Planetary Yoga and the Quest for Integrity

Astrology for the weekend of May 9 thru 11, 2014 by Eric Francis

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225+web-daily-iconThis weekend the three personal planets, Mercury, Venus and Mars, are involved in aspects that are likely to show up as events on your personal radar. Both are exact Sunday and have been building intensity all week. The first is Venus opposite Mars, which you might think of as the maximum expression of sexual tension. Two factors make this especially interesting. One is that Venus and Mars are occupying one another’s signs. There’s a role reversal of some kind going on. Second is that Mars is still retrograde, and seems to be containing its energy. That will shift in about 10 days when Mars finally stations direct after being retrograde since March 1. This aspect urges you to see the world from the viewpoint of ‘the other’, especially if that means the other sex or gender.

The second aspect is Mercury in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces. Both planets are exceedingly powerful in their own signs, and the square is creating some tension around the issue of integrity. Mercury square Neptune may be prone to deception, but the greater problem is not being able to discern or admit the difference between truth and lies. Under the current astrology, that is essential, whether you’re the one listening or the one speaking. Together, the message is: tell the truth about sex. It’s too easy not to — and then you rack up karma. Planet Waves participant Barbara Koehler today made an excellent observation about Venus opposite Mars. She described it as “part of a stretching process; testing the elasticity of our souls as well as our bodies. It most certainly is associated with all the recent cardinal cross and eclipse stuff. We need to be as pliable as possible for the ensuing energy and the activity it will manifest as. Mutable signs facilitate that and so do oppositions. Call it growth.” I would concur. Read yesterday’s post.

Update: The Moon ingresses Libra at 1:19 pm EDT Saturday and will then oppose Venus, conjoin Mars and pass through the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square Sunday and Monday. In addition, the Sun is opposite Saturn — a good time for disciplined work, but if you have something important to say, you might want to wait a day or two till people are more open to listening.

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11 thoughts on “Planetary Yoga and the Quest for Integrity”

  1. Looking back on the weekend, this reading gets excellent grades for anticipation from my fallible but earnest perch. Thank you for rising to the challenge of connecting the disparate dots so as provide a sensible look back at the last several days.

  2. I’m taking this morning’s Mercury square Neptune and Venus opposite Mars aspects as a prelude to the Gemini New Moon on May 28th since today Mercury occupies the degree of that new moon. By then, Venus will be at 29+ Aries and will sextile Mercury who, by then, will be at 29+ Gemini. Mars in his presently frustrating dilemma – hands and feet tied – will not change degrees but WILL, by then, be moving forward. Neptune of course will still occupy the same degree by then as he does today. Seventeen more days to go. Note that it is Venus and Mercury – one in each of the two aspects today – who freely move away from today’s position while their partner is aspect stays basically immobile. The heart (Venus) and mind (Mercury) are doing the flexing.

    Mercury and Mars will not be leaving their present air signs until July when they will both enter water signs; Mercury into Cancer and Mars into Scorpio. The 3rd personal planet Venus will also enter Cancer in July, This strikes me as curious since Jupiter will be leaving the water sign Cancer mere days from when the personal planets enter their water worlds, and at a time when both Saturn and Uranus change directions. Between July 13th and July 26th there will be distinct changes in the processes these planets symbolize and as well, the Sun changes from the Cancer water/feeling mode of operation to Leo’s fire and inspiration mode.

    Whatever Jupiter (and Saturn, Neptune and Chiron) has been churning, floating, cleansing or drowning in our society will dramatically (ingress Leo) transfer to a more personal level of consciousness. This leads me to believe that the stretching we are doing thanks to Venus opposite Mars and Mercury in stretchy Gemini, is meant to accommodate new revelations announced by the Gemini New Moon at the end of the month.

    With both Venus and Mercury in critical degrees (Venus at 29+ Aries and Mercury at 29+ Gemini) at that time of New Moon, something must be completed regarding those signs (initiating, communicating) in order to successfully begin their stays in their new signs (Taurus and Cancer). What we may be experiencing today due to the Venus opposite Mars and the Mercury square Neptune aspects seems necessary in order to grasp the meaning of the upcoming new moon. The new moon it appears, will in turn further prepare us for the remarkable changes we will go through come mid July.

