Jupiter conjunct Varuna: Keep Your Promises

275+web-Varuna-on-the-CrocodileIn the midst of so much other astrology, I have not mentioned an aspect I’ve been tracking for a while — Jupiter conjunct Varuna. It will be exact on June 27 in a one-time event; that is, Jupiter makes no additional retrograde in Cancer before moving on to Leo on July 16. This aspect appears on an approximately 12-year cycle. Jupiter is in its last stages in the sign Cancer before it ingresses Leo on July 16. Varuna is a longtime visitor to Cancer; it arrived in 1993 and leaves in 2018. It’s one of of a new category of long-period planets of which there used to be just one, Pluto. When it was discovered in 2000, it was considered so significant a discovery that it was given the minor planet designation (20000) Varuna. The mythology of its namesake god is a long story, and it involves a deity who was once considered supreme over all of creation but who was ‘demoted’ to being the god of one quarter of the sky. He is the counterpart of Mithra, and the two are sometimes considered so interwoven as to be a single entity, Mithra-Varuna. They are protectors of the righteous and those who uphold the proper functioning of the universe and everything in it. This reminds me of the concept of dharma — acting as if to hold the world together, but it’s connected to a much older concept not of correct action but of upholding the natural order of existence. In the human realm, that includes honoring contracts, keeping promises and being good for one’s word. The conjunction from Jupiter accentuates this fact, magnifies it and emphasizes that in this cycle of Varuna, in the sign Cancer, we may be talking about something close to home or right inside, and that exists primarily on an emotional level. It’s not a stretch to say that Jupiter-Varuna in Cancer boils down to be true to yourself and it’s inevitable that you’ll be true to others.

“They just feel like stuff is supposed to happen to them,” he said of contemporary baseball players. “They’re not going to have to work for it. And that bugs me because I know how hard I had to work to get where I got. Sometimes they sit there in amazement at why I come out here every day. But I cannot let their way of thinking into my head.”
Tony Gwynn (1960-2014), quoted in The New York Times

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  1. At least we now know one of the ways that the transiting retro Mercury conjunct transiting Isis manifested, the jihadist group ISIS has taken to social media to get their message(s) out, mostly for recruitment from what I’ve seen. In them, the videos, etc., we see the fundamentalist nature of Varuna in the extraordinary punishment of the non-believers, such as be-heading. Even though it is not yet exact, transiting Varuna’s conjunction with transiting Jupiter already has all the religious overtones you would expect, and, being within the sign of Cancer, it pits one “family” against another “family”, at least in Iraq and England where the recruiting films can be seen. Of course, Mars was square Pluto last Saturday so much of the venom can be traced back to that not-so-fine-handed aspect.

  2. amycallahan, thank-you for chiming in. Yes, your experience of the conjunction would be different from mine, but I suspect the kind of intensity we both feel, given the cardinal signs involved, may be familiar to both of us.

    Clow’s Chiron book brought my first awareness of Chiron & started me working with it. I love Artero Alli’s Astrologik – he’s so Scorpio, also so outspoken & irreverent.

    I don’t find the term “atavistic” to necessarily connote a criticism; my dictionary refers to “atavism” as “the reappearance of characteristics from an ancestor which had not appeared in intermediate generations” – hence, I’m inclined to see at more as a seed bearing of something potentially valuable from the past, which had been lost. A circle becoming re-connected, perhaps.

    I’ve looked a bit at some of Clow’s work re the Pleiades – interesting, but elusive, perhaps it’s a bit ahead of me?

    Re Jupiter – in exploring some of Alexander’s suggestions re my Jupiter cycle, I’ve discovered that Jupiter transits to my first house have actually marked tough times five times out of six, the sixth being the current one, & it’s been terribly difficult. Jupiter’s transits to my Jupiter/Chiron conjunction & to my Sun, on the other hand, have been quite wonderful.

    If indeed Saturn has traditionally been associated (in negative manifestation) with fear, surely Jupiter would seem to be the antidote – faith. But sometimes that’s really hard.

    All the best to you & all the wonderful, caring contributors here at PW.

