Special Edition Audio: Chiron in Pisces

Good morning, cousins!

Today in addition to Daily Astrology by Len Wallick (posted below) we have a special edition audio for you, focusing on Chiron in Pisces.

This transit begins at a little before 3 pm today, and continues till 2018-2019. It’s the next in a series of events that take us beyond the 2012 era, well past the ‘foreseeable future’. We briefly experienced Chiron in Pisces for about 90 days last year from April 20 to July 20. This is the last ingress to Pisces; there are no more retrogrades back into Aquarius.

Today’s extended audio lasts about 35 minutes and covers the three basic levels of Chiron in Pisces: the ecology of water, the emotional level, the spiritual or numinous dimension.

We have a special written edition as well, compiling my past writing on Chiron in Pisces.

Here is the presentation in the old payer. The new player is the nifty gray icon below. Enjoy.

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Eric Francis

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  1. Exactly, “Physician, heal thyself,” is a revealing statement. Holding out healing for others without having walked the path yourself generally shows up eventually in a lack of effectiveness and staying power in the healing practice. I tend not to enjoy massages as much when my masseuse smells of cigarette smoke and talks of stress and personal problems.

  2. Since my Ascendant is 1 Pisces 44, I started a body journal today, noting not just physical symptoms, but mental and emotional triggers causing them. Also noting the day’s exercise, sleep patterns and dreams.

    I’m including all the messages that come to me through clairvoyance and clairaudience, since I’ve become used to — after 5 years of Chiron in Aqua — the high microwave tower Chiron has set up over my receptor body.

    Want to practice transmitting – dancing, writing, and emitting emotional and thought waves.

  3. dream image at Chryon into Pisces was: Three weathered men in dirty overalls standing rigidly in a row beside their old truck full of dirt and pieces of broken plants. Their faces showed no pride nor remorse for what they were or have done (with their lives), nor did they show any emotion toward what they were facing; (which was) a divine feminine in the process of redefinition.

  4. Part of being a healer involves being close to your own healing process.

    I object to ‘wounded healer’ as a meme. It’s a meaningless catch phrase. We all have suffered injuries; how we relate to them is another story, and a healer has a healthy relationship to what has happened in the past. A healer is not a woundologist.

  5. Thanks Eric, I listened to the audio and read Advent: Chiron in Pisces. I wanted to respond more directly to the article, but couldn’t find a way to comment so I guess it’s appropriate to do that here. I must be a daughter of Chiron; I wonder, not being a pro by any means at astrology and don’t know my ascendant from a hole in the wall. But when I get time I do plan to explore all that in more depth, if only to learn how to talk dirty in astrology. One of my favorite things to do is to learn enough about a discipline to talk dirty in it. When my hubby was into astronomy I would tempt him away by inviting him to caress my ‘globular clusters’ and explore my ‘black hole.’ Then when he got into computers years ago when they were clunky and new all I wanted him to do was ‘log on.’ I think I even came up with some nice fishing innuendos. But I digress.

    I like the image of a wounded healer because don’t we all need a healer who knows how it feels to be wounded? And shedding illusions will be essential in saving the planet and ourselves along with it. Chiron has brought me through denial and illusion into ever more reality and, the funny thing is, faith along with it. Reality, I mean. I can feel pretty dark and hopeless at times, but the more I share my true and deepest thoughts and feelings the lighter I am beginning to feel.

    I wrote this informal ‘bio’ recently for a poetry anthology that one of my poems may be published in that sounds kind of Chironic. I think it expresses some of the pain involved in the healing process: “Itchin’ to write, to scrape the painfully unexpressed off internal organs and lay it out in fresh air and sunshine to heal, where sharing fractionates pain. Scrubbing out the last of my angst cabinets to fill with love and light, to live, a worker among workers, a friend among friends.”

  6. Wow Amanda, realigned at the exact same time? Good one! I think the ingress was around the time of our appointments — 3pm EST.