    We will learn more about those changes by examining the summer solstice chart no doubt, but the day that Sun conjuncts Jupiter in Leo in late July will make things quite clear to us. The Sabian symbol for the degree where it takes place is: AN EPIDEMIC OF MUMPS, keynote: The spreading power of individual crises through a collectivity. My hunch is it has something to do with water. Further evidence will be delivered through the astrology of the New Leo Moon shortly after that just as Mars enters Scorpio.

  3. Role reversal in the time of retro Mars opposite Venus … nothing says it better than the winner of Eurovision 2014… a drag queen named Conchita Wurst is crowned the winner of the biggest annual European song fest with ” Rise like a Phoenix”… don’t miss it!

    a quote from the article:

    > ” … Collecting her trophy on stage the singer said: “This night is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom. You know who you are – we are unity and we are unstoppable.”

    Speaking backstage later, Wurst said she felt Europe had taken a stand by voting her the winner.

    “I dream of a world where we don’t have to talk about unnecessary things like sexuality, who you love. I felt like tonight Europe showed that we are a community of respect and tolerance,” she said. ” <

  4. Eric, I appreciate your suggestions. I probably shouldn’t have brought it up, but there it is.

    Be, yes absolutely. The men in question were not working all winter and are good men. They work for free, and anyone who has worked in a certified kitchen knows that means lots of cleaning, dishwashing, and mopping of floors too. The lines start to blur. The main guy in charge of our kitchen provides half of the vegetables (potatoes, onions, celery and so on) so we can hardly complain if he takes a pot of leftovers home. The guy who mentioned it to me is not the brightest bulb on the tree, so I didn’t think too much about it. But it was the reaction of another man that made me think there might be more to it – he said, “they weren’t supposed to talk about it.” Oh. The bigger picture for me is that as much as all of us point our fingers at corporations, we are just as guilty. The poor stay poor for a lot of reasons. Anyway I look at it, it seems easier to be generous when I have money to give. It’s no big deal for Wal-Mart to donate 10 chickens that are close to expiration date. It’s a huge deal for someone with no job. My ceres is at 19 Aquarius, so nice trine, eh?

    The way the food system works in my county is, there is a mission where groceries are handed out to those in need, and the various missions in the county serve specific zip codes. The churches donate to the missions, and ask for grocery donations. The 2nd group is the group that I was referring to – they go pick up food at groceries and restaurants and take it to the certified kitchen to cook, package, and freeze in family size portions – it is then used by the mission and handed out, or cooked at the certified kitchen by my group to serve to the public. I don’t work with the missions or food rescue group, but the one fellow told me about having been able to feed his family. Sounds all good, but at the risk of sounding like Lois Lerner, there are rules to follow. heh. My group prepares meals and serves the food to the public. If there is enough to go around, the workers will eat a plate of food.

  5. “Both are exact Sunday and have been building intensity all week. The first is Venus opposite Mars, which you might think of as the maximum expression of sexual tension.”

    LOL. The only thing building tension within me is that it is now spring = too warm to sleep well = sending adrenals packing, once again, pissing me off. 9 months of the year attempt to revert the progress I make during winter’s 3-month long wonderfully cold and healing sleep. And sex? Not with crashed cortisol gripping me. I used to love spring. I’m a spring baby. But it’s been 5 years so far of dysreg. making me hate warm weather and its resultant poor sleep.

  6. How awful to be put in that position Patty; your conscience won’t let you stay out of the situation will it? Whenever I hear something like “rat them out” I think of Askalaphus who ratted out Persephone (or Proserpina) for eating a few pom seeds, costing her her freedom to be above ground (conscious?) all year round. I looked up the degree where asteroid Askalaphus is now and he is almost opposite Neptune. That will be an exact aspect around the same time Mercury stations retrograde (June 7th), leading me to think that you might want to wait as something else might need consideration that hasn’t developed yet or you are unaware of at the moment.

    It might have something to do with the national picture as Ceres (food), still at 20+ Libra, still retrograde and still conjunct the U.S. Sibly chart’s Juno (equality, defends the poor) at 20+ Libra, who opposes the U.S. Chiron (healing, wounding, teaching) at 20+ Aries. At the end of this month transiting Jupiter (the big picture and/or increase) will reach 20+ Cancer (more food, and/or family) and square (challenge) them both (U.S. Juno and Chiron).

