The Boston Marathon and our Culture of War

Visit the Planet Waves FM archive at this link.
Visit the Planet Waves FM archive at this link.

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Here’s your new edition of Planet Waves FM. In this edition, I provide a careful analysis of the chart for the bombing of the Boston Marathon on Monday. I do this without jargon — explaining the astrology in human terms, and looking at things that are out of view of investigators and mainstream journalists.

Violinist Jimmy Be Free.
Violinist Jimmy Be Free.

My musical guest is Jimmy Be Free, who I met in Portland Airport Monday. He’s a brilliant violinist, composer and singer. You can pick randomly from his music — it’s all beautiful.

If you would like to see the charts I’ve been reviewing associated with the Boston Marathon, here is a Zip file of the charts. They are worth a look.

We are developing full coverage of this week’s events in Friday’s edition of Planet Waves, along with my weekly interpretations for all the signs and rising signs.

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6 thoughts on “The Boston Marathon and our Culture of War”

  1. update: The third casualty was identified Tuesday as Lu Lingzi, a Chinese national attending graduate school at Boston University.

  2. druidclark — the third victim is not a suspect. she was a chinese student studying at boston university, and her parents asked that her name not be released.

    this is pretty common when traumatic deaths hit the media — not all families want the media attention as they’re dealing with the shock and grief.

    i think when we’re all shocked like this by sudden violence, it’s easy to start speculating.

    this article has some great points about when our brains do in situations like this, and how our need to fill in the blanks can work against us in the immediate aftermath of a very scary or shocking event:

  3. On his radio show yesterday, Mike Harris briefly addressed the bombing in Boston and stated that there is evidence that the video footage was already altered before it hit the news and that there is a distinct possibility that this was an inside job to protect Homeland Security and their budget. Harris writes for Veterans Today and ran for governor of the state of Arizona.

  4. Does it seem strange that the third person who died has not been identified? I wonder if that person will be labeled the perp, either true or not.

  5. Fascinating podcast and very interesting comment here by astrodem.

    My first thought about the idea that our culture seems to exist from crisis to crisis is that it’s a hallmark of addiction. It’s a way to both feel alive and to numb out/distract ourselves.

    We’re so addled and/or numbed by our addictive behaviors and habits that it takes a shock for us to feel anything. When the shock wears off we more or less end up in withdrawal until the next “hit”. We crave/co-create the crisis.

    The numbing I mentioned is numbing from our own feelings, self-responsibility, and power. The crisis is a distraction (and a welcome one if we’re afraid of being fully alive in the here and now). The crisis also stokes the fears we experience and keeps us in – as astrodem writes – a state of child-like dependence.

    To take this idea further, on some level we might want things this way — it’s what we know and it’s how we navigate the world. Think of being in an abusive relationship and why people have a hard time leaving it. Aside from the fear of retribution, there’s something else keeping the “victim” there — there’s something in it for both parties. I don’t mean this in a judgmental way. I think there are some neurochemical factors as part of the explanation of why people remain in abusive relationships.

    Ok, I’m really thinking through this very roughly here, so I’m not sure if it all lines up. But there’s something about this idea that resonates for me as a layer or piece of what’s going on. Could just be the lens I’m looking through. I’m interested to hear what others think.

    BTW, I love the music and just ordered 3 of Jimmy’s albums. 🙂

  6. Actually the repetitive acute crisis phenomenon is designed to break people. It’s designed to render the masses disoriented, helpless, powerless, and shock them into a state of child-like dependence. See Naomi Klein’s “The Shock Doctrine.” I think you were kind of alluding to this. Some of these crises are manufactured, some of them are consciously allowed to happen, some of them are consequences of bad policy, and some of them are just unfortunate accidents. But you are right that there are people who want them and want more of them because it serves their goals.

    I would add one comment to your analysis of the perpetrator(s). Whoever did this was targeting people, not a government or law enforcement authorities. If their ultimate enemy is a government or an authority, then this was an unambiguous signal that that they see ordinary people as complicit in the acts of government. Either way, this was an attack on PEOPLE.

    I know from my own study of terrorism psychology that terrorists who target regular people almost always understand their own violent actions as acts of collective punishment. They see the general public as being complicit in some thing they deem as evil, corrupt, or deceptive. Note that Orcus, the punisher of liars, is conjunct the ascendant of the bombing chart to within 2 arc minutes. Also, the closest significant point to Mercury other than the 8th House cusp is Heracles, a rather famous mythological figure who was repeatedly punished.

    On a whim I plugged in the asteroid Marathon. I do not know what this means, but the asteroid Marathon (4356) is conjunct the ARMC or the Meridian by exactly 15 arc minutes. Kassandra is also about a degree away.

    Hope this link works. If not, email me.

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