  7. shebear —
    funny, i was also having a chiropractic adjustment somewhere between 2:30 – 3:00 (what was the exact time of the ingress? i’m drawing a blank).

    between that and the odd dreams overnight, i’m hoping this is a good sign for a slightly more easeful (or at least aware) working with chiron in its new home.

  8. pam —

    whether using the search field here on the site or google, you should be able to find it by typing the title “Special Edition Audio: Chiron in Pisces” in quotes.

    if you’re searching google & don’t quite get the whole title, using eric’s name in the search too should help.

    oh — and so happy you had a good laugh at that, too! we don’t realize how much we need uncontrollable laughter once in a while until it hits us.

  9. A beautiful podcast Eric, as only a fishie like yourself could produce! Thank you.

    I know now that Chiron has been a constant dynamic in my life but only lately, since coming out of my Chiron return do I feel like I understand its energy and how important it is now, at this juncture, for me to make it my companion and not my foe in everything I do. I am done running from Chiron’s pain filled lessons in one regard by virtue of the fact that it seemed *determined* to be always in the picture and simply wouldn’t let up. By learning to ground myself, now I get to channel its desire for a deeper embracing and awareness of self. I used to get thrown out to some very choppy seas to chart new waters all the time, but I’m sensing that I’ve endured some form of an initiation period — yayz — and have developed a *knowing* that now there is a safe harbour for me to come home to where I can reflect, regroup and replenish for the next trip.

    Sadly I am currently experiencing some very choppy seas right now, with a close family member quite ill and facing surgery but as I navigate this episode I recognize something has shifted in me and I am reacting to this situation in a whole new light. In doing so, I have connected with *another* family member from the generation below me and through several emails these past few days, we’ve found a great connection that is fostering support for one another and my joy is immeasurable.

    The connection starts out with our focusing on the one who is ill, but then it seems to urge a much deeper healing within my family as it extends out then to include both of us who are emailing each other, on back then to include a parent and further on back to a grandparent. I am captivated by how this is unfolding, never having had any sense that facing the fallout of this illness could be this profound. Chiron in Pisces has already hit the water in my family it feels. I do believe that all we do need is love and that call to love mustn’t ever become a cliche. As John Lennon says at the end of the vid, love has to be put into action for it to become real and healing.

    This afternoon I am actually scheduled to have a chiropractic treatment at the very same time of the ingress! It is with someone I regard as a true healer in every sense of the word. I love this person to bits. It’s interesting to learn here that there were earlier discoveries of Chiron, long before 1977, and I would put the “capturing” of its image in the same year as the discovery/invention of this particular healing practice and say that the timing works for me. Chiropractic’s careful process of tweaking of the skeleton (Saturn) over a gradual period of time allowing the slow release of the blocked energy of the nervous system (Uranus?) really affords a deep and sustained healing. If one really gives over to the manipulations of a skilled chiropractor and trusts the process, amazing fundamental shifts do take place.

    Perhaps now we all get to evolve further and become our own spiritual chiropractors, patiently tweaking and adjusting, trusting and believing that by dialling back our fears we get to emit a powerful healing force from within us that reaches far out into our immediate world and beyond.


  10. Thank you for this exquisite blow by blow … as though we are watching Chiron midwifing the new watery era … will we finally learn to go with the flow? All the way through your audio I was thinking … MINDFULNESS is the key, for everyone, to consciously take ownership over our own unconscious choosing that mostly runs each of our lives … and then there it was at the end. BRAVO Eric. Attuned, and listening. Watching and breathing. Awake and aware, and so very happy for the company.

  11. Linking in in a tangible way to chiron.

    Eric is there a way to find these radio casts easily – in a few days and weeks this is going to be hard to find…

    In the water in crisis dimension – the west defecates in drinking (quality) water (few in dry toilets) and the third world drink contaminated water.
    Thinking about simplicity/authenticity – The one straw revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka, Ishi in Two worlds (A L Kroeber), Laurens van der Post’s books about bushmen, or his novels A story like the wind and a Far off Place, a bit flowery sometimes.

