First Quarter Moon, Leaning Toward Solstice

Your Daily Astrology for Tuesday, May 6, 2014 by Eric Francis

225+web-daily-iconWith the Sun past the midpoint of Taurus, the days continue to get longer and momentum builds toward the northern solstice. The Moon is gathering strength as we approach first quarter, exact at 11:14 pm EDT Tuesday. With both the Moon and Sun still in aspect to the Jupiter and the Uranus-Pluto square, this is a bold sky, still favoring the ‘make your own luck’ approach to life. Identify problems and solve them, remember what you want to create and get started, and do what you can to tip your energy forward — that’s the flow, even though Mars will still be retrograde till May 19. If you’re feeling stuck, ease yourself along as Mercury changes signs from Taurus to Gemini, one of its home signs, at 10:56 am on Wednesday, May 7. Use discernment about what is real and what is not, what’s true and what’s false, as Mercury approaches a slippery square to Neptune on May 11. This aspect is a reminder to be real with yourself and tell the truth to others, because whatever you might be denying could go (or be blown) out of proportion. One last: the big adventure on the horizon is Venus in Aries working its way toward an opposition to retrograde Mars — and then near-simultaneous conjunction to Uranus, a square to Pluto and a square to Jupiter. Though that’s not exact for more than a week, the wave of passion and intrigue is building right now.

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5 thoughts on “First Quarter Moon, Leaning Toward Solstice”

  1. Is exactly that Eric, I just identify the problem for the translation on my mobile to have the same technique as on my desktop computer.

    Near natal Uranus Moon, I love this astrological meeting

    Thanks for your article and wonderful day to you ☆★☆★☆★ des étoiles ☆★

  2. Great advice; some of which could be attributed to the more subtle aspects of Scorpio’s (co-ruled by Mars) Saturn in his sesquiquadrate (unexpected limitations) to Venus in Aries and his novile (trine-like) aspect to Mars in Libra (ruled by Venus and where Saturn is exalted). Sounds like the makings of that “passion and intrigue” coming next week!

  3. Concise, pithy post and a nice complement to the more in depth Daily Astrology posting for which PW is known and uniquely best, differentiating it from all the other astrology websites out there.


  4. Hi Eric,

    I REALLY like this condensed and tightly focused style of report. Gives me a real connection to the energies and helps me feel excited, encouraged and well-prepared for leaning into the next few days. Liking this quick-read feature very much, thanks!

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