The Hemisphere Effect: Gemini New Moon, part 2

One property of any substance that alters consciousness is that it offers access to another side of one’s awareness. That’s the whole point, right? Whether you’re having a glass or two of wine, a bong hit, eating a mushroom or taking an ayahuasca journey, the idea is to feel different. Yet more than that is involved, especially if the consciousness-altering substance is used to access that side of awareness on a regular basis. What happens is that consciousness can bifurcate, with ‘normal’ consciousness on one side and the ‘other state’ on the other side.

The green side of awareness might have no idea what the purple side wants.
The green side of awareness might have no idea what the purple side wants.

What can happen then is not just two states of consciousness but rather two different personalities, with different properties. One might be attracted to certain people or experiences, but only from one of the personalities. The two sides of the psyche might be aware of one another’s existence but not seem available from the other when one or the other is in action.

You might learn distinct things and bring them back, or return a ‘changed person’. The effect might be part of what many people experience as the mind/body split — their body wants things that their mind is too rigid to allow. In extreme situations, the two sides might not be aware of one another’s existence, such as when one has a blackout experience under the influence of alcohol and does not remember what happened. In whatever form this takes, I call it the hemisphere effect, because it involves such distinct aspects of consciousness. Another way this might manifest is when you’re involved with another person who is accessing consciousness this way; you are in relationship to both (or additional) hemispheres. In any event, there is a need for integration of these aspects of the psyche.

Today’s Gemini New Moon is exactly square Neptune in Pisces. This is like an enforced meeting between the two most dualistic signs — Gemini and Pisces. It’s almost as if you took half each of each side of Gemini and Pisces and merged it with the other. There is a confrontation where the two aspects of the psyche are being compelled to engage with their counterparts, not of their own sign — of their fellow mutable sign. There are aspects (to minor planets in the pattern) that indicate this is not merely a meeting, but rather precipitating integration of the seeming pairs of opposites.

Note that as this happens to you, you may choose to make decisions or to take action; this would start with observations that have a way of snowballing in momentum. That is what integration of the psyche is all about: you become more distinctly you, in the whole sense, and able to act that way: with integrity. Read yesterday’s post — the Gemini New Moon, part one.

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11 thoughts on “The Hemisphere Effect: Gemini New Moon, part 2”

  1. I suppose this WOULD be the best way to expand when in a mutable/transitional mode; taking each half of Gemini and merging each of them with one half of Pisces. It sounds as if would be confusing (or time consuming) but the idea of half feeling and half thinking, mixed well and returned to the pot would insure a better blend when dissolved back into the whole. I know chef’s do it and I’m sure chemists do it all the time.

    The Gemini New Moon has enough for two minds (and hearts) to keep it engaged for weeks to come. I’m especially drawn to the sextile between Chiron (healing) in Pisces (wet) and Juno (partnering) in Taurus (dry) and the asteroid they both quincunx (adjust), Vesta (focused) in Libra (balance) while stationing (powerful) direct (forward) and conjunct Ceres, symbol of Earth and Regeneration. Vesta (with the aid of Ceres) in her turn opposes Uranus (unexpected) in Aries (initiative) and with the division of the 2 Gemini’s (Sun and Moon?) – mixed with the soluble (Pisces) Neptune halved – a somewhat diluted but easily dispersed square (motivation) could be an outcome with positive benefits for everyone. Any number of cultural or social ills could be fodder for new initiatives, as well as personal projects that might benefit from this method. We are talking transition here, a preparation period rather than a cardinal hard drive forward.

    We mourn the passing of Maya Angelou today whose natal Jupiter at 16+ Aries was opposed the transiting stationing direct Vesta when she died, at 16+ Libra. Being dedicated to bringing more love and understanding into the world around us is a noble (and perhaps unexpected) purpose for a Gemini New Moon, replete with potential like this one; something for everyone. Thanks Eric.

  2. Personally, I am alcohol (which needs to leave, workin’ on it), weed, cannabis (fine with), tobacco.. which yes, this year I am growing my own Virginian..(shit you not Eric, now you know someone who grows their own tobacco) ..I would call myself a tripper, ’cause I’ve done hundreds of trips on LSD, but I gave up the Lab sheisse a long time ago. Mushrooms,.. right on. Takes a certain soul to consume what may be toxic…

    Don’t do the chems… (Me, personally.. no tweak, or rock, or slam, or any of that b.s.)

