). Clearly something was up. I heard later that many protesters went on a march along The Embarcadero, which is along the waterfront. I wonder if they had a permit because the police let them go and accompanied them in the way you see during pre-planned events like this.

    The reporting also said that some protestors marched to the State Building with bussed-in protestors from University of Californiaa – Berkeley, UC Davis, and UC Merced. Apparently, unions paid for the charter busses. [Note: there have also been very intense protests at UC Berkeley against the whole UC system & its regents who just voted for yet another tuition increase. Fe has convered some of this.]

    Later in the afternoon the guard came back on the PA system and told us that the SFPD had lifted the shelter in place order and we were free to exit and enter the building.

    When I left for the day around 6pm, there were still police with riot gear in the lobby. They were permitting people to exit out of only one door (out of 6). They blocked the revolving door on that side with helmets. I went out the other door and turned around on the street to walk in the direction they had blocked in order to catch the cable car home. I was stopped by a cop who told me I had to walk on the other side of the street. There were a couple of protestors blocking cars entering this street, so I crossed in the middle instead of going to the end of the block. I found out that the cable cars were replaced by a bus for the time being, so I managed to catch one a few blocks away.

    It’s later in the evening now, and I’m at home. I heard some sirens about an hour ago but nothing since then. We certainly do live in interesting times.

  5. oh yes, She – I’m glad you tied those together for me. Close Friends and Relatives (passed) that I have never spoken with since they died are appearing and sending (Loving Helpful) messages. I had not tied this to the dimensional shifting I’ve been feeling (which involves seeing people in previously unrelated forms/places etc but I’m able to tie them together now one place and the next)

    And yes also seems to be something about Releasing Fear, for sure.

    Yeti – Love, Blessings. I am focused/working to (re)open my own path/s to Money Energy and free myself; I will hold you close as I release old money myths and cause Shift.


  6. what the hell is going on this week? what happened to the optimistic lightness I was feeling amid all the chaos…? hope it comes back

    once you get your head out of the sand, there’s really no going back. wish I knew this before beginning “the quest” years ago, but would probably have made the same choice. .

    the world’s bonkers

  7. Yeti, more power to you for taking your leap of faith and asking for help. It’s not easy but hey, you did it. Fantastic. I will be writing to you tomorrow to see how to get some money to you. Sending you a big, warm hug and a *ton* of blessings your way.

    A Word, like you I’ve been feeling dimensional shifts now and then; all I can think when they’re taking place is, whaaaaat the heck just happened……..doodeedoodee, doodeedoodee!

    Plus, I’ve been seeing some incredible miracles take place in my life — these past few days in particular — and it seems like *something* powerful is being created around us. I also feel I can connect with people who are many miles away from me (or who have died even) by concentrating loving thoughts of them; then I can sense their presence around me quite strongly. Quite a few that are *physically* around me, seem to be growing more mindful, in the moment, and most especially, releasing fears that let their love and light glow to weave a new reality.

    Anything goes from here on in……right Yeti? 😉

  8. Hey Planetwavers…

    I want to send out a call for help in Portland, Oregon…I currently have no income and I’m couch surfing while being refused for every job I’ve applied for due to a swarm of younger people with more relevant work experience bumping me out. At 37 years old, almost 38 and having been unemployed for almost 2 years there’s no way I can get a job in the standard way of turning in an application or resume as Portland is so overcrowded with younger folks I can’t compete with. My Bachelor’s degree in Art doesn’t even help.

    I have shelter until monday of next week. As finding a job is near impossible I’m also trying to start a personal business teaching Tai Ji and Qigong and giving astrology and tarot readings, but I have no $’s for printing flyers or anything like that.

    I can be reached most easily via singedelart at gmail dot com.

    Groove On,


  9. Speaking (not tenting) of dimensions, when I was a kid I often had feelings of being in multiple dimensions – although I did not have those words at the time. The feeling is upon me full, fast and hard right now – I am seeing people in more than one dimension at once –as though we are plummeting through some time/space warp. Large and Small, Clear and Foggy all at once. These are times to Remember.

    Listening in full a bit later. Thank you Eric.

  10. heard on Democracy Now!

    “At least six people were arrested six people at an Occupy protest in Seattle. A crowd of several hundred had marched through the city in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street encampment in New York City. Activists say a number of people were pepper sprayed, including an elderly woman, a pregnant woman and a priest.”

    female protester in NYC

    “I’m a student at NYU Law. And at one point, I remember we were walking quite slowly, and the group kept saying, “Slow down. Slow down. We’re not in a rush to get back there. This is our time, not theirs.” And the cops behind them were pushing with their batons and shoving the Lawyers Guild people with their batons, saying, “Walk faster. The law is you have to walk faster than us,” which, I’m here to inform them, is not in fact the law.

    “I come from a very conservative state: I’m from Indiana. And I think I’ve always been quite respectful of the police. I recognize that they’re doing an increasingly difficult job. But I think this experience has shaped the way that I think about the police. It’s shaped the way that I perceive our government. And honestly, when I first came to law school, I was perfectly content doing corporate work. But after watching this, I just feel increasingly compelled to actually do something with my life to effect change and to just stop, you know, this unnecessary and aggressive and just disgusting and despicable behavior by our government officials and our police officers.”

    Retired Philly police officer Ray Lewis:

    “My name is Ray Lewis. I’m a retired police captain from the Philadelphia Police Department. And the reason I’m down here is because I’m tired of seeing suffering of so many people while you have 1 percent who is accumulating all this wealth on the backs of all the workers. The police are the 99 percent. Unfortunately, they don’t realize it. But what they are are basically just enforcing the laws of the dictators, which is the 1 percent. And they’re having their healthcare cut, their pensions cut, and their salaries reduced, and they don’t even realize it.”

  11. Excerpt from Robert Reich’s Mario Savio lecture before the Occupy Cal demonstration last night:

    Forty-seven years ago we were graced with the eloquence and power of Mario Savio’s words from these steps. These words continue to live on. The sentiments Mario Savio expressed 47 years ago are as relevant now as they were then…
    I will believe that corporations are people when Georgia and Texas execute them! The 1st amendment right to free speech is not always convenient. It becomes doubly important that we are willing to pay the price for free speech or the price for a democratic system of government. It is doubly important that our democracy give people the ability to speak up about what needs to be done…

    The fundamental problem is that we are losing equal opportunity in America. We are losing the moral stone upon which this system and our country are built…

    Over the last three decades, this economy has doubled in size but most Americans have not seen this gain…

    The days of apathy are over, folks. Once this has begun it cannot be stopped and will not be stopped…

    All of you, right now, understand intuitively that if we allow America to continue in the way it is going — that the bullies would be in charge. You understand how important it is to fight the bullies, to have a voice. I want to thank each and every one of you for what you are doing.

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