    I also looked up asteroids Persephone (399) and Proserpina (26) and both of them are in Aquarius (truth seeking). Proserpina is conjunct Klotho (a new start) and Persephone is semi-sextile Pluto (who kept her underground cuz of those dayam seeds) and almost (exactly) sextile Uranus, the (co) ruler of Aquarius. I lean toward thinking that although both symbolize truth seeking at the moment (while in Aquarius) there is the question of whether a few seeds (or a few chickens) are worth bringing on the powerful energies of Pluto and Uranus now.

    Something else about Proserpina, at 24+ Aquarius she squares Sedna at 24+ Taurus (relating to food), and lately I’m thinking that Sedna symbolizes failure of an individual when challenging the status quo, while we know there is safety in numbers (Aquarius). Maybe you should have a backup team when you approach this sticky situation Patty!

  7. Food banks are a known scam. I suggest you find the official name of the nonprofit corporation involved. They have officers and an executive director.

    The very first thing I suggest you do is: get the official name of the 501(c)3 corporation. Then google IRS form 990. The way you would do that is enter a search string:

    Joe Blow’s Food Pantry IRS 990 (no quotes). Then post the URL of the document back here and we will all take a look at it.

  8. Wow Patty, what a sad tale. Yes, there are times when we all need some extra support but we also need to follow the code of ethics.
    If it were me I’d write a note to the man(men if you can get to both of them) and say that they have broken faith with the organization by taking food home that was intended for the food shelf, but they can help right the wrong if they self-report to the organization and explain their need. Sometimes shame (or the fear of being shamed) drives us to do the wrong thing. I’d give them the chance to turn themselves in but also let them know that after 3 days there would be an anonymous “tip” made to the director of the organization.

  9. Role reversal – on Wednesday a man that I hadn’t seen for awhile told me that he wouldn’t have gotten through the winter if it hadn’t been for all the free chicken and other food he’d received from the local food rescue, and then proceeded to tell me how he and another man had both gotten the food. Turns out the food rescue volunteers are taking a lot of the food, intended for the local poor, home to their own freezers. I don’t know why, maybe it is a pisces thing, but I always seem to learn the worst about people, and then I don’t know whether to rat them out, or set them up with a good lesson. The companies that donate the food are getting a nice tax write-off for charitable donation, they reduce dumpster pick=ups because the food is used before expiration – all for a good cause with the bonus of a new profit stream by way of cost offsets. Then the goodly volunteers, well-intentioned, are led astray by their own needs. Most of the volunteers are also nearer to the poverty line. Our kitchen ran out of food at the last Sunday community meal. Makes me want to call the police, but that could wreck it for the poor souls who need the food mission. They already have problems getting volunteers to help repackage and cook food. The other part of me is saying to myself, “I could have stocked my own freezer.” Not. I’ve always assumed there is a lot of karma associated with stealing food from the poor. So any suggestions on how to teach the volunteers a lesson? The role reversal appears to me to be a way to get everyone to see that we are all the same, that we have the same inclinations – maybe stated differently. We are all poverty stricken. We are all rich. That’s the lesson, how to teach it. If you really need chicken, go stand in line with the others at the food mission and receive only your fair share, and no more.

  10. Whoa … Barbara Koehler! well said and beautifully articulated. I bow to you and your ways … me, I’ll be stretching for ways to evolve but alerted to the Mercury Neptune aspects that bend my truth. Whoa.


  11. “part of a stretching process; testing the elasticity of our souls as well as our bodies. It most certainly is associated with all the recent cardinal cross and eclipse stuff. We need to be as pliable as possible for the ensuing energy and the activity it will manifest as. Mutable signs facilitate that and so do oppositions. Call it growth”. Yes, be’s words are wonderful. Feel as if I’m on the dark side of the Scorpio full moon right now. I come up for air for a few seconds, only to plunge right back in. Best to surrender to the process. Really looking forward to listening to my Spring reading which I’ve just ordered (wanted to order it before, but couldb’t find it!).

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