Planet Waves FM :: Pisces Full Moon and 1992 QB1

Eric Francis

The new edition of Planet Waves FM is ready. In this issue, I start with a brief rant about women’s reproductive rights and advocate for real sex education. I then describe the Pisces Full Moon, which is conjunct Chiron. That’s some full-spectrum emotional and psychic power — a rich event that will stoke your imagination. There’s a lot of Pluto and Mars pouring in as well, which is all about desire and going deep. After a song break, this leads to the second half of the program, which is about the discovery of the Kuiper Belt and 1992 QB1. I introduce the subject here, and will continue with coverage in Friday’s subscriber edition.

Here is your program in the old player, where you’ll find the full archives and a downloadable zip file.

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3 thoughts on “Planet Waves FM :: Pisces Full Moon and 1992 QB1”

  1. Hey Eric,

    Great podcast. Thanks for the ‘Sage & Spirit,” I never realized you’re ‘On The Bus’ too.

    PS- The studio version of Sage & Spirit has the flute, it’s on Blues For Allah.


  2. Haha and many smiles for taking first bite, Astrodem! Since as a Pisces with much to do about Scorpio, I am already a walking-taking real-life ancient-mystery of the deep…what else in the world can QB1 bring to me?

    1992 QB1 is exact on my DC at 11AQ and in exact sextile to Industra in Sagg, square to Varuna in Taurus and conjunct Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow.

    I especially like the conjunct Goddess of the Rainbow – which are all about water but in a different context…painted by air, perhaps.

    Thank you Eric, enlightening as always. I’m looking very much foward to Friday when I have set aside time to visualize your words on QB1 again.

  3. Since nobody else has commented yet, I’ll bite.

    I just looked up 1992 QB1 in my chart and it’s in my 1st House Pisces — conjunct Sphinx and square Apophis, Aphrodite, and Photographica.

    I think this means that I am literally a walking, talking, real live ancient mystery of the deep. And if you ask nicely, I’ll be happy gear up in my scuba suit, grab my underwater camera, and snap a picture for you of the one of the loving angels or terrifying demons that still live down there.

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