  3. Bette
    I just had to pipe in because of the stuff in your chart. Because, me too me too.
    I also have Jupiter Chiron square Saturn in Cancer. The first in Aries which isn’t so Libra, so what i have to say might be utterly not about your also quite challenging Jupiter Saturn situation.
    when i first saw my own chiron jupiter 11th house situation I think Barbara Hand Clow was one of the first i looked to for hints and advice (the very first i think was Antero Alli’s Astrologik although i don’t really remember). well… i did not understand what Barbara Hand Clow was saying and later i learned that she has some deal going on about the Pleiades that is a little too scintillating for me. i wouldn’t mind unpacking all that stuff but, you know, life and priorities.
    but anyway she used the word “atavistic” and every time i read it i had to look it up and now i kind of get it but i always go well… because i don’t know maybe what she’s saying is ermmm i don’t know i’m confused about whether it’s meant to be a criticism i just kinda resist or i actually need to remedy myself of.
    i was thinking this the other day my brain is a touch red hot and bothered lately. and what do you know some synchronistic New Yorker article where they used this word- i printed it out but it doesn’t seem too readable to me yet. maybe sometime later it will have some use.
    so in my journal writings i was hemming and hawing about chiron and i said that whatever when you have a planet conjunct chiron, chiron is going to suggest let’s sacrifice this one for the sake of humanity. of course this makes me so upset bc jupiter is what makes good things good, or something. i know this sounds like a messiah complex. maybe “sacrifice” is not it. in aries it’s kind of a “step down you’re an asshole” kind of junket.
    anyway, sacrifice Jupiter, who does that? and then it occurred to me that in the history of ideas and mythology and all that and heck let’s talk religion it did happen and we all know what it was. so i’ve simply decided that it’s nothing more than a signature of the Church, and in the 11th house being some sect or some sangha or.. whatever. maybe Aurobindo was the guru. who knows. Columbia Peru i wouldn’t even be able make these claims because they always suggest that any conceit about it is either too complicated or too “off” because it has not the right kind of relevance so don’t even bother! it really keeps you laying low. even though it’s my highest planet (Jupiter) ;0

    anyway i don’t know if that is or even has any hope of being helpful to you, and oh hi it’s the comments! hi guys and women. i’ve been around and i read this stuff and have a friendly but mercury virgo very analytical relationship to astrology which has a place but also gets difficult because my brain is usually utterly exhausted, like it is now. what i’ve written is too poppy and too strong but that’s because of the tiredness. sorry. i know that. also, i had to come up with a name that would set an intention that reminds me to get out of rabbitholes when i’m in them. sometimes i get a little to integrating and need to be unconcerned with these things.

    i get what you’re saying about having a lot of ideas about art but not finding an audience– wonder if the house has anything to do with it? sometimes faith doesn’t seem relevant but it can set you straight again. far be it from me to say one more than any other although chiron might be emphasizing that they are all imperfect and proceed with the ins and outs of one that seems to work. ?!? i can’t even express it at all.

  4. My Libran Balsamic moon prefers to conjoin with Olive Oil and liberally rule over planets of fresh Mozzarella and sun-kissed tomatoes floating in oceans of fragrant basil leaves! 😉

    I saw your reference ADW to Bette but didn’t know you were in the same lunar tribe as well…
    I feel blessed to be in such good company! 🙂

  5. Thanks, Alexander – some new concepts there, & I gratefully look forward to working with them. Have to do some research.
    It’s comforting/validating to know there are a few of us out there!

    By the way, my Saturn & Jupiter are square. No surprise, huh?

  6. Hi Bette,

    From your cancer rising we know the Jupiterian profection years to examine would be the whole birthday years from 17 to 18, 20 to 21, 29 to 30, 32 to 33, 41 to 42, 44 to 45, 53 to 54, 56 to 57, 65 to 66, 68 to 69 and 77 to 78, 80 to 81.

    Jupiterian themes can be correlated to your Sag Sun in those time periods. You can explore Jupiter’s transits during each of those years to identify correlates to your mundane experiences.

    Once you nail patterns you can see how Jupiter themes are related to your growth. Saturn is the builder in the 1st and yet, dealing with Saturnian constraints that may compromise growth, is a Jupiterian motif. You can mitigate Saturnian shadow, as keeping you in a moon/rising bind, by activating your Jupiter through pattern recognition. How Jupiter is the agent of growth in your profection years, as well its natal conditions, is a key to emancipating your Sagittarian Sun..

    Interesting themes.

    Interesting too along with GsG that we are, all three, balsamics with a mystic bent.. 😀

  7. Thank-you, Alexander – you touched upon both some familiar points & some helpful new ideas. Yes, I interact with the outer world, particularly crowds/traffic very sparingly, & have learned when it’s time to leave & return to solitude. Too much “out there” does deplete. A reason why I prefer to travel alone – so I can leave when it’s time.

