Sun Void of Course, Mars Direct

275+web-saturn_rings_false Sunday evening I hosted the first Planet Waves global conference call — a live edition of Planet Waves FM. It was amazing. For two hours I dialoged with my listeners and readers about a wide diversity of subjects. Thank you to everyone who participated. The program will be available for instant replay later Monday. To get access to the recording, sign up for the program, you’ll be added to the list for this edition and we will send you the URL.

Many people are asking about what to expect once Mars stations direct: whether legal matters will resolve, whether all that is stuck will come unstuck, whether they will feel better. I suggest that you participate in this astrology and do your part to make those things happen. Mars is about initiative; Mars in Libra is about taking initiative in relationships — all kinds of relationships. As Mars shifts directions later Monday (Tuesday in the UK, Europe and Australia), gradually ramp up your energy, act on your decisions and focus your will power. Meanwhile, the Sun is void of course all day today and until it enters Gemini Tuesday, May 20 at 10:59 pm EDT. A planet or luminary is void of course when it’s done making major aspects in its current sign, and will not make any new aspects till it’s in its new sign. Sun void, rarely ever mentioned in modern astrology and overlooked by nearly all classical astrologers, is in my experience a moment of unlikely events actually happening. It’s as if the Sun, uncluttered by aspects to other points, opens up to another dimension and allows in what could not pass through before. During these events it’s necessary to choose wisely, lest something undesired or inappropriate enter; and I do believe that it’s especially vital to choose consciously under a Sun void, particularly given other factors in the chart — including the fact that Mars is stationing direct in Libra, in effect drawing to a close a long period of deliberation. Pay attention, study your options and if you don’t like any of them, do what you can to make some new ones. Read Friday’s post.

To my Gemini readers, it’s going to be a very interesting year. You might be asking when things will finally settle down; you have been running the paces, and now Mercury is about to be retrograde in your sign. Watch my Facebook page later today or your email for the early offer (best price) on your 2014 reading, which will include a live question and reply session. I plan to have a free audio preview up Monday as well.

6 thoughts on “Sun Void of Course, Mars Direct”

  1. Daniel — I am certainly no expert, but I was born with Saturn within a degree of my sun (and mercury), AND my Mom’s Saturn sitting on my natal sun …. to me, that feels heavy — Saturn with all its boundaries and limitations puts a box around all that in-born light …. to be fair, it could be used constructively to give form to your energy, but with Mars currently stationing direct — as I type, I would imagine that you are responding beautifully to the shifting energies of the day …. use the approach of Saturn as a positive — allow it to channel your energy vs “box you in” , or inhibit you in any way ….. just some thoughts — best to you.

  2. The thing I’m investigating right now is what the difference is between Saturn re-approaching my Sun degree in affect now and Mars going direct and basically standing still. The “blocked” sensation is forefront, as well as the “I have no answers” feeling. I have been feeling a calling though to do some prayers and meditation and to accept this moment as a time to trust and surrender. To let go of the need to make things right and to allow what is right to emerge. I still have a choice. But today seems like a perfect day to clean my home, wipe the dust, burn some incense, and enter into stillness.

  3. Nice program, Eric. Didn’t know of a way to “call in” via my computer, so I was part of the silent-but-listening crowd. There has been a distinct shift as Mars turns direct (3rd house opposing natal Moon/Eris/transting-Uranus and squaring natal Mars/transiting-Pluto.) At first my response was “here comes the shit all over the fan again” and then I realized that really, that feeling was just energy moving again; I had enjoyed the respite or relative calm of the retro…and now is the time to use my recollection or memory of that “stillness” as I direct the forces as Mars gains momentum. Well, it’s maybe a good theory anyway. Thanks for the FM.

  4. I sort of thought of ‘void of course’ as a time to breathe between signs, maybe a time to relax a bit, integrate the past sun sign’s lessons and prepare to receive the guidance of the upcoming sign. But I like the idea of it also being an opportunity for something new to pass through the ether, something outside of our usual catalog, something novel. The teleconference was fun; it was great to hear people’s voices. I look forward to listening again, I missed part of the intro. I don’t know how my stars play into this–for quite awhile now, I have been aware of a quiet within me and a certain inactivity on my own behalf in my creative expression. Processing feelings about changes related to my husband’s and my own aging, having to admit to resenting the adjustments which are more the rule now than the exception and will continue to be I expect. On the other hand, I am working to make choices to ensure a healthy future. Not lasting for lasting’s sake but for generativity which for me is a sort of ‘be here now’ with ‘who you are now’ approach allowing the each of us are exactly where we are supposed to be in the given moment of time. New endeavors can be overwhelming at first until you get the hang of them and such a great first effort in this new arena for live PlanetWaves FM can only lead to better and better things–can’t wait for the sex talk edition 😉 Woohoo!

  5. Eric: Something, a voyage it seems, rather exciting and full of promise started with your first global conference call and live edition of Planet Waves FM. Thank you for starting it. Given all the trine aspects (representing all four elements) at the moment your broadcast began, what started could possibly flow into something truly profound beyond expectation. i have never been more proud to serve. Looking forward to continuing the voyage.

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