Planet Waves FM :: Leo Full Moon; Mars conjunct Nessus

Here is the page from Alice Bailey about Aquarius.

In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I cover the Leo Full Moon that’s approaching this weekend. This happens simultaneously with the the conjunction of Mars and Nessus in Aquarius.

Brian Eno, left, and David Byrne — two Bulls of a Feather. Listen to their music and you will want to make art.

This conjunction has implications for all kinds of sexual healing subject matter — particular in the social arena. Much of what we do is in a sense dictated by the supposed opinions (and insecurities) of others, and this conjunction may bring up some of that material. I look at Alice Bailey’s take on the sign Aquarius as well.

Later in the program I talk about the Roe v. Wade decision of the U.S. Supreme Court, which I covered in Friday’s subscriber edition. I’ve opened up that issue to pre-subscribers — it’s at the link above.

Our musical guests are David Byrne and Brian Eno, who have released two tracks from their My Life in the Bush of Ghosts project under a Creative Commons license.

Here is your program in the Old Player. Note, you can download a compressed file of the program on the Old Player page, which also includes a full archive of Planet Waves FM going back to 2010. More recent programs are collected in the category listing at the top of the blog frame.

With love,
Eric Francis

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17 thoughts on “Planet Waves FM :: Leo Full Moon; Mars conjunct Nessus”

  1. Eric, dear Eric,
    woke in the early hours this am with a humdinger of a revelation. And want to thank you. Your tireless, ceaseless endeavour to help people wake up and heal their sexual wounds has helped bring me to this realisation. I was knocked for six by your PW FM this week, further reinforced by Amanda’s dream (thanks again, Amanda!).
    My father was a serial womaniser, and his womanising devastated our family, leading to sexual abuse between siblings among other things. It was all done in secret of course, but from the age of ten my mother came and beat her brow over my father and wept on my shoulder. These last four months I’d fallen for, guess what!?, a serial womaniser, I was in agony over the guy – thought I could control myself and him, while at the same time believing it was time to put myself out there again, after many years. And I’m glad I did. This guy has just disappeared, withdrawn from me altogether – as he goes on his merry way, looking for the next feast. And I realised, on waking this morning that I have acted out my stuff with my father all my life. I thought of the book Women who love too much’, and how women (and men) play out these patterns all their lives, never healing. I also realise how this sexual wounding affects the whole way we live our ives. And perhaps I understand for the first time your urgent quest to get people to see how our sexual wounds run our lives. Thank you.

  2. blue eyed english works well! and thank you Eric and for the Alice Bailey – very helpful distinction aquarius/pisces…

  3. Alice Bailey’s library, The Lucius Trust, has a lending program. For $3 (at least that is what I paid for it) you receive a catalogue of their collection and you can borrow two books at a time. They pay postage to you and you keep the wrapping and pay postage back. They have many hard to find books in their inventory.

  4. Many thanks for the Alice Bailey, Eric.
    And thanks for the link, Genevieve, and for your gorgeous Moonshine Horoscopes!

  5. susyc – Thanks for sharing your beautiful perspective!

    So well said:

    “And while I can absolutely disagree with some of the ways his service has been used by our country, I cannot find a way to disagree with his personal experience and commitment since it is based on love.”

  6. Thank you Eric. As the mother of an Aquarius soldier boy, I was so touched by Alice Bailey’s explication of the Aquarian path. Really deep and right on. When my son was younger, he was like mist–he couldn’t be pinned down. Even then, however, he always made family wherever he was. And now, as the father of one of his own children and 3 more, not his biological children, including a little girl he and his wife are fostering, he is definitely expressing his more rocky foundational side. They have just obtained temporary guardianship and are hoping to gain longer term guardianship and eventual adoption. When he was young he had great difficulty expressing and accepting love. It seemed like it made him feel too vulnerable. I remember when he became able to and how it enriched his marriage and family relationships.

    But love and service really are his central characteristics. The army is part of what has given him a framework and specific limits and boundaries and moved him from flailing around as a youngster, experimenting with people, drugs, alcohol, etc., to being able to express his inherent love and service in a way that makes a difference for people. As a mother, I am grateful that he found a framework in which he could minimize the impact of these problems. As a pacifist, I have had some difficulty with his army service. He himself has a love/hate relationship with the army. It took me a long time to understand the attraction. But the answer for me came in a picture. I have a picture of him participating in physical training with his fellow soldiers. There is an incredible expression of love on his face–love for his fellow soldier and the fun they are having together. This picture helped me realize that the love for those in his sphere of influence is what vitalizes him and his experience in the army. And while I can absolutely disagree with some of the ways his service has been used by our country, I cannot find a way to disagree with his personal experience and commitment since it is based on love.

  7. Yay! Thanks Eric!

    And thank you Len! I’m excited with the new way we’ve structured Moonshine and that I will also be incorporating blog posts. It will be fun to do the New Moon/Full Moon treatment.

    Also, I second what Eric said – Bailey’s book is incredibly valuable and soooo insightful.

  8. Eric: Sincere thanks to you and Anatoly for the pages from Alice Bailey.

    Genevieve: Sincere thanks to you for the Moonshine Horoscopes. Looking forward to seeing it twice a month from now on.

  9. Great PW FM Eric! Jam-packed. I ended up listening to it twice. 🙂 Thanks for really taking us into the Mars-Nessus and Full Moon aspects.

    I second what Len said, I’m also excited for the scan of the Alice Bailey tract.

  10. Eric: Thank you for the insight to Brezsny. Looking forward to you making the scan of the Alice Bailey tract available, thank you for that as well. Most of all, thank you for an analysis of Mars-conjunct Nessus-cum Full Moon that is deep enough to inspire a book, and raising the consciousness of Roe v. Wade in connection with it. Wow. This podcast is a powerful achievement in integration and synthesis. In awe.

  11. Kristel: Thanks for sharing, amusing read. Granger seems he was a very ‘fury-feel-thy’ man.

    Although this ‘Blue-Eyed English’ word’s translation seems a jump to…from all those naked backside bloody whips?!

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