    All placements in my chart are below the horizon except NN at 2Cancer & Uranus Rx at 15 Gemini – the latter in effective opposition to my Sun & Mercury (yes, do know how to be rebellious!). Anyway, it’s a very private chart. I’m a nurturer, not surprisingly, – it’s important that people & creatures around me have safety & enough to eat. I garden & preserve food, encourage others to garden, work quietly to educate others on the need to withdraw as much as possible from the big-agri food system.

    Barbara Hand Clow suggests that Jupiter conj. Chiron can be a bit of a know-it-all – I guess that showed up in me when I was younger, but less so now. The words that always come when I think about that conjunction are “Your art is your healing.” I continue to make art, whether it finds a market or not – most of what I’m currently doing celebrates the beauty of what’s left of the increasingly altered & toxified regional landscape.

    Green-Star-gazer, I have experienced the feeling of being invisible on & off throughout my life – now, it’s sometimes a choice, but when I was a child, it frightened me that no one seemed to notice me. I grew up on a non-modern farm, so I had the animals & birds, hills & trees & clouds for companions, but it was a childhood I can see lacked enough human presence/caring. My parents had each other; I had no one close.

    Yes, in a world driven by left-brain, supposedly rational thought, it IS tough & lonely to be an artist/mystic – I so often feel like the only one for miles & miles – & complicates our sense of invisibility. Online convesations such as these on PW are a blessing for me.

    My Scorpio moon is at 10*22′, & squares Mars (stationary direct, about to Rx) & Pluto Rx in Leo in my 2nd. I often find energy in that, but it can also get really, really stuck – & yet emotionally based decisions have often been financially disastrous. Something I’ve more recently begun to explore further is the fact that Neptune in Libra in my 4th is the most aspected planet in my chart, with 3 sextiles, a trine, & a semi-sextile plus square my nodal axis.

    Most of my astrology learning is traditionally based. I shall look for Dykes’ books.

    Re chart rulerships, I am definitely a lunar “type” – but there’s a strong streak of my sun-sign ruler in there also. Even when Saturn says “Don’t bother”, Jupiter tends to believe there’s a pony in that pile, & he/we love ponies.

  8. Alexander DeWitte and Everyone,

    your suggestion mirrors my experience. And yet, for me as reflected by my chart, the ability to “move into” the ascendant is usually a temporary passage brought on by the need to operate more effectively with outer world factors, but it is not where my heart and soul can live happily. I suspect that for me personally this is because of a few factors:
    – no planets in my first house – very early degree of Sag (ruling Jupiter conj Uranus is less accessible in 8th Cancer)
    – a heavily packed 12th house – Scorpio Sun, Venus, Saturn, Mercury with Pallas, Lilith and Ceres added for spice
    – a moon exactly conjunct Neptune conj Juno in Libra in the 11th – making it a slippery, diffused & detached place to live
    – no earth except Chiron in Cappy

    Just “showing up” in this world has been the central core and challenge of this lifetime it seems. I’ve always felt invisible. The outer world seems quite alien for the most part (except for Nature Herself) and for much of my incarnation freeing myself from the immense tides of the inner realms to at least try to function in the outer have been some of my greatest challenges/lessons. The management of time and money are still works in progress! 🙂 Much of the first half of my life was spent in working free of those lunar spaces where I seemed helpless to defend against all the projections heaped upon me and was unable to determine where the boundaries between self and other were drawn. But learning to accept my Solar energies helped tremendously in spite of astrology telling me that my 12th house Scorpio sun is veiled in mystery most of the time.

    I feel that perhaps some of us are just destined to be mystics.

