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Visit the Planet Waves FM archive at this link.
Visit the Planet Waves FM archive at this link.

Tonight I have an exciting edition of Planet Waves FM for you, covering the ongoing, rapidly developing astrology in Pisces. This includes the Sun, retrograde Mercury, Venus and Mars in Pisces, along with slow-movers Chiron and Neptune. This is a truly unusual alignment — looking for anything as interesting in Pisces I had to go back to around 1967 to find something this cool.

After I cover the astrology — and play a song by the Florida-based band Pilotwave — I take a gander through the news, including looking at the chart for sequestration (that is, mandatory budget cuts) that are supposed to happen two nights from now. I manage to skip the pope leaving office and look at the petition by a number of prominent Republicans who are supporting the right of lesbian and gay people to marry.

I read from and comment on an article in The New York Timeshere is that article. I had to leave out a lot of stories, though today’s newspapers read more like something out of fiction than the real world — such is Mercury retrograde and a bunch of other planets in Pisces.

Here is your program in the Old Player. Note, you can download a compressed file of the program on the Old Player page, which also includes a full archive of Planet Waves FM going back to 2010. More recent programs are collected in the category listing at the top of the blog frame.

With love,
Eric Francis

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6 thoughts on “Planet Waves FM :: Lots and Lots of Pisces”

  1. Thank you Daniel and bravo to you to for seeing so clearly that you had a choice not to take on the negative masculine mantle of your father.
    Your words gave me great hope.

  2. just wanted to add that, although I understand my father’s life a bit better now that I’m older, and can appreciate the challenges he went through as he sought to fulfill his “role” as man and provider, I cannot accept his delusions. I will not go into details, but even as I met him on the street for the first time in 19 years last February, I was surprised how clearly I saw his way of deceiving and covering the truth. I spent 30 min talking to this man and everything he said was a lie. My entire family suffered his manipulations. Its amazing that I as an 18 year old kid managed to see and extract myself from such women hating, self absorbed, malnourished male identity and beliefs. There is a sense of Karma Eric. This sensation of choice; to discontinue a pattern by a kind of positive neutralization.

  3. Thanks Eric, I’m thoroughly enjoying this.
    Beleclaire, thank you for sharing some of your experience. Bravo to you. The most interesting thing came up for me today in a flash. I understood the Chiron/Sun conjunction as a huge opportunity for self affirmation with regards to how I see myself, rather than what or who I don’t want to be: my father. Chiron has been closely linked to my sexuality and energy and what I observed/took on as a child. The single most important thing is to affirm positively the qualities I want or have as an individual. There is no negative, lingering influence. Not if I don’t perpetuate the behaviour. Every aspect to Chiron over the last year has brought this same theme as I venture out into new relationships and sexual expression, and am facing my own shadow.

  4. Thank you for all the Pisces astrology this week Eric. Your description of the retro Mercury/Mars conjunction expressed exactly what is going on in my process. I have spent several years clearing ancient (shocking) karma, dealt with psychic attack and other odd non material experiences, all from my ex husband. I kept wondering this year why oh why is this still going on, and how is it still able to go on. On Tuesday night I had a dream and coming out of the dream I spoke out the reason, which is quite simple and obvious ( always the hardest things to realise! ) This conjunction was in my 9th house conj my Midheaven and it felt like I uncovered a truth which has till now prevented me from on moving along my path.
    Now what will the remainder of Pisces time reveal?

  5. Early in the program, I am describing how the retrograde of Mercury can result in Mercury being in one sign sometimes for two months. I use the word “planets” but what I mean is Mercury; a Mars retrograde can result in Mars being in one sign for six months or longer. Currently Mercury is in Pisces from Feb. 5 through April 13, 2013. It will be in Aries from April 13 through May 1 — a shade over two weeks.

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