Boston continued, and this week’s lunar eclipse in Scorpio

Visit the Planet Waves FM archive at this link.
Visit the Planet Waves FM archive at this link.

Dear Friend and Reader:

Here’s your new edition of Planet Waves FM, in which I question how it’s possible that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is going to be represented by the public defender. He needs a real attorney, and if he cannot get one in Boston, that may be suggesting he cannot get a fair trial — since a fair trial depends in part on competent legal counsel.

My musical guest is once again Jimmy Be Free, who I met in the Portland Airport last week. He’s a brilliant violinist, composer and singer. I play two different pieces this week, one called “The River” and the other called “Fragile.”

I’ll have additional coverage of both Boston and the coming series of eclipses in Friday’s member edition of Planet Waves, which comes with the extended readings for May.

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18 thoughts on “Boston continued, and this week’s lunar eclipse in Scorpio”

  1. also, I must add that I truly admire your focus on the alleged bomber’s rights. I am not there but know it’s where I’m headed. ACLU is so politically incorrect these days, but I salute you and all those who support our system so rigorously.


  2. Eric,
    Watching a kids soccer game, everyone going for the ball, reminded me so much of TV news. In the quest to get the missing piece of the puzzle first, it seemed truth lost its relevance. Yes, there’s all kinds of facts for sure. What ends up spilling out in the early stages of an event isn’t what one comes to know ultimately as truth.

    Might be a good time to turn off the tube. Reporting within the cycle sounds very unsteady and untrue. I think a good goal is to be last with such news.


  3. Some great observations there, Eric. Since the advent of the visual mass media and subsequently the Web, it has become the case that ‘reality’ is first and foremost a construct that is essentially inculcated via apparatus.. where formerly, the unification of conscious on a mass scale was not available for either good or ill. People neglect to be conscious of that shift and its huge significance. People must now choose and make effort to live outside the core construct. There IS life outside the construct (The Matrix, if you like) but that must be consciously embraced. Once the media is defining significance of happenings (by which I mean mainstream media, rather than the twitterati) participants of those storied worlds begin, in some senses, to inhabit a huge agenda. The definition of what constitutes “news”, by which I mean the power of definition, directs human focus toward what is deemed by a power base to be significant.

    Living outside The Matrix will mean acknowledging that the whole game is precisely that, a manipulated construct. When people long for authenticity and seek to find it they must become the focus of the news within and around their own life. That is not denial of global issues outside the personal and local but the basis of good grounding and healthy priorities. It is those issues of universal significance to real people with parochial considerations that will be real news we all can relate to.. rather than an agenda set by the construct oligarchs who seek to control through propagating fear and the attendant reactivity.

    There is much at stake. Just enough awareness is what is required and then a healthy and selective response. The notion that there is scope to seek asylum from state intimidation and bullying is a filip, notwithstanding the practicalities. Thank goddess there are alternatives to imagine eh!

  4. I don’t see where leaving the country in response to a perceived danger is effective or healthy, but you’re talking to someone who came back from Europe to be among my neighbors if the shit hit the fan. (It’s also very difficult to live outside one’s own country for an extended period, in a way that is difficult to envision when you leave.)

    That said, I think we need to learn discernment and media literacy, among other things. We are in an entirely new media environment, and it seems to be something that nobody would have envisioned 10 years or even five years ago.

    And, with that said, the search for truth remains an inner quest, and I would not want to be involved as a reporter or astrologer were that not true for me.

  5. Re: emigrate: My friends in Belgium, Canada, Germany, and Norway tell me their countries really don’t want an influx of Americans because that might change the culture too much and they really don’t want to turn into us. At least that’s what they have been telling me since 9/11. They are not spokes persons for their governments or cultures any more than I am for mine. More like “word on the street” maybe.

  6. Basic psychology Eric, that is what! Awareness requires some focus of attention and hypnosis requires complete focus of attention.. true awareness is a broad spectrum phenomenon. There is a clear distinction to be made between investigation and fixation. You may have awareness of that boundary but there is a tipping point.. Maybe you think that swimming around in a goldfish bowl is good for people.. but somehow I doubt that! Knowing when to put an issue down is a life skill requiring discernment and a measure of detachment.. so yes, emigrate may be the prudent path.. it is a big world out there and this means people have options.. nice to be aware of those.. 😉

  7. Mary, there are many levels of facts. One level is, are the reported stories consistent? But we have MANY primary source — eyewitness — accounts, and with computers we have the ability to scan much more than we ever have before. This is not being there, but we do actually have the ability to review many, many points of view and contrast them, and there is a lot that can be learned from that. This requires one thing, however — media literacy. That is sorely lacking.