    A 12th house mystery that I frequently ponder is this… at the time I was born the Sun and all that retinue (sometimes it looks like a Royal progression to me as in the days of old when the monarchy would troop about the countryside) were glittering on the horizon of the world, infusing the landscape with light and life. The time of sunrise is one of the most potent moments of the day, energetically speaking… the Earth and Sun are most closely linked at this time (and at sunset too but the energy of death is more present at the end of the day than at the beginning). Everything is waking up to a new day. It is a new start, a fresh beginning… the idea of inspiration in the literal sense as in taking in breath is infused deeply into my chart and into this life, for me. So why is the 12th house considered to be the land of shadows and mystery?
    Those of us born at sunrise, are coming into the world with the sun itself on that day… that in itself is a powerful symbol. We take our first breath as the world/landscape of our place of birth also it taking its “first breaths” of the day…. so why is it that the 12th house is supposed to represent all that is old, karmic, shadowy, etc. This basic tenet of Astrology is one that I still challenge because what astrology teaches is not always how I experience my chart. The properties that are assigned to the 12th house do not seem to fit entirely for those who begin this incarnation with the sunrise of that day. For me, the 12th house is a Light-filled palace filled with all manner of time portals into other dimensional experiences. It feels like HOME to me. But then, that makes sense because it is such a busy place in my personal chart and that is where the party IS!

    Yet, how I work best with the outer world is indeed most improved if I can step into my Sag-self and bring that fun-loving and expansive version of self out to play. People are definitely more comfortable with that energy. I’ve learned how to lean into the 1st house to best “show up” in the world, but this always is temporary for me. It is generally a pleasant passage, this inhabiting of the first house, but always, where I inevitably return to feel at home is in the happy household of my Scorpio-Sun filled sunrise landscape which astrology keeps telling me is heavy, dark and mysteriously difficult to define. YES it is, in terms of reason and rationalism, but not at all for the right-brained artist/mystic that I’ve become. For me, the “problem” if there is one, is that the world, deeply addicted to rationalism, reason and scientific thinking as it no longer makes much room for artists and mystics such as myself any more. The world has become a more surface-oriented place people in general are much happier meeting my Sag self and less interested in going deep with my Scorpio self. Is that my problem or is it just how it IS?

    For a very long time I tried to move into my Sag self and live more fully from that place, but it is not “me”, not in this case. Perhaps if I had some more earth elsewhere, or if I had a planet in the 1st to help me anchor my energies there more easily…. but always the light-filled sparkling waters of my deep 12th welcome me home…so salmon-like, I am happy to return to the waters of my birth. Interfacing effectively and happily with the outer world for a significant duration of time will have to wait for another incarnation I suspect! I’ve learned to be OK with that.

  9. Techie note — there are different ways to think of the “chart ruler” – one is the ascendant ruler, and one is the final dispositor. There may be a couple of others. They have different concepts working behind them. The AC ruler you might think of as a significator for the person whose chart it is, rather than the chart ruler.

  10. Bette Loreen,

    Of course your 5th House Scorpio moon has a strong flavour in your chart because it is the chart ruler. What an interesting dance between the crab’s need for an ‘external’ carapace and the Scorpionic need to percolate those ambiguous energies in the interior spaces. There is a need to meet the world with gentle nurture, to give and yet also to withhold, in order to protect your own precious energies.

    Since your were ‘born’ into your moon this is the originary ‘drama’ that set the stage for your evolution. On this note, I do not have the respective degrees, but conceivably/likely a balsamic moon which will will also make the conservation of energies important. Too much engagement with the world could make you physically ill.

    The Sun, with it’s expansive Jupiterian energy is in the 6th (what a dampener/grind!) and yet you are called into an adventure of transcendence and faith, despite your Sun’s 6th House garb.

    Saturn in detriment in Cancer is also retrograde. First, notwithstanding detrimental condition, Saturn is nonetheless in the First House – that COUNTS! Expressing himself through Cancer is a strange and foreign tongue and yet the retrograde seems to suggest lessons hard won through time about how to manage your emotions as resource (both for you AND the world – a win/win, rather than the usual win/lose. These lessons ALWAYS take time in our current cultural milieu). The image is one of a well earned fusion within your soul and Saturn (while challenged) supports this.

    Jupiter conjunct Chiron is interesting in this whole picture. I suggest from the little that I see here that you spend a little time exploring your natal Jupiter, and in terms of traditional (rather than modern) astrology, perhaps explore your profections and establish which planet is ruling your current birth year and what previous Jupiter years have brought to your life.

    If you have had little to no exposure to traditional astrology I would recommend the work of Benjamin Dykes. He is clear and helpful and translates many ancient texts – a true scholar. The beauty of exploring traditional astrology is that it can enhance our use of modern methods considerably.

    The prescription I described gives anyone a clear signposting system to sense make their own developmental trajectory. Exploring that is one of the greatest pay offs of natal chart work (e.g. mastering your own life signatures in breadth and depth).

