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Here’s your Wednesday edition of Planet Waves FM, presented unceremoniously, and which is standing in for Daily Astrology. I cover the Gemini New Moon — the Moon in the that odd 28+ Gemini (which I covered in the article Here at the Edge of the World).

Eric Francis

We then take a song break, diving back to the late 20th century — my guitar teacher, Rusty Boris, made a CD and I play a track called “Thank You.” In the second segment, I talk mainly about Saturn opposite Eris — the seeming dichotomy of independence versus relationship.

We will be back with more Daily Astrology Thursday at 12:01 am EDT.

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PS, Note, here is the PDF about Eris that one of or readers mentioned in a comment below. I’ll put it on “free sale” today. I wrote this just about three months after Eris was initially named. Given how swiftly I moved after the naming, I’ve no doubt it’s the first full-strength attempt to delineate Eris, and it may still be. I’m curious to see how it checks out against your experience. If you do a Google search with my name, the word Eris and the word astrology, you will pick up dozens of other references over the years.

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  1. I had the same response with Eric’s link, but got there with the link in the comments.


  2. efc… Austin? ‘Bout damn time.

    I know, I know… you were just in N’awlins, not a big piece up the road, but I was packing&movin,’ darling. Though my friend Jeanne was there for a spell, maybe you met her?

    (However, if the Astro conference had coincided with the NO Jazz Festival, I’d’ve found a way…)

    Anyway, keeping my toes crossed.


  3. Canyon Ranch is several locations and space on five cruise ships. I am doing appearances the Berkshires property, kind of near my home in NY.

    There may be a big astro conference in Austin next year.

  4. Hey Eric, did I miss something in the posting? Where is “Canyon Ranch”? Doesn’t sound like NY – are you coming out West?

    Inquiring bodies want to know…


  5. also while I am posting — I am doing a panel and two classes at Canyon Ranch in late July. Here are the descriptions —

    12 Ways from Friday Night: Eros in Astrology

    Eric Francis explains that astrology offers 12 different perspectives on eros, relationships and sexuality — one for each of the houses. Astrology, the science of relationships, suggests that there are many possibilities for how we interact with others, socially, emotionally and physically. We will look at each of the houses and consider some of the more interesting ones in detail. This will be a fun, refreshing conversation about topics that our culture might discuss openly — if only there was a place to do it. And there is!

    What Time Is It? Your Moment of Astrology

    Take a look at your watch — it’s early in the 21st century and the world is going insane. But what time is it really? Where do we stand in the course of history? Whatever the New Age prophets have been saying about 2012, it turns out we’re alive in an extremely interesting moment, which is putting many people under pressure to grow, adapt and get clear about their lives. Where do you connect to the big picture? Eric Francis will look at history from the personal perspective, offering the wisdom what he’s learned in decades of individual consulting and news reporting. This talk is about you!


    Eric Francis Coppolino is perhaps the world’s only investigative reporter-astrologer. He graduated from the hard-edge, litigious world of exposing corporate and government fraud, to a full-time astrological practice in the 1990s. He’s been working with clients privately the whole time, so he has a rare perspective that encompasses the most personal aspects of human experience to the most far-reaching. Eric is the editor of Planet Waves, its many annual editions, and a fantasy fiction / photo project called Book of Blue.

  6. We’re about to publish a compilation on Eris. Check your email later if you’re on any of our lists. Here is a preview (in Planet Waves test page markup style):

    A Compilation on Eris

    Dear Friend and Reader:

    Eris was discovered in 2005 and named in 2006, leading to the ‘demotion’ of Pluto into a dwarf planet. Though it’s been more than seven years since the discovery (that anniversary was January 5), so far as I can tell, Eris is not a topic of open conversation in professional astrology. It’s still a boutique item, generally mentioned only by the few of us who track the newly-discovered bodies.

    In this week’s edition of Planet Waves FM (and a daily post Monday), I talk about the current aspect Saturn in Libra opposite Eris in Aries. My take is that this aspect is a comment on how it doesn’t really work when we try to define our identity through a relationship. That doesn’t stop people from trying — and even having temporary success. It’s just that when the relationship changes, or there’s an eruption of jealousy, you might get the feeling that you ‘don’t really exist’ and have to start all over figuring out who you are.

