Sagittarius Moon, Waxing Toward Full

The Moon is void of course in Scorpio until it ingresses Sagittarius at 6:18 am EDT (10:18 UTC), where it picks up on a grand fire trine. The Moon will be full in Aquarius on Aug. 10. The grand trine consists of the Uranus-South Node-Eris group in Aries; Jupiter, Mercury the Sun and the lunar apogee in Leo; and the Moon and a cluster of minor planets plus deep space points in Sagittarius. This is an exciting aspect pattern that I managed not to notice and name until about 20 seconds ago, but it’s been that kind of evening.

What’s with all this fiery energy? Well, fire is versatile, and it comes in many varieties, and we seem to have an abundance of all of them available to use right now. There is the fire of initiative and originality of Aries, in several forms. There is the physical, materializing fire of Leo waiting to be tapped into. There is the cosmic fire of Sagittarius, expressing itself as Karma, Ixion, Pholus, Orpheus, Hylonome, Eros and many other points. Of these, note that Eros is closest to the Galactic Core, the homing signal, conjunct revolutionary Hidalgo (a fabulous centaur-like long-period asteroid, the first discovery of its kind).

That is an appealing combination — Eros, vitality, passion, sexuality, conjunct the core of our galaxy, what you might think of as the central organizing principle of “soul” on the physical level, conjunct a little bad-ass named after Padre Hidalgo, who started the Mexican Revolution. The Moon passes through that conjunction at 4:47 am EDT on Aug. 7 (08:47 UTC). That would be an awesome night to set your alarm clock for an hour before that, wake up and see what happens.

In other news, Ceres is now in Scorpio, so we have a full-on stellium there, consisting of Ceres, Vesta, Mars and Saturn — that sounds like a lavishly catered vegan banquet at an s/m party. And Venus is in Cancer, sweet and sentimental, except for the part about being in an exact square to Eris — more revolution in the air.

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7 thoughts on “Sagittarius Moon, Waxing Toward Full”

  1. I remember learning years ago that fire was associated with “spirit”, as in “inspired”. That, unlike air, whose knowledge is provided through the intellect, fire’s knowledge is provided through inspiration. Perhaps with all this emphasis on fire, new energy will manifest in solutions to problems we have not been able to solve through the thought process alone, or sensed through our feelings or concluded through common sense or tactile observation. Especially in the case of the Jupiter group in Leo square the Mars group in Scorpio problems.

    Amy E’s observation of a present-day aspect pattern called The Finger of the World – a square (such as the one Mars and Jupiter are still in) in which both planets form sesquiquadrate aspects (member of the square family of aspects) to a 3rd planet. That 3rd planet’s purpose is to resolve the” real world” challenges (the square) that this pattern symbolizes, leading to solutions seemingly impossible to attain. The 3rd planet in this case is Chiron in Pisces.

    The conflict between Israel and Hamas comes to mind.

    John Kerry, whose Sun is in Sagittarius, has a T-square between his Sun opposite his Gemini Moon, squared by his Chiron in Virgo. His natal Chiron is being opposed by transiting Chiron in Pisces. Although his ascendant, at 16+ Sagittarius, is being trined by transiting Uranus (who is now retrograde), his natal Venus (3+ Scorpio) has just been clobbered by the transiting Mars-Jupiter square. By the grace of goddess, his natal Neptune (a more refined tool in negotiation!) at 4+ Libra is being sextiled by transiting Jupiter (understanding, AND he co-rules Pisces with Neptune) now.

    Through the intricate twists and turns of this man’s birth chart and its relationship with the present day transiting planets, solutions to sticky problems might be resolved, even if only temporarily. If the recent square between transiting Mars and Jupiter has engaged transiting Chiron (the Finger of the World aspect pattern) who opposes Kerry’s natal Chiron (which is in a T-square with his Sun opposite Moon aspect) as I’m sure it has, then his natal Sagittarius Sun/ascendant will be (already is) super-ready for this download of Fire energy today.

    Even though transiting Uranus in Aries is retrograde, it’s trine to Kerry’s ascendant/Sun will facilitate inspiration (fire energy) and also that of all the other transiting fire sign planets (Sun, Jupiter, etc.). Meanwhile, transiting Saturn in Scorpio (in Kerry’s 12th house) is semi-sextile his ascendant suggesting caution as well as patience (watered down fire).

    However, John Kerry has a natal conjunction between his north node and Pluto at 8-9+ Leo, and transiting Jupiter will reach this Kerry natal placement just in time for the Virgo New Moon on August 25th. Transiting Mercury will have just made a conjunction to Kerry’s natal Chiron in Virgo, and at the New Moon, Mercury (talking the finer points) will oppose transiting Chiron (who was the problem solver in the Finger aspect with Jupiter-square-Mars earlier in the month).

    The New Moon Mercury (negotiator) in Virgo (details) will also exactly sextile the now-conjunct transiting Saturn and Mars in Scorpio, and through his ability to do several things well at the same time, Mercury engages transiting Chiron (problem solver of Finger aspect with Mars-Jupiter earlier) as Mercury operates through Kerry’s Virgo Chiron (healer) in an opposition (revelation, as in a full moon aspect) to transiting Chiron, while also providing a facilitating avenue of dialogue (sextile) with transiting Saturn and Mars in Scorpio, which transiting Chiron just so happens to trine.

    I know, its complex, but it could work if there’s any truth to the pattern called the Finger of the World’s problem solving abilities, and the inspirational dimension attributed to the fire signs. Time will tell.

  2. Hi LIzzy, I had a dragon enter up from the floor thru up my spine and out the crown years ago. It was during a martial arts class. As you know….Incredible experience! I looked up dragons of course and found interesting stuff as well. A few weeks later the presence of death entered the same way…also in martial arts class. I remember in my studies that dragons represent male energy and death presents female energy.
    Good journeys!

  3. Once again, wow! Thanks Eric. Last night, after billions of hours and years of meditating – I swear to god that a dragon appeared during my meditation. Didn’t understand what it was at first as it came on as an incredibly fierce force and then went all wimpy and demure. After that, my mind caught up with it and my imagination started playing tricks- so me and my dragon turned in for the night, but not before checking out Kundalini and dragon on the Internet and finding a load of totally weird stuff!

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