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The Mayan time pyramid that I don’t quite describe right.

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In this week’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I look at the issue surrounding the massacre at the Sandy Hook School. First, I cover the Sun’s conjunction to the Galactic Core, as well as the details about the Mayan calendar that raise the question of whether we’re at the end of the piktun or not. In other words, how important is Friday’s turnover, to date And does Saturday begin a new cycle entirely (, or do we totally reset and start over at This is about the Mayan long count that ‘ends’ on Friday morning.

The diagram above is a similar concept; it involves time pulses, which begin with a 16 billion year pulse and end in a short one. By either account we are off the map, or soon to be. I try to read some figures from the above diagram during the program but I keep messing up, so I’ve included the thing so you can see it for yourself.

Then, I comment on the chart of Friday’s shooting and account for why the thing looks like it supports every conspiracy theory in existence. The chart is included in this article on Planet Waves called Connecting Cause and Effect.

Here is that article by Shelley Ackerman on the discovery of the Galactic Center. Here is a panel of photos of many kinds of galaxies, with ours on the bottom right; this is the 2007 annual edition called The Spiral Door (anyone can dive in and read).

My musical guest is Renee Blue O’Connell, with one selection from the Grateful Dead.

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Eric Francis

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9 thoughts on “Planet Waves FM :: In This Last Week of the Mayan Cycle

  1. Hi Patty,

    I was responding to a question Eric posed in the podcast about the US in particular, and the theory posited is my own. And I suppose that in any culture, when the capacity for genuine and deep introspection is lost as a cultural value, people within that culture lose connection with their souls and become lost in the quagmire of self-centeredness and delusion. It seems to be part of the spiritual challenge of being human. And I say this because in my own life the real positive growth and healing I have experienced has come from various forms of deep introspection, and reconnecting with my soul.

    I would like to say something about Indian culture, specific to North America, having had some contact with the descendants of the original inhabitants. What we know of their cultures is primarily post-contact, after their populations were decimated by imported diseases, and after population displacements by European invaders. And we must also see that each Tribe had unique characteristics, affiliations with some neighboring Tribes and difficult relations with others nearby.

    Happy Holy Days.

  2. I dreamed last night about all the mass killings being atonement for past life massacres. What is different this time, is no-one seems to be directing anger at the killer. All of a sudden, we know that Adam is us. We are Adam. How ironic is it that his name is Adam? We seem to be rising to a new level of self-forgiveness of all past sins.

    Chief, why was the Indian culture so violent? Why was Germany so violent? Why did Japan want to dominate the world? Why did Mao and Stalin kill their own people – millions of them? Forgiveness isn’t about the USA in particular.

  3. Eric- right your are, I was writing from memory, I’ll have to check my inner RAM. But the point remains that the Mayans built the precession into their calendar.

  4. Chief, it’s one degree every 72 or so years.

    72 years x 360 degrees = 25,920 years.

    One degree in an approximate human life span. This accounts for the movement of the cardinal points against the backdrop of the stars, and hence the fixed starts and deep space points.

  5. Hey Eric,

    The Mayans knew about the precession of the Equinox’s, and they left us an important clue. The precession moves 1 arc minute every 72 years, it basically requires an entire human lifetime (give or take) to view this small shift. Human myths from around the world often embed this information using the number 72, or multiples of 72, sometimes with lots of zeros added to the end. The baktun is 144,000 days, this is a precessional number: 72 x 2 = 144 (with 3 added zeros), built into a calendar that lasts for 1/5 of the cycle of the precession.

    The info about precessional numbers comes from “Fingerprints of the Gods” by Graham Hancock, a book that covers this stuff in conjunct with lot’s of info about ancient civilizations that have amazing technology and possibly came from “Atlantis.” (One of your favorite topics). Hancock in turn gets much of the precessional and myth info from a book called “Hamlet’s Mill.”

    Also: why is our culture so violent? Lack of self-reflection and deep personal inquiry/healing. Supported by a predominant religious story that requires zero self-reflection, someone died 2000 years ago so you are absolved for your current day atrocious behavior (aka. ‘sin’), as reported to us in a book filled with stories of murder carried out in a justified manner by the mythological supreme deity. The fundamental message of this mythos is that if god is on your side (h/t Bob Dylan) your violent behavior is fine. Despite the First Commandment- “Don’t kill anybody.” The inherent schizophrenia and in-built Shadow of this tradition literally make people within the culture stone crazy.

    Thanks as always for digging deep in the astrological realities of our current day.


  6. Eric,

    Thank you again for an excellent program and for passing along your knowledge and the understanding of the Mayan Cycle. I could not grip it all, but your points that did touch down are impressionable. Not to mention Rene’s music talent and lyrics…amazingly moving.

    I am curious why there was not a subject heading given to this time, Step 9 -The Universal Cycle. Was it because it was to be the end? It is my belief the calendar would start over. At the Cellular level, Action/Reaction it seems a fitting time to now, as in its definition alone (and coincidentally the current study in my son’s science test today!).

    “The cell is the basic structural and functional unit of all known living organisms. It is the smallest unit of life that is classified as a living thing…and is often called the building block of life.”

    Seems our psyche, culture, and society, USA; the world needs rebuilding from the ground up, inside out. And structurally changing our perceptions in affecting our Action/Reaction is literally our only ‘portal’ through this door.

    “The quality of consciousness out near the periphery where we are is probably characterized by great speed, distance, and rapid surface-level change. The quality of consciousness near the center is likely great stillness, depth, and intense focus.

    In thinking the other day about this Mayan cycle speed up relative to our current frame of mind, I realized perhaps in our contemplating this great stillness, peace that we all say we work towards and want to attain, may in fact be what actually keeps most of us away.

    We are so programmed to keep moving to exceed, more and more attachment is pulling from attaining this place of peace and also foreign in feeling is then driven farther away. Even as we find ourselves so close now, attainable to core – the abyss (as you say) it may feel uncomfortable (even alien), as never having felt this stillness, peace before. I am keeping my awareness open to this new feeling, this week.

  7. E.T. phone home!

    And this whole Mayan thing is really confusing. And I just can’t help but think a group of men sat around thinking how to revive the calendar and mess us up into further subjugation. I prefer to think outside of time and space if I want to consider my true spirituality.

  8. Everything we know about the way the universe works suggests that time itself begins to slow down as you approach a large center of gravity. Now this is in a relative sense, rather than an absolute sense. So you wouldn’t notice any changes (other than the night sky getting brighter) in the exterior world. But I suspect that the slowing down effect would manifest unconsciously.

    Imagine what it would be like for consciousness itself to slow down. Think about how quickly ideas, feelings, and thoughts pass through normal conscious awareness — consciousness out here on the edge has a kind of fleeting quality. I imagine that if we moved toward the center, that fleeting quality would slow down. It would be kind of like what the Buddhist monks do in a deep meditative state, except that it would be instantly accessible. In fact, the state of consciousness those monks reach might seem fleeting in comparison to what consciousness would be like much closer in to the center of our galaxy.

    The quality of consciousness out near the periphery where we are is probably characterized by great speed, distance, and rapid surface-level change. The quality of consciousness near the center is likely great stillness, depth, and intense focus. As appealing as that might seem to us, I bet there are those living near the center who envy what we have. The grass is always greener on the other side (of the galaxy).

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