Aries New Moon, Thatcher & Kim Jong Un’s Nuclear Chart

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6 thoughts on “Aries New Moon, Thatcher & Kim Jong Un’s Nuclear Chart”

  1. A Brit friend of mine posted this on facebook a few days ago:

    During a private conversation in the spring of 2010 the Baroness Thatcher reportedly expressed feeling “bottomless sorrow” for her influence on global culture, and “overwhelming gratitude” at her acquaintance with LSD at the age of 84.
    She chose to take the drug as part of a private treatment programme for the management of dementia having developed an interest in it while campaigning for mental health services for ex-servicemen.
    “LSD has changed my perspective on many things,” she is said to have stated, “I thought I understood the whole dependency thing between individuals, but actually had only seen this in a needy way before. My recent experience enabled me to appreciate the interconnectedness of everyone and everything in a altogether new way, how each of us shapes the nature of everything, for ourselves and for each other.
    “I feel immense regret for the cultural legacy I have left behind. I see now that I viewed prosperity and politics from a narrow window, and though this had its comforts I was missing such essential values that are vital for the well being and exaltation of life. My hope now is that the world moves beyond the motivational forces of the previous three decades, which I’m sad to say I may have significantly contributed towards. There is such beauty in the world I had not seen before. It overrides the drive for centralised economic power, dissolves selfish reasons for going to war and brings to light truly collective means of organising society. Indeed, in general, there is a brilliance beyond reason.”
    Though a transcript of the interview was consented to the recordings themselves have been deemed too sensitive for current release. The Baroness was said to feel ambivalent about this.

  2. As a Brit – well a Londoner – and a Libran, allow me to add what I hope is some balance to the discussions on Thatcher. Yes many hated her and her legacy..I felt a huge elation to hear of her passing and then quite strange that I should feel that strongly. I can remember as a young adult, being in a very responsible work situation and yet in my fantasy world I would work out how I could assassinate her because she provoked such rage and destructiveness in me.

    The problem is a lot of people loved her..poor people who she ‘liberated’ to be able to buy their own council houses ( publicly owned social housing ) people who were ‘free’ to buy shares in the public utilities sold off by her, and those who felt Britain had lost its way post Empire and post 60s revolution. She gave all these people a sense of worth and pride.
    She never lost an election…it was her colleagues who gave her the boot, not the British people
    Since her death many have spoken of her personal kindness to them.

    Given the discussion of Eris earlier in the week I checked out her natal position. It is 0 degrees Aries ( widely, maybe too wide for some ) opposing her Mars in Libra. Eris is in the 4th.
    I think whole swathes of Brits picked up the projected Eris.
    Also she had a Scorpio Saturn conj Saturn a timely passing

    New Labour was Tony Blair’s reform of the Labour Party which weakened the power of the Trade Union movement and made it a politically acceptable centre left party to the electorate.

  3. All comments are posted with love and light and with the intention to help you make your case. By remembering an explaining Thatcher, you are remembering and explaining the second, less well known conservative revolution.

  4. Also Thatcher wasn’t ahead of neo-conservatism. My research has shown that neo-conservatism actually came to the US Congress starting in 1977. At least in the United States, corporations started getting politically organized in the early 1970s. The first real results started showing up in late 1977 when they were able to block things in Congress that labor wanted. By 1978, organized corporate power started achieving real victories in their own right.

    I think this all started sometime in the early 1970s or the late 1960s. There were two revolutions that occurred then: one on the left and one on the right. Both were motivated by Boomers entering the electorate but inaugurated by members of the Silent Generation. But only the left’s social/cultural revolution is remembered in the popular imagination.

  5. I see the North Korea situation as a kind of mental health issue writ large, writ global even. Suppose the dictatorship were to disappear overnight. What would become of the North Korean people? Those who have escaped from North Korea are totally unable to function in the modern world.

    I’m not saying this relieves us of an obligation to them. But we need to understand what we’re dealing with. This isn’t just a failed state. It’s a people that have been made failed. North Korea is a mass mental health issue as much as it is anything else.

  6. Message via Facebook —

    Hi Eric,

    Just heard your podcast from yesterday – fantastic, as always, but I wonder if I can ask you a great favour. When you cover stories from the UK, can you please be clear when you’re talking about the UK and when you’re talking about England? It’s a massive deal to us.

    Thatcher wasn’t the PM of England, she was the PM of the UK. The UK comprises four countries (Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England) and England isn’t any more important than any of the others; it’s not an alternative name for the UK. And when you talk about the damage Thatcher did to England, it is *nothing* to the damage she did to the other three UK countries.

    Scotland did not vote for Thatcher and never ever votes for Tories/Conservatives, yet we are ruled by the Tories whenever England votes them in (Scotland’s tiny compared to England). This is one of the reasons Scotland will soon be voting to become independent from the rest of the UK. (I’m Scottish, if you hadn’t guessed!)

    Just thought I should try to clear that up as it’s a really important distinction to make. (Also, Britain is the UK without Northern Ireland.)

    Thanks for the work you do, I recently got my annual sunsign reading from you and my sunsign Listen reading, both of which are packed with wisdom and seem uber-relevant to me.

    Warm regards – Grace

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