Moon in Pisces, Jupiter on the Edge

We’re down to about one more day of Jupiter in Cancer. The Moon is about to ingress Pisces (10:40 pm EDT or 02:40 UTC), which is where it will be for the sign change of Jupiter into Leo in a short time. The Moon will make a series of conjunctions overnight and into Wednesday, including to Nessus (tonight) then Neptune (tomorrow) and then Chiron and Borasisi (Wednesday). You might have some interesting dreams. Also a reminder that while this happens, the Earth/Sun alignment is still swinging through the Mars/Eris/Vesta/Ceres/nodes pattern that I described yesterday. That combined with the last hours of Jupiter in a sign could be a little stressful.

Jupiter ingressed Cancer on June 25, 2013, and it ingresses Leo at 6:30 am (10:30 UTC) on July 16. This is a big change for everyone, but especially for those with strong Sagittarius or Pisces in their charts (the signs ruled by Jupiter) and people with strong fixed cross energy (such as Leo or Aquarius). It’s also a big step in dissolving the cardinal cross that we’ve been living with all year. Normally Jupiter in Cancer would be considered entirely positive, partly because Jupiter is has strong dignity in that sign. However, at the moment it feels more like a suit of armor that we no longer need — such as emotional padding, extra weight or a buffer of some kind.

Any major planet at the edge of a sign feels edgy, like something is ready to give way into a new experience. Jupiter in Cancer has indeed served as a buffer against Mars retrograde passing through the Uranus-Pluto square, which might have stirred up a lot more trouble had Jupiter not been there doing its thing. Yet the perimeter that Jupiter helped us hold open is also insulation from contact. In our moment, that’s considered a benefit by many people who prefer to “communicate” by text message or experience life primarily in video format. My sense is that Jupiter in Leo is going to free up some space for those who want to move around more freely. Leo is an expressive rather than receptive sign — Jupiter in Leo has something to offer.

The potential failing of Jupiter in Leo is pride. Standoffishness. Snootiness. Elitism. We see a lot of that in the world. I wish I knew the degree to which this was a conscious choice of affect — from what I gather it’s probably intentional for most people who use it. It’s also ridiculous, and a way of announcing that one feels they have accomplished so little that they must in some way compensate by seeming bigger or more aloof than they are. It’s far more productive to drop your guard and commit yourself to some form of learning, growth or development of a talent — though that implies movement and change.

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  1. You need to define the term “boundaries” and “healthy boundaries.” There are all kinds of boundaries. I like to start with showing up on time, meaning what I say and having a clear yes and a clear no. Once you have those, you’re cruising.

  2. Thanks Eric, guards dropped but what happens to healthy boundaries? This all feels rather precarious at the minute.

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  4. I had a breakthrough soon after waking with this Jupiterian energy changing signs this morning. My natal 8th house Saturn is conjunct South Node in Aquarius. I’ve had to come to terms with the knowledge that I should be applying the majority of my energy in to expanding my North Node/2nd house areas. Jupiter is getting ready to conjunct my NN @ Leo 6. This transition is hard… what would one expect when Saturn in Scorpio is also involved? I feel the space around my life without the illusion of myself as an “8th house person.” One of my biggest challenges has always been to ground myself into this world and see the sacredness of the everyday, little things I do.

  5. Greg Cedarbeard, I feel a lot of resonance with your comments. As a shy, awkward, artistic teenager, I was often accused of being “stuck-up” – but I was actually terrified. Excruciatingly self-conscious, I was constantly afraid of making the smallest “mistake” – afraid even of slipping or tripping on a sidewalk, of offending anyone – ever – of failing to achieve the academic near-perfection demanded (but not praised) by my parents. My perceived snootiness was a painful, rigid defensive armour against imminent shame. I would lie awake at night, reviewing my day & agonizing over my perceived missteps.

    It took many years to work my way out & through, with lots of self-destructive rebellion along the way. I became expert at “fail-for-spite”. Finding & following my authentic life path is ongoing, & I’m in my sixties now.