    What I am saying is precisely that the facts we have been given as a coherent account conflict with certain other known facts. Compared to this, Newtown was neat and tidy.

  8. dear eric,

    you are assuming way too many facts that are simply culled from various news media … I mean, I know you want to start with something here … but this is a real problem, this rushing to judgment not just of the alleged bomber but of the entire scene. In the fog of war, any military enterprise, there is due to be all kinds of stuff that goes wrong, no question. It is very important to have us all involved in questioning our lawmen at all times, but I’m going to assume you just don’t have the facts … because really how could you?

    As for his future defense, other law firms will assist pro-bono in cases such as these … though, as you say, many of the top dogs, so to speak, are from Boston and wailing from the outrageous acts to their hometown. Have you ever thought you might want to throw in with the ACLU??


  9. Thank you so much for this. The situation in Boston has been driving me crazy because I don’t feel comfortable with the mainstream media story or the conspiracy theory sites. Mostly I am curious as to why I’m being shown tons of very visceral, graphic photos without any hard evidence, and I’m being told by people like Deval Patrick that Suspect 2’s reaction to the bomb was in fact “chilling” which makes him the obvious bomber yet even he admits he has not viewed the video himself.

    It is more chilling to me that so many people are crying death penalty without having all of the information, that there’s talk that it is always “the nice ones” that snap, that we have to be prepared for terrorists in our schools and neighborhoods blending in as normal people. I’m just not prepared to lose faith in humanity or choose an admittedly flawed government over my neighbors. Now that Dzhokhar has allegedly confessed, I’m perhaps even more conflicted and losing confidence that we’ll ever really know the whole story. Either way, I’ll definitely be reading my news with a much more critical eye from now on.

  10. Thanks for another great, stimulating PW FM dear Eric. For many of us our energy is drained, constantly, 24/7, and not just by these terrible, dramatic events. But I think it’s really important to cultivate awareness of what drains our energy, acknowledging and recognising it helps us to find balance, and maybe helps others too.
    Thank you for more Jimmy Be Free. I particularly love the violin pieces, which remind me of my favourite irish music.

  11. Something else did happen as a result of the Boston Marathon. Due to
    technology people were following and influencing events energetically
    in realtime as they texted and tweeted on a mass and quantum level. That
    was not the case with 9/11 where a few people caught something on film
    that was played back after the fact. Energies were all flowing together in
    Boston which could account for the varied stories that are sweeping across
    the internet like the older brother was run over by his sibling as he was trying
    to escape and then we see photos of the naked older brother handcuffed and
    getting into a police car. Chaos, really. Same principle as Dr. Emoto with
    water only the other end of the spectrum and engaging our unconscious fear.

  12. It really does not matter what the ‘truth’ is here. You may believe it does. It doesn’t. That’s because the Whodunnit? is a popular fictional motif. The ‘true facts’ are just one option of many in the fictive scenario – put your money on black or red. But there is no payout, however much you feel you stake or do actually do invest.

    Depart the whole charade or be a character in a soap opera. Better still, if you can, emigrate. I would recommend Scandinavia or perhaps The Netherlands. You cannot use the master’s tools to dismantle the master’s house. The whole thing is infected with drama and impotence!

  13. On “false flag” patrol, the word that seems to be coming out is that the FBI knew about Tamelin — I’m hearing that Napoletano (DNS) knew, and the FBI knew — is like the “bush knew” cover story for 9/11. It creates a plausible, repugnant version of events that can serve to cover something more problematic.

    Part of the problem the way the debate/discussion is structured is that the moment one doubts the official version of events, one becomes a “conspiracy theorist,” immediately subject to labeling as such. That is a difficult problem because it creates a social pressure to conform to one version of what happened, to accept that posture, and to twist it around until it seems to fit rationality.

    In any event, someone did this; it may have been multiple scenarios operating at once (there may have been a bomb realtime drill underway that was planned with non-armed bombs [or substances impregnated with the scent of explosives] the dogs were supposed to find, and crowd control tested, but live bombs were used in place); and we could theorize that someone did it for an agenda that will be seen as proportional with the result.

    One result is the guarantee of certain federal budgets.