    Best Wishes


  11. Such interesting discourse today. Alexander, you must be feeling pangs of melancholy for me as I don’t have any planets in the first, but I do have Leo there, so having the Sun as the ruler of the ascendent should count for something…maybe? I do have some difficulty manifesting what I see inside, but I am much closer to living radical honesty and bringing my true self out to the surface, the present moment. This is much easier with some people compared to others, but as an approach to relationships, it is both mutually beneficial, and it allows me to be much more at ease and self assured.

  12. Alexander, I was struck by your words that “Saturn in the 1st is a real asset tp bridge building from core beingness to manifestation in the world.” Wow. I have Cancer rising, Saturn Rx therein, & I can see I have struggled my entire life to feel a strong sense that I have a “right to be here” – & to become who I am. My 6th house Sagg sun & Mercury Rx love to talk, but timidity has limited me, & my 5th Venus/Moon in Scorpio, along with Jupiter conj. Chiron, love to create, & do it well, but it’s really, really hard to bring the work to the attention/appreciation of others.

    I guess part of it originated with being born the much younger second of two, late in my parents’ lives, & being the only one in the family with much water (I osmosed the feelings around me, & felt responsible for them). I was monitored constantly, told I couldn’t be an artist, & I believe they were afraid I’d embarrass them, scribble on the sign in their window, so to speak, which said “No problems here – we’re doing a good job.”

    I’m working to make the most of Jupiter’s current transit, but so far it’s been tough sledding.How to work more effectively with my Saturn seems to still be an issue.


  13. I’m not even sure where to start as the astrology of the next few weeks are profound for me. Thanks, Eric, for addressing the Jupiter/Varuna conjunction. It will be smack-dab on my Moon and Orcus, and on my ex’s Venus and Sun – and he is facing trial next week for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against me. His natal Mercury is going to be getting pinged by the Sun/Mercury/Iris conjunction, exactly on his DC and opposite his Lucifer ASC, Mars will be transiting his MC exactly, and it will be opposite Uranus which will be sitting on his IC. Orcus will sit on his Jupiter, too. Nessus/Proserpina will be conjunct on my North Node – the buck stops with me (I have to testify against him) and my journey through Hades, my initiation, should (hopefully) soon be over. Fingers crossed that this is the beginning of the end. Radical Honesty on the witness stand! xo

  14. A few years after this happened my mother said to me, ‘You know I trust you because you’re always totally honest with me’. But it took me a long long time to be able to be that honest with her – and I still have real difficulty with it in other relationships.

  15. Interesting stuff this Radical Honesty – was just checking it out. Some years ago (though not that many) it completely changed my relationship with my mother when I finally found the courage and told her to stop dumping on me. She left the room in a total fury, slamming the door and I stayed seated, terrified about what would happen next. She walked back in the room and continued getting her breakfast as if nothing had happend. Some time later when I asked her about it she told me I was right. I also realized that it sometimes happens with a friend of mine, who’s able to be herself with me. I was boring on about work and she literally yawned down the phone at me – when I asked if I was boring her she said yes, and we both had a good laugh about it. it is very lberating. I’ve got a long way to go though with bosses etc … Good luck with it Shelly!

  16. That Jupiter/Varuna conjunction is also within a few arc minutes of an exact conjunction to my natal Sun!

    I’ve been experimenting with Radical Honesty since just before the Grand Cross. At first I thought everyone would hate me, but they’ve been extremely receptive. People have had slightly negative reactions but when I kept being honest, no one ran away or threw hand grenades at me, which is what I spent a great deal of my life being terrified of. And I’ve been feeling calmer about the ways I am different from the people I am in relationships with and that that’s okay.

    I’m still struggling with using this on my parents, though.

  17. . . . . . . . and as Venus leaves the degree where the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction took place in 2000, where she had trined the U.S. Sibly Neptune and the President’s Mars, her influence will linger for a while. In this 2nd half of this last (for many, many years) earthy Jupiter-Saturn cycle we have the opportunity to grow beyond outdated values and obsolete forms of social order. Hope remains alive and mankind plows ahead!

  18. In light of the escalated talk (trans, Jupiter conjunct U.S. Sibly Mercury, exact on Thurs. the 19th) regarding ISIS (Sunnis ) and its attempt to overtake the Iraqi government (Shi’ites ) control, trans. Jupiter’s exact conjunction with trans. Varuna on the day of the New Moon in Cancer (which will conjunct U.S. Sibly Jupiter) would appear to be a clear enough warning to the U.S. to not interfere with what it has promised the U.S. people it was finished with.