    Long ago, staying away from my family home was often necessary, though the “supervision” (experienced by me as judgement/criticism) continued in letters & visits. My parents are long deceased, but issues still arise. Forgiveness comes as I better understand that THEY were acting out of THEIR fears, & I absorbed those unknowingly.

    Going back always did feel, as you say, like being “pulled by my parents’ gravity.” It does get easier with time.

  6. Snooty: intentional? I suppose it was originally but at the height of my snooty phase I had forgotten any original contracts I’d internally made and just assumed I had the right to be stuck up. I really didn’t want to be but I became so in sympathetic resonance with a step dad in tune with Rush Limbaugh. I adapted so well to living with an abuser that by the time I escaped to try to build my own life within a circle of chosen friends I’d lost all the keys to the blockages I created to survive there. I didn’t really find many of them until I stopped visiting the house of my childhood. Every time I went back I felt tugged and pulled by my parents’ gravity into the roles they want me to play. I’d become stuck up so the put-downs and cognitive dissonance wouldn’t knock me down…or so it seems when possessed by one of these games.

    Rock Star and Starving Artist- the yin and yang of Stuck Up.

  7. This has been a deeply personal and transformative past 9 months, with my Cancerian armor on, benefitting from Jupiters profound protection this past year. My Leo husband jumped ship and the only communication has been sporatic and confusing emails. I hope my frustration is about to end, and I can begin to get clarity and forward movement, even if it’s an affair that’s been hidden. I don’t know where The patience came from, but I feel something, Karmic is about to play out as my Leo S node, and his Cancer moon are about to dance with my Aquarius N node and his Aquarius rising sign. Tomorrow when Leo partners up with Jupiter would be nice. Let’s get it on!

  8. Snootiness; ha ha, I LOVE that! Can’t wait to tell my Virgo brother who has Jupiter in Leo in THE FIRST HOUSE! Well, underneath that he is just my little brother and most of the time I can reach that in him.

    Also, I’d not considered transiting Jupiter (in Cancer) as “insulation from contact”; would like to hear more about that. I do though, understand – and am grateful for – his buffering (AND the suit of armor. . would that the be the insulation from contact? ) from the worst of any stray Mars ammo. Kept my ass from giving under pressure! Still, it’s good to know I can shed the bullet-proof vest and walk in the Leo sunshine soon.

  9. Yes, Thank you Eric.
    ” It doesn’t seem to have been a buffer, either – rather, has felt more like trying to walk in deep water: progress has been possible, but oh-so-slow, with unexpected deep spots requiring careful treading.” Beautifully put, Bette (as with all your comments)! I have shared similar experiences, though I think that Jupiter in Cancer has provided a bit of merciful protection from (relentless and exhausting) Mars in Libra.

  10. Thank you for the insight and inspiration, Eric. i agree that it’s worth committing to learning, growth and development in spite of the risk of being ridiculed or embarrassed in the process of making the necessary mistakes while working through periodically awkward cycles of personal evolution.

  11. This helps makes sense of how my life has been unfolding of late, & the sorts of events which have arrived. Jupiter’s Cancer pass, over half of which has been in my first house (including crossing my natal Rx Saturn), has felt anything but light! It doesn’t seem to have been a buffer, either – rather, has felt more like trying to walk in deep water: progress has been possible, but oh-so-slow, with unexpected deep spots requiring careful treading.

    Jupiter has just enetered my 2nd, where it will conjoin the new moon conjunct my natal (stationary) Mars in Leo. Matters of “what really counts?” seem to be already emerging into more awareness, & events that are in motion beyond me, but deeply affecting me, are in process. I’m seeing this as a time to be very, very quiet & to be listening for the meanings if I can.

    Benefitting from astrology seems to me to be a gift of our attention. It can all feel scattered & disorienting when the sky is busy with aspects. Thank-you for helping us focus our attention where we may find optimal opportunity for learning & growth.

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