Sun in Gemini: Twins Meet the Centaurs

275+web-saturn_rings_falseGemini is the third sign of the zodiac and the first mutable sign. It’s also an air sign, and the combination of air + mutable creates the very essence of changeability, adaptability and a multifaceted quality that is represented metaphorically as “the twins.” Because it’s one of the few signs that depict people (three of which are mutable signs), it’s known as a human sign. Tuesday at 10:59 pm the Sun leaves Taurus and enters Gemini. It immediately makes a series of aspects, the first being a square to asteroid Pallas in Virgo. Be aware of who you try to mold your thinking to, just to get ahead or impress them. Note, it’s not just Pallas in the first degree of Virgo — asteroid Atropos is there, signifying a radical change in your point of view, one that may mystify you. Because the Sun will square centaur Nessus, I suggest you ask yourself what sense of past transgression you’re adapting to, responding to, reliving or trying to prevent. Adaptation in this style is not healing; you have the option to go to the core of the matter. As the week develops, the Sun’s alignment advances toward a centaur called Asbolus, which I think of as being the survivor. Asbolus, whose name translates to “carbon dust,” is the symbol of what all life has in common, which is the need to survive. I suggest you take that much, at least, for granted — that you can survive, and set a higher goal.

Friday I’ll be publishing a chapter in the Book of Life about one of my favorite signs to write about, which is Gemini. Starting with ideas contained in Alice Bailey’s masterpiece Esoteric Astrology, I will take you on a tour of how every sign of the zodiac is influenced by Gemini. This article is part of the Planet Waves edition distributed only to our Core Community Members. If you’re born under the sign Gemini or have Gemini rising, I will soon have your birthday reading complete. Watch this space for a free preview — and don’t miss the lowest pre-prder price of $19.95, good through Thursday.

5 thoughts on “Sun in Gemini: Twins Meet the Centaurs”

  1. Earlier I referred to the Moon on Election Day being conjunct Nessus but left out that it was the U.S. Sibly Moon in Aquarius I was talking about, not the transiting Moon in Aries. My bad./be

  2. Human signs are: Gemini the twins, Virgo the virgin, possibly Libra (woman holding scales), Sagittarius the hunter (unless depicted as a centaur) and Aquarius the water-bearer (also depicted as goddess Nut in the Nile river).

    This is not an official category from classical astrology such as fixed or water. It’s more of a descriptive term.

  3. Today many states are holding their Primary elections and this astrology will affect those citizens who chose to exercise their right to vote. I’m particularly interested in today’s Mercury, at 21+ Gemini conjunct the U.S. Sibly Mars at 21+ Gemini, (what with transiting Mars now station direct). The Sun will square Nessus (today at 1+ Pisces) but on Election Day this November, transiting Nessus will conjunct the Moon and past injustices will come back to haunt those running on past glories.

    Meanwhile, during these last few hours of void-of-course Taurus Sun light, the goddess Astraea at 29+ Pisces will support the consciousness (Sun) of mankind as it values and sings the praises of the ground it walks on over everything else. It’s later tonight we will dance under the stars and relish the freedom mutable air brings in.

  4. the four mutable signs are gemini–the twins (air), virgo– the virgin (earth), sagittarius–the centaur (fire), and pisces–the fish (water).

  5. whoa … I had thought Aquarius was one of the signs depicting humans (as in a human pouring water) … is it possible that the 3 signs that depict humans are air signs? pisces is mutable and that sign depicts fishies. anyone?

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