    Eris is a deeply rooted source of passion, energy and chaos within the psyche, which stirs up all kinds of identity issues. It can push people to find themselves; it can just as easily represent the place where we get lost. Saturn in Libra to me represents the structure that Eris in Aries is trying to fit itself into, though the best way to see whether something fits is to try it on. The aspect — a rare one, happening every 30 years or so — peaks over the weekend.

    I took a few minutes this morning and put together some of my favorite articles on Eris, and I’m sending them to you as a compilation. These are all part of the Planet Waves subscriber series. If you find yourself diving into this list and reading voraciously, and you’re not yet a subscriber, brighten your day and sign up for a subscription. You’ll get a great service, you will love the feeling of being in solved, and you’ll put some gas in our tank.

    –both to sales/home

    If you’re already a subscriber — thank you. You’ve helped make all this work possible.

    If you become a fan of Eris, I suggest you invest in the monograph (short book) at the end of the list — the first ever about Eris, written by me (in Brussels, during the winter of ’06-’07), in its original digital format.

    Would love to know what you think of what you read below, and I am open to new ideas about how to cover Eris, so please speak up if you have some thoughts.


    eric francis

    Eris Notebook: Dancing with Discord

    This article follows the development of Eris from its discovery by Mike Brown’s infamous team, through its provisional naming after Xena, the warrior priestess. “It was named for a heroic woman, for one thing, apropos of a discovery in Aries. Xena could show up in Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus in one episode and in Egypt the next week. She was bisexual. She killed people. She was a kind of sorceress. I ran this past my writing partner Paloma Todd, and the first words out of her mouth were, “Oh, this planet is about postmodernism.”

    Calling Home the Castaway Woman

    Women are often expected to act pious and pure — or face being outcast. But what happens when they refuse? This article looks at a number of different feminine archetypes, from the Virgin Mary to Lilith to Eris, asking some obvious questions. I look at the topic of guilt without an obvious source, which places it in the family background, or as transpersonal material.

    Rachel Maddow: The Apotheosis of Eris

    Rachel Maddow, the first (out) lesbian primetime news anchor, was born during the Chiron-Eris conjunction of the early 1970s. She is in many ways an expression of both, though Chiron tends to bring out the true nature of any planet that it makes contact with. Maddow provided me with her birth data, which I don’t reveal, though I do include samples of her chart.

    Small World Stories: Eris

    This is a nice delineation of Eris in essay form, from our breakthrough annual edition Small World Stories. This edition is open to all readers, and it has many other useful delineations of the minor planets that sitting here look like the beginnings of a solid book on the topic of the new discoveries. For now you can go exploring. Note, I have done some additional work on certain of these points, particularly the centaurs and 1992 QB1, so if you’re curious, start Googling around.

    Pluto in the Age of Eris

    This is an interesting piece that looks at how we might want to reconsider some of our ideas about Pluto in light of the discovery of Eris. Pluto and all that it represents is not “the end” or “the edge” any more. To go back to the ginning of this story, I suggest you read The Foggy New Edge of Neptune, my first article after the designation of Eris and Pluto as dwarf planets. This article includes the discovery chart of Pluto.

    Eris: Facets and Fragments of Self

    please link to product page

    This is the first monograph (short book) ever written about Eris, which explores the new discovery based on its interaction with the sign Aries, where it’s a longterm visitor. In this monograph, I unfold the idea that Eris is a postmodern influence, the reigning queen of the identity crisis, and a factor that allows us to adapt to the constant changes of the current world. This is a one-time purchase product delivered as a PDF.

  7. @ Huffy… Looking forward to hear more of your experience…

    @ gwind… Thanks for the quote and link!

  8. Michele, Here is a quote from Eric on Eris, along with a link for more….I came across Small World Stories the other day while researching a reference made in one his interviews.

    “Until you can let your ego take a hit, knowing you’ll never live up to how gorgeous the next celebrity is, knowing that the real you hasn’t been touched by your own life, you will continue to fight. You will fight unnecessary and potentially catastrophic battles over nothing, and will continue to be a part of the problem. The things we are most afraid to lose, and will fight for, are the things by which we define ourselves (e.g., beauty), threaten the ego and watch even the most apparently sophisticated of people (e.g., the goddesses) lose all perspective.