    Shit’s been goin’ weird lately with the folks in my life. There’s a Neptune point where folks honesty has come into question. Not honestly question, but, ..I feel deluded in the fact that I haven’t seen what was…

    I Love all my cats, but, I don’t know what to do with some of them.


  3. I have a natal T-square involving the mutable signs with Jupiter in Gemini, Chiron/Saturn in Pisces (opposite Pluto/Uranus), though it is a little later in the sign than this new moon, I am very familiar with the mutable dualistic elements of these signs. It has been quite the expansive seesaw throughout my life of swinging back and forth between the logical mental Capricorn upbringing, and the desire to let go and follow the flow of spiritual healing and my creative path. I have discovered many sides of myself that I have been integrating over time, but there is still work to do, as always. Though since I have decided to put it all out there and be me without fear of loss or embarrassment (as much of me as I am currently familiar with, as this shifts and changes as well), it has improved my self-esteem and the Pluto Uranus changes are no longer as earth shattering. Though I do still hide certain aspects of my Self from certain friends that are purely logical and choose not to, and are unwilling to, explore their deeper inner depths. But when I accept and integrate my many facets of my personality, I find I attract more like minded people who guide me in new directions, and help me to see more of me. I like to think of it as air bubbles trapped underwater, inevitably rising to the surface, it is there that the thoughts can be executed on the earth plane and share their lessons of growth.

  4. ..couple things here.. first, the technical definition of drug is “..anything that alters the mind or body..”, straight up. Food,.. air.. you name it.. Yes, it is wise to keep awareness as your best friend.

    Second, Amanda Painters comment on the delusional realities that people engage in.. brilliant. Not all screwed up folk need a commonly admitted “drug”. Some folks heads are just plain.. really twisted.

    Side, Paul, I learned to dance at the Grateful Dead shows,.. also where I learned how music manifests from the inside out, all cell’s a goin’. Brilliant.


  5. Reading astrologer Maurice Fernandez’s take on the New Moon this morning. He mentions that it is conjunct Aldebaran – “Aldebaran is the “Eye of the Bull” and recognized as the Royal star of the East – the direction for the rising of stars where life and light return to action. This represents the seeding of many new processes on a spiritual and mundane levels.
    Aldebaran, now aligned with the sign of Gemini, on this New Moon, messages and knowledge of greater significance can be revealed. ”

    He also points out that 7 Gemini is the degree that marks the beginning of the most recent Neptune-Pluto cycle on August 2, 1891.

    There’s something here, combined with the talk of dualisms coming together – an “enforced meeting between two dualistic signs” – that is sparking some glimmer of hope in me that this New Moon cycle could be about integration of the cacophony of change that has marked the first half of 2014. At the intuitive and rational levels. What a sigh of relief that would encourage!

    Or…hey…maybe I’m just being delusional 🙂

  6. I took this test in French….which is an option on the button bar….

    the result was left brain 60% irrational…….right brain 40% chaos……

    as for rhythm in music……it is the beat of your heart that is manifest in syncopation of your body movement…..the instrument is simply the output buffer….(allowing for the computer model that would put your sentient solar plexus as the input buffer)….

    feel it up….!!!


  7. Mum was gemini and I’m pisces – i know this effect well. This morning again I was astonished by how learning the piano highlights all bias and lack of consciousness, areas of less mastery of essentials etc. And when you master the little things step by step you overcome even big things – for example I know how to learn a piece by ear and with sheet music. THis last piece we have learned purely rhythmically and only when I am now learning it on the piano do I see that rhytmically I am not integrated – I can bring it in in the light of the other two or the whole but coming into a piece via rhythm is not evident for the moment.

    Another interesting point is that the piano doesn’t use force or violence at all: but weight from the body.

    These things cross over/manifest directly in living

  8. My natal Mars at 6° 31’ Virgo is opposite Neptune, square the Moon/Sun.

    I’ve been taking in a lot of knowledge from my body as well as my mind lately and I feel they have been working together to break patterns that I hadn’t wanted to confront in the past. There’s a lot about dreams and desire and their relationship to guilt and self-esteem. I am feeling how both the body and mind can be wise, especially when they function together instead of against one another.

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