Planet Waves Weekly Podcast: Uranus into Aries

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Good Wednesday morning.

Today I’ve got for you a presentation that covers the Mercury-Uranus conjunction in the last degree of Pisces — and Uranus ingressing Aries and starting its 84-year cycle over again. I am taking this as an occasion to talk about self-actualization, the role of guilt and how to break free and make progress.

The last time Uranus was here was in the late 1920s. The last time it was at the opposition point was the late 1960s. Think for a moment and you’ll see that both were obviously enormous moments in both U.S. history and world history.

I take this transit from a personal perspective, referencing Dane Rudhyar talking about the last degree of the zodiac (via his version of the Sabian symbols) and a rare moment of Isabel Hickey commenting on the potency of Uranus in Aries. I will share with you Tuesday’s subscriber edition so that you have a reference to the Sabians and some deeper information about what they are. The photo below is of the book — if you have a copy of an Astrological Mandala, would you please photograph it and send it to with a caption that tells the story of your copy? Such as when you got it and how you feel about it?

Today’s podcast tells the story of Uranus in Aries focusing on individual change based on a visualization process. I plan to continue the story of Uranus in Aries from the global-political perspective Friday with the story of what happened during the protests in Wisconsin. It’s an extraordinary tale by any measure — on the whole measure of American history — of people refusing to roll over.

Note — Light Bridge audio is starting to appear on that website. Aries is up and today I’m scheduled to do one or two more. You can subscribe to your Light Bridge readings here.

As for today’s podcast — the old player is in its usual location. The new player is the nifty gray icon below my signature. Enjoy.

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5 thoughts on “Planet Waves Weekly Podcast: Uranus into Aries”

  1. Thanks for continuing to discuss the guilt issue. I am an in a somewhat epic battle with exactly that at the moment and am dealing with it a very core level, so it is really helpful to be reminded of what it’s all about. Excellent podcast!

  2. Just a note about the Light Bridge written & audio readings, in case there’s any question: If you’ve already purchased LB, the audio is included for whichever sign(s) you’ve purchased. You don’t need to buy anything more to get the audio.

    If you have not jumped on Light Bridge, any sign purchase includes access to the written and audio portions. There is plenty of written material to chew on if you have to wait a few days for your audio to appear!


  3. When Uranus was @ 29 pieces back on 3/31/1927, Cesar Chavez was born

    πŸ™‚ Whos coming this time

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