    This will continue until you truly seek and find your Self, your unified self, and live from that core of your being. Eris may at times be where we provoke or are provoked. She seems very Centaur-like in her teaching methods, working with shaking up the known order of reality until it becomes fully conscious and we have the ability to make a decision. But the decision of Eris is ultimately this: to be who you are.”

  9. Thanks Michele. Your beautiful words really resonated with me, really describe a point I’m at right now. Even if ‘point’ is too precise a word for these shifting times. Think our birthdays are within days of eachother. No time to write more. And hope to get round to listening to Eric’s podcast soon.

  10. Holy crap… I just listened to the second half of your podcast. No Expectations. Goats Head Soup – I think. One of my favourite songs since I was 16!!! I had the cassette!!! Hahahaha!

    Ahhh. I have loved this day.

  11. LONG!

    I will surely continue to feel awkward talking about astrology and astrological placements. (So new.) But increasingly, I just feel: fuck it. If I’m way off base, someone will be kind enought to tell me. (So… If I sound totally off the mark, feel free…)

    I first read about Eris a few years ago on this site. It was a book Eric had written. It stayed with me, though numerous attempt to find it since have failed. (My issue.) Later (about 1.5 years ago) I realized my Natal Saturn and Eris are exactly conjunct, to the degree (20 seconds apart.) I also slowly realized that I am clearly not the only one who a) had a vague and mutable (in the 9th?) sense of identity. I always did struggle with that. (Slow moving so many of us must have this?) and b) That the recent writing here regarding Eris and Saturn do touch my chart intensely. (That’s how it feels.)

    I recently experienced my Saturn opposition, which, of course, includes Eris. And this was hot on the heels at a half-hearted attempt at defining myself through another. And so we made it through that – myself and my multiple identities. I came out alone and learned what that meant on a deep level.

    I recently more recently slid into a relationship, amidst life-long questions about who I am, and my identity. But many weeks ago, I ended it. I have a serious need to be alone.

    And that darn Saturn in Libra (opposing Eris) in now opposing my MC/BML exact conjunction (7 seconds apart.) SO… yeah… My identity in question, constantly, and I think about it constantly.

    I have occasionally attempted to define my self through others. But I have also, I have noticed this past while, defined my identity around causes. But this really is a ridiculous plan, if a plan at all.

    It came to a head last week though I expect to struggle a bit more over the next while.
    Could be all chalked up with my discomfort with my own self. SO you can imagine, if I make myself uncomfortable… That is bound to slip and slide over to other.

    But the bottom line thing that I feel is that the original conjunction of Saturn is now being played out and resolved. I can offer who I am… And I am always changing…

    I feel the same way about the Pluto/Uranus energy. Natally conjunct… but definitely a part of my foundation. With a need to be involved in sorting that out.

    I think the work I’ve been doing on my t-square (Sun Moon Mars) set me up to better take in and work with this energy. Oppositions and squares seem so vibrant to me now. And the Saturn/Eris, thanks to the transit hitting both natal Saturn and MC… Has opened the door to my more easily understanding the Gemini action. Me-me, me-you, me-them. Us. Me-universe. And my identity shifts and flows. After years of struggling to define myself… I seem OK without a definition, without a set-up mirror. It seems natural that we are reflected everywhere, in context, with people. But I can sit alone and feel like a complicated person all on my own and be OK with that. (Lots of bath time helped.)

    It has definitely been an odd and spectacular day, this Gemini new moon day. And everywhere it is reflected in my life. And definitely through Saturn. I feel I was meant to maintain structure and break them down at the same time… Balance. And then there’s Mercury, of course. And the rest of the cluster business.

    Anyone else here with Saturn/Eris conjunct? I am curious about this feeling of letting go of this NEED to define and and just moving forward with truth per the moment or the person. Not roles, per se. But real in the given moment. How is that working for you?

    For me, the new moon square my natal Chiron tossed in some real healing on this issue. It’s not just me that has hounded myself: Who am I? I have also constantly been hounded to define myself for others. I am steady and loyal, definitely. But don’t ask me to stay the SAME.

    I hope this babble made some sense.


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