Easy does it as Mars stations direct

225+web-new-saturnFor the next few days, Mars will be moving about as slowly as Pluto. That’s impressive given that Pluto is nearly 40 times the Earth-Sun distance, while Mars is close enough to touch. We’ve all been through a lot with this Mars retrograde, which began March 1. Though the events of our lives seem to move so swiftly that no biographer could ever keep up, this has been an unusual year so far. I am noticing the blend of awareness of oppression and determination to break free; a tiredness with self-defeatism that is turning into a refreshing kind of uprising. Mars retrograde has brought up many forbidden discussion topics and shined a light on numerous issues. The two passes through the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto configuration, plus eclipses, have been quite a ride. And now we’re about to shift directions, and experience a new incarnation of Mars, which has been soaked in the feminine energy of Libra going back to December, when it first entered that sign. This is not the time for overconfidence, however. Mars standing still in the sky — in its moment of station-direct — is a somewhat daunting prospect. I would describe our moment as sensitive, delicate, and as balanced precariously on some decision or commitment. Though it may not be obvious from the world around us, our moment is a fulcrum, when the influence of what we say, do, or plan, and even think or feel, is profoundly magnified. Easy does it, by which I mean if you want to accomplish something, ease through the process. On Sunday night, Planet Waves is offering a first-time event — a community forum in the form of a live, call-in edition of Planet Waves FM. It takes place at 8 pm EDT on Sunday, May 18, about 24 hours ahead of Mars retrograde ending. It’s a free event though you’ll need to pre-register if you want to take part. Visit this link to sign up. Once you do, you’ll be given instructions for how to participate by Skype, telephone or streaming Internet connection. Read yesterday’s post.

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  1. ..note toward live-cast, vocals were a bit grainy, echo in the background,.. but that was damn cool! Great format, you’ve just begun to open up a very cool format-template for open conversation. So much to be worked out,.. very cool.


  2. I’m so glad you put the Mars factor in context with the Uranus square Pluto factor as I’ve been drawn back to the beginning of that 7-square-series by events seemingly unrelated. The initial square on June 24, 2012, with Uranus at 8+ Aries and Pluto at 8+ Capricorn (and retro Venus at 7+ Gemini) puts Monday’s Mars’ station-direct at 9 Libra 01 into a pretty tight T-square leaping over time.

    Looking forward to the last Uranus-square-Pluto in March 2015, shows the north node at 10 Libra 01 which helps me understand the concept of “time” being a 3 dimensional tool not needed in greater dimensions (4th, 5th, 6th. . ). Compacting the present day Mars with the future north node, all within the framework of the series of Uranus-Pluto squares, provides visible access to why we are going through these (often) excruciating experiences; indeed easy does it.

    It takes a lot to motivate the mass psyche into change. Four events, each involving the souls of over 200 human beings within the time frame of the Pluto station retrograde (+ the solar eclipse) of April 14-15 and the Mars station direct of May 19, could reduce the futile questioning of why did 200+ girls have to get kidnapped, and 200+ South Korean teenagers have to drown, and 200+ aboard a Malaysian plane have to disappear, and 200+ Turkish minors have to suffocate to death. If only we could look at it the way the gods do.

    Mars (and Pluto) events get our attention, and when coupled with Uranus and Jupiter they are unexpected and huge. They make us cry (especially when accompanied with a grand water trine), and they affect whole families (when Jupiter is in Cancer). They seem to be the result of government and/or business neglect or laxity (Pluto in Capricorn) whom we lash out at (Uranus in Aries) in our frustration (Mars retrograde in Libra).

    The first Uranus-Pluto square had Venus (values) at 7+ Gemini which squares today’s Neptune (unclear) at 7+ Pisces, another leap over time. The last Uranus-Pluto square has Neptune returning to 7+ Pisces and conjunct Mercury (data, communication, thinking). That coupled with the last square’s north node (road to redemption) conjunct today’s powerful Mars (action)stationing provides the fulcrum you mention or the bridge Chiron provides in his grand water trine with Jupiter and Saturn. That too moves over time, between May 14th (Jupiter trine Chiron) to May 24th (Jupiter trine Saturn) through June 12th (Saturn trine Chiron). Easy does it.

  3. “Though the events of our lives seem to move so swiftly that no biographer could ever keep up, this has been an unusual year so far. I am noticing the blend of awareness of oppression and determination to break free; a tiredness with self-defeatism that is turning into a refreshing kind of uprising.”

    This resonates strongly with me. This year has seen me becoming an activist. More than this, I have become connected to some amazingly switched on people. I can assure people that this movement is no mere subjective impression from Eric. Corporate takeover of governments across the globe, not simply the US, is being challenged with knowledge, skill and resolve. In that spirit, I’d just like to draw your attention to the Community Rights Movement in the U.S., if you are not yet aware of it. It is possible to become engaged beyond the awareness level and into participation in a meaningful way that not only makes a difference but gives you a sense of connection – crucial in these seminal times, where challenge of corporatocracy is the defining issue for planetary viability. The link will open up some interesting resource to you. This guy is a citizen, just like you and I!



  4. “I am noticing the blend of awareness of oppression and determination to break free; a tiredness with self-defeatism that is turning into a refreshing kind of uprising. ”

    Thank you so much for this combination of words and thought … brilliant !

  5. Seems like the full Moon Lunar Eclipse repercussions hit me full force today. The last month’s “quite a ride”, says it precisely! As the aspects reveal and you interpret “awareness of oppression and determination to break free”, the same ongoing theme was intensely magnified for me today. I am utterly emotionally drained after just coming off the J-U-P configurations and straight into a week of a horrible flu. All the while notified rent is being raised as I search for a new home for my son and I, Keeping food on the table, and symbolically car radiator boiling over …and then here comes the past integrity/discernment energy/power issues resurfacing and bubbling up for assessment and release today.

    I sincerely hope this is the clarion calling of my soul, in it’s continuing state to becoming empowerment. Finally, reaching commitment (once and for all) to puttin an end, shutting down these patterns of codependent victimhood. Freedom! I have done so much work over the years and progressed so far that this has got to be recognizing, rising toward some plateau of final clearing, healing.

    Today was a day of, there’s no where to go, arms up , I surrender. But then comes the call and inspiration to once again rise in a liberating, responsible claim. My soul chose this journey, this path. Worked hrough my mind, it frees my heart to know this.

    With Mars and Moon in my 1st, I am also feeling the stationing is to gentle. In the retrograde action went opposite..energy dissipated to nowhere. Action released increased energy flow and growth. At the moment the only movement even possible is observe, embrace.

  6. Mars will station on my ascendant, and it will re-hit oppositions to my natal Chiron and Mars and a conjunction to my Uranus before landing in my Sun sign. I offer a private vulnerable piece of experience which happened on March 1. It was the first time I was able to achieve orgasm during intercourse. If anyone doesn’t know why this is a big deal, I suggest reading a good book on men’s sexual health.

    I’ve often read that Mars is a little insecure in Aries, his official home. I suspect that when he enters Scorpio, his other home, he’ll be feeling pretty fucking awesome.

  7. Ah yes, Eric. Libra and process do go together as well as…(fill in the blank with any two things that are commonly considered to be a good match). Great point. Mars may not like it, but for everything there is a season, and this appears to be a season for processing deliberately and thoroughly with patience and prudence.

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