    Emotional dimension – cleaning and awareness, Clean by Alejandro Junger and ayurvedic massages – perhaps especially the abhyanga for body integration and awareness

    Spiritual awareness – also the collective unconscious throwing up stuff too, or access to it

    When you said about neptune in aquarius and lying, my experience has been more to come to not expect to be heard or believed – the last five years lessening

    With guns can it be also excitement about having power – that macho dirty harry thing

    Thank you Eric. lots to chew over

    And thank you to Jere yesterday. Loved the moon joke and the boats of doom website – good to laugh hard like that

  12. Unless there is some traditional aspect that I’m missing, even Sally Brompton is writing about Chiron — from today’s Taurus

    If you are the kind of Taurus who gets involved in causes to make the world a better place you will enjoy yourself immensely today. If you are not that kind of Taurus then maybe it’s time you became one!

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    From today’s Pisces:

    Every thought you have affects what happens to you in the future. Your mind really does create your reality. Think about that for a while, then resolve to be more positive in your outlook. Any day can be a new beginning.

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  13. Posted to the Astrology Bloggers forum on Facebook.

    Cousins, Critters, Colleagues:

    A bit later today, Chiron ingresses Pisces, where it remains till it begins transitioning out in 2018-2019. We had a brief 90-day warm-up spell last year which arrived with one of the biggest news events involving water in many, many years.

    Since Chiron’s discovery in 1977 there have been more than 75 centaur planets discovered orbiting our Sun (I have lost count), but the conversation about Chiron has become eerily quiet. Sometimes I’m astonished how you can hear a tissue fall to the floor, when the times we’re living through are so centaurish: edgy, as in living on the edge of some new reality every day, with disciplines and themes overlapping and process of healing and the festering of injury going on as dominant themes of so many lives. Health care is one of the great issues of our day — in terms of the desperate need for reform, the injuries sustained by the medical process and the certified miracles that science has wrought.

    Astronomically, the centaur class of planets is defined mainly because of its orbit-crossing tendency; despite their composition or size that is what they have in common. For asteroid fans, a truly centaur-like asteroid is Hidalgo.

    Here is an interesting little fact about Chiron. After the discovery, the astronomical records were checked for what are now called precovery photos — images of Chiron prior to the discovery, where its existence was not acknowledged. The first was in 1895, the same year that D.D. Palmer discovered/invented chiropractic, a holistic art form he named after Chiron, “the one who has hands.” A Virgo client of mine who is a chiropractor, Dr. Angelo Castello, once dug out an old chiropractic text and showed me the entry on “Asklepian manipulation,” which is essentially an old form of chiropractic, named for the god of medicine who was himself instructed by Chiron (who was in turn a student of Apollo, his step father).

    In Greek, the word Chiron means ‘one who has hands’, though according to Robert von Heeren, explaining what he learned from his co-author and Greek scholar/translator Dieter Koch, the root for the word Chiron predates ancient Greek and seems to come out of some other unknown language — as does the word Pholus, the second centaur.

    Like chiropractic and like other methods of healing, Chiron is best applied by techniques, not simply read in the chart. Today in honor of Chiron I would love to host a discussions about what you’ve learned from this planet, with an eye toward providing inexperienced astrologers good information and dispelling modern skewed myths about its interpretation. Amanda Painter on my staff researched my prior articles on Chiron in Pisces, and I did a special edition audio last night with an ear toward filling in some blanks for professionals, students and punters. We’ve included two introductory articles, including one on technique called When Astrology Listens originally published in a European professional journal. I hope you find this resource useful and I would love to hear and reflect on your themes of Chiron and Chiron in Pisces. For those who are blogging about this, I would love to read what you’re saying. Please include those posts here.

    We are in a moment of astrology.

    Offered in service,

    Eric Francis


  14. Eric
    what are some of your thoughts on Chiron’s rulership over Virgo – as per Barbara Hand Clow – or will you touch on this subject over the course of the next 8yrs?

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