    Sequestration is underway. Post 9/11 “security” agencies and their contractors have seen their budgets bloat disproportionately and I do mean ridiculously, and a lot of people are on the take (check the wealth levels in zip codes where the lords and ladies of national security live in Virginia), they want their jobs and contracts, etc. This is money on a scale we just don’t know. Feds are furloughing air controllers this week, which is even more absurd. These agencies/contractors want their budgets. They are now guaranteed, however this happened.

    Second, regardless of how this happened, there is an additional agenda of maximum control. PATRIOT was not necessary post 9/11; it didn’t achieve anything (except move billions into the hands of tyrants, get all our email and phone calls recorded, etc). That control agenda continues. Once it gets started, which it did a long time ago, it rages like a fire.

    Finally, events like this historically have been used to start wars. That, we have to watch. All the X-factors could be filled in many ways at this point. They could just say Ah! Iran did it.

  14. I’ve been listening to many of the discussion about this event and am trying to keep an open mind as to what this moment is all about. Setting the metaphysical discussions aside for a moment, it is entirely possible that this was simply just as it appears to be – in terms of who did what. Instead of hinting at conspiracy theories, could it not be that the Neptune placement in the 7th might also be read as a reminder that what could driving the motivation for this event is simply the overwhelmingly delusional state of the two brothers? While I work hard to keep an open mind about this event, I also can accept the possibility that this is simply what it appears to be: A pair of brothers, the eldest one having slipped into a dark place due to a multitude of pressures without balancing supports, and the younger one getting caught up in his older siblings machinations out of a sense of loyalty and devotion. If this turns out to be the case it becomes very clear that they were untrained amateurs. Perhaps all the lack of planning, hats on backwards, no escape plan, etc are just evidence that they were so far under a Neptunian spell of some kind that they either imagined themselves as invincible (delusions of grandeur) or were just very naive, which also fits the chart.

    If this were the case then the ineffectiveness of the police also makes some sense… the authorities were imagining some super-sophisticated international terrorist operation was unfolding (because that is what they train for) when really it may turn out to have been just two brothers doing something really, really stupid…and shameful. Simple stuff is so easy to overlook when you’re imagining the worst. Could the police ever admit to being foiled by an adversary so unsophisticated? Could it not be that the spin we are seeing now is an effort by the police to justify their extreme response because in their job they are required to plan for and imagine the worst, but in this case, it was the actual lack of sophistication that let the perps slip the net albeit for just a few days? Perhaps these boys really were just not very good at thinking things thru because they were indeed acting alone and on impulse with no military experience or guidance from any organization. An Occam’s razor view but there is it.

    I’m not saying that this is not a false-flag event but the simple scenario should not be ruled out. While the suffering and loss experienced by the victims and their families is indeed very real, it could have been brought on simply by two guys who were effective at causing horrible trauma but evidently pretty pathetic when it came to planning the many other details of a crime of this magnitude and we just have a hard time believing anyone could be so bad yet so dumb. But young people do stupid things all the time… they hurt themselves and each other and often have no real capacity for empathy or ability to comprehend realistic consequences of their actions. Maybe this is just an extreme example with a dark root due to the self-induced jihad brain-washing coupled with our dysfunctional societal addiction to violence.

    I’ve seen young men get into blood lust spaces, and yes, it does seem to be the male brain with its incredible ability to focus on one thing to the exclusion of all else that seems more prone to this phenomenon. There is something that happens to the brain when it gets into this fugue state… the amygdala takes over and thinking capacity becomes very diminished and very primitive. Reason and logic are not even on the radar at all…just the lust for blood and power is all that exists and the more one imagines the horror the more one wants it to be unleashed. The self-aggrandizement and glory in these delusions can be incredibly addictive and overwhelming, especially to vulnerable young people who feel marginalized. I find it possible to believe that the lust for blood and the hunger to feel powerful and FEARED (both very low-end Mars/Scorpio impulses) could possibly be at the root of what was really motivating this event. The question is, if this turns out to be the truth, could be believe it and accept it?

  15. from what i understand, one benefit to trying him in massachusetts is that there is no death penalty in that state.

    but that may be cold comfort…

  16. Eric, I’m so grateful to have somewhere to go where I can listen to intelligent, articulate uncensored continuing discussion of the Boston et al ‘situation’.

    And thank you for playing Jimmy Be Free again this week – soothing to my soul after listening to said discussion. (as you say; energy draining event.)

    Jimmy – Thank you. I’m glad Eric met you and introduced you to us!

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