Planet Waves FM: Centaur planets, Melanie Reinhart and Girlyman

This week on Planet Waves FM, I have a discussion of the rarely-mentioned centaur planets Nessus and Asbolus. I am honored to offer you half an hour of conversation with Melanie Reinhart, author of Chiron and the Healing Journey. Our musical guest is Girlyman. For those who prefer to listen in the old player, please check for that in the morning.

I will probably not be doing Daily Astrology today — lots of editing went into this podcast — but if I’m feeling perky and inspired I will offer a little rant on the Virgo Moon and first quarter later in the morning.


Eric Francis

This chart, created at, shows the dates of the Nessus-Asbolus square, which stretch out over a few years. One of the exact contacts is Thursday.

Here is a rundown of the Nessus-Asbolus square. Asbolus is in late Taurus, square Nessus in late Aquarius. This lists the full cycle of this square, which runs for a couple of more years. This table gives the date of the aspect but I snipped off the position of Nessus. So the positions you see are those of Asbolus.

4 thoughts on “Planet Waves FM: Centaur planets, Melanie Reinhart and Girlyman”

  1. Greetings Eric (and Melanie)

    This is a phenomenal amount of information and well worth listening to several times. ( less than perfect recording mean you have to really lean in and listen, not entirely a bad thing!) I learned SO much from your conversation with Melanie. The recent information you’ve been sharing about Nessus in particular, but all the Centaurs in general has been so helpful to me in understanding my own chart. For years and years I’ve been trying to understand why a particular pattern has been replaying itself in my life. The usual natal chart would hint and throw fuzzy details and suggestions as to why this might be happening but it was never very complete feeling.
    Now, after looking up the “minor” planets and understanding a bit more, mostly thru your website, I’ve been slowly seeing the deeper layers and finer frequencies that are in fact tuning the entire rest of the chart. It is making MUCH more sense now! Thank you both!!

    I’ve often wondered about something…. we speak of the great Centaurs and their half-wild half-human wisdom… but seldom do I hear a connection being made between them and our original great Centaur – Sagittarius. I wonder… given that Sag is connected to the Galactic core (and the Great Attractor, if I’m not mistaken) it would seem to me that there is at the very least a field of resonance between and amoung all these “critters”. The idea that these ancient travelers could be the carriers of ancient wisdom and lessons/patterns is something that, as we approach this next full moon especially, might be interesting to explore.

    One final question… will you be sharing a link for Melanie’s new book? I could not find it if it is here.

    Thank you so much for all that you do!

    PS… loving the new spot-focus articles…. they are very helpful too!

    with deep gratitude


  2. WOW.

    mantid in prayer position.

    thank You for this,
    for sharing with us at PW this conversation with Melanie… this was entirely riveting, timely
    -Content Rich. ….constellations. it’s all about connecting the dots….


    ….back out to where I belong…. deep psychic space.


  3. I am so grateful for your interview with Melanie. Thank you. That she mentioned Asbolus’s ability to relate to birds unexpectedly brought me to tears. For me he sits at 28 Gemini opposite my part of fortune (which also makes it an opposition to the GC); while Nessus sits near my IC at 9 Taurus sandwiched between Mars 7 and Venus 12 opposing my IC Chiron in Scorpio and square my 12th house Pluto and Saturn. There are many good things in my life and chart, but only the bird song hearing Asbolus (and it WAS first the birds that caught my attention as a child (and later again as an adult) so that I could become more conscious of Mother Earth’s embrace which I do not know how I could have survived without) I repeat, only bird song loving Asbolus knows the sorrow and the reality of the decision for me, made concerning different matters each time, but it (the decision) was made decade by decade, the latest was in 2004, and is being picked up again this month–will it NEVER end?: The Buck STOPS Here.
    Sometimes maps are really interesting to look at and say–yeah–that’s where I’ve been. But you’d have to have been there.
    Melanie, Eric–blasts of love to you. May the lids keep coming off your gifts to this planet and those who live in it–I see your energy and light and truth and thoughts and words of healing and reality to be entering the atmosphere around us and alchemically changing the darkness into light all around us. Yep. May it be so. Even Pholus ‘s energy can be turned to good–and it is.

  4. this is good stuff. will have to come back to finish, oh wait, time to wake up, it’s a new day, already. all running together. or maybe not together but certainly somewhat parallel.

    wow. can’t believe how my other post written way before I listened is applicable. I should believe by now.
    don’t worry, All is Well,
    just hadta test those fences,I had to go there, electric barbed wire or wood, once a horse knows,
    it’s all good, as Dylan says.
    Truly. we don’t want trouble. horse is a prey animal ya know…

    better just go outside now and stargaze at this point!
    be back later, and hopefully more lucid.

    Peace & Love, always, forever.


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