    Tomorrow, Wednesday the 19th, transiting asteroid Isis and transiting Mercury will be conjunct at 29+ Gemini. At the time of the 9/11/01 attack the Moon was at 28+ Gemini and this conjunction between Isis and Mercury could stimulate those emotions from the past. Trans. asteroid Nemesis (goddess of revenge) is now and will still be in late 22+ Gemini, squaring the U.S. Sibly Neptune (22+ Virgo) as well as Obama’s Mars. The U.S. Mars had a conjunction with transiting Nemesis yesterday (21+ Gemini) and the desire to re-open old wounds is active in many old timers (U.S. Senate) right now.

    Hopefully, the powerful Varuna and Jupiter, along with transiting Isis and retro Mercury will “hold the world together” through these tempting times.

  19. I have a fairly simple astrological prescription for this issue that Brad Blanton describes here. It seems to me that the general developmental trajectory involves a rough parallel between a Freudian id-ego-superego triad AND an astrological moon-Sun-ascendant triad.

    For me, one of the specific goals of personal evolution is the journey from moon toward Sun within the maturational process. At all points the Ascendant is somewhat akin to the superego, wherein one must continually mediate between one’s inner reality and how that inner reality ‘meets the world’.. (I could say something about the two major arcana cards Justice and Temperance here, but some other time perhaps!)

    More than just the Ascendant, I feel we need to consider: number of planets in the 1st House and their type/quality/condition. Saturn in the 1st is a REAL asset in bridge building from core beingness into manifestation in the world. The conditions of detriment, fall, exaltation and domicile plus retrograde qualities and conjunctions all contribute to the scope of the 1st House to support the bridging process within maturation. I always feel melancholic pangs toward folk who lack any planetary presence in the 1st.

    For me, it is ONLY one axis of analysis when we reflect from the perspective of ‘mendacity’, because that is merely an expression of something deeper – this is cultural in nature as well as psychological. However, the psychological component is more dualistically conceived than astrology would suggest is healthy. Psychology, regrettably, falls into morality and right/wrong, healthy/unhealthy dyads all too easily.

    By delineating an astrological framework of development involving moon, Sun, Ascendant and 1st House in the natal chart we are offered resources way beyond the dualities so familiar within psychology.. Of course, once we embrace this, and make changes of astrological bent, it becomes possible to explore the layers/nuances and to sharpen our compassion, as well as enrich the quest for sophisticated and broad ranging solutions to a ubiquitous problem we all face in western societies.

    Alexander <3

  20. “the necessity to cultivate a loving and forgiving mind to oneself, which will also extend to others”

    Thank you Lizzy for reminding me of this. All my energy has been centered on an unrequited love relationship which is apparently/ allegedly of my (un)doing. There is no relief in my head, even with therapy. This pain in my heart won’t go away as i constantly beat myself up for not having courage or understanding. Yesterday I had the new thought of loving myself instead of the “lover.” There was some relief, minor, but relief non the less.

  21. Very interesting piece and quotes Eric, Brad Blanton is so right – but behind all of this huge pressure that leads us to lie so much is intense self-dislike and self-criticism. And that I feel is the part that needs to be addressed, it’s coming up so strongly for me now (also helped by Stormi’s word the other day), and I’m once again drawn back to the necessity to cultivate a loving and forgiving mind to oneself, which will also extend to others, and this indeed involves some work.

  22. “Well, I was a clinical psychologist in Washington, D.C., for about 30 years and it’s a great place to study lying. My clients taught me and in my own life I learned that the primary cause of most human stress, the primary cause of most conflict between couples and the primary cause of most both psychological and physical illness is being trapped in your mind and removed from your experience. What keeps you trapped in your mind and removed from your experience is lying and we all lie like hell all the time. We’re taught systematically to lie, to pretend, to maintain a pretense because we’re taught that who we are is our performance. Our schools teach us to lie, our parents teach us to lie. We’re all suffering from mistaken identity. We think that who we are is our reputation, what the teacher thinks of us, what kind of grades we make, what kind of job we have. We’re constantly spinning our presentation of self, which is a constant process of lying and being trapped in the anticipation of imagining about what other people might think. Our actual identity is as a present tense noticing being.”

    — Brad Blanton

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