Pisces Kaleidascope and Elisa Novick’s World Tour

Visit the Planet Waves FM archive at this link.
Visit the Planet Waves FM archive at this link.

Tonight I take you deeper into our ocean of Pisces, our rare moment. I also introduce the world tour of one of our resident spiritual teachers at Planet Waves, Elisa Novick. Here is the schedule of her travels to Paris, London and Amsterdam.

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Eric Francis

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2 thoughts on “Pisces Kaleidascope and Elisa Novick’s World Tour”

  1. The balloon incident occurred while everyone in the Dead’s communal household was busted. Of course the cops, being cops, missed the kilo of cannabis sitting in a big spice jar in the kitchen.

    And lest we forget the immortal Neal Cassady (“Dean Moriarty” from Keroac’s “On The Road”), Bus driver extraordinaire.

    Great overview of the current energies, thank you Eric.

  2. This is the most awesome reading of the planets and energy in Pisces yet. Completely congruent with my experience of this month, and at the same time reminding me of cautions and awareness that would be hidden, eclipsed as it were by my mind and activities. I am very grateful.

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