A New Constellation

The first quarter Moon passed late Sunday, and the Moon has just completed a conjunction to Saturn in Scorpio. The sky is now organized as a square pattern between planets in fixed signs Leo and Scorpio, with many supporting factors. The Scorpio cluster includes Vesta, Mars, Saturn and the Moon, square the Leo cluster of Jupiter, Mercury, the Sun and the mean lunar apogee.

These planets in the fixed signs are creating some potent tension in the sky — passion, a drive for action, and a new vision stoked by Jupiter in Leo and fueled emotionally by the potency of Scorpio. It is not the kind of passion that burns out, but rather the kind that sustains and renews itself. Not an impulsive kind of passion but rather a thoughtful and deep kind. In the style of Jupiter, the new vision to which I’m referring is both creative and practical. There is such a thing.

There are several pressure vents — the Pisces group of Neptune, Chiron and Borasisi is giving the intensity of Scorpio somewhere to express it itself. The Aries group of Uranus, South Node and Eris is giving the heat and fire of Leo somewhere to express itself. You could say this is an aspect pattern with something for everyone.

Along with this setup, the Sun is positioned at the midpoint of Leo, which is Lughnasadh, also called First Harvest or Second Planting. This is one of the four Gaelic seasonal festivals or cross-quarter days, corresponding to Samhain, Imbolc and Beltane. This is one of the High Sabbats, in the style of Leo.

One interesting fact of the current alignment is that the least-represented element is earth, though Pluto in Capricorn is providing an anchor point there. Pluto’s message is to go deep, make real changes to structure as well as to concept, and place an anchor for whatever you’re doing into physical reality. For those pursuing the financial aspect of success, there is the reminder said often by my old friend (the late) Alfred Schweitzman, apropos of this time of the First Harvest — all wealth comes from the Earth.

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  1. Does anyone know, is this considered Gibbons Phase as is just past Quarter? I was just last night researching Lunar Phases in Natal Chart. B/c I saw in aspect today it was the same lunar phase as my natal (in Scorpio).

    I love how the phases were described on cafe astrology with the analogy of the plant.
    Here is Fist Quarter and Gibbons for our current phase (s) below.

    “When the First Quarter comes about, the plant has passed the initial stages of survival and is now sending down roots. By firmly anchoring its life force, the plant is able to concentrate its energies in the growth of stems and leaves with the tiny buds appearing by the beginning of the Gibbous Phase.”

    “During the Gibbous Phase the plant is focusing on the reason for its existence. By ridding itself of everything superfluous, the culmination of its entire past from its beginning is brought to the moment of its achievement by coming into bloom.”

    For all phases, the degrees and descriptions to see how we are affected when born and come in under the influence of one of the Moon’s phases see -http://www.cafeastrology.com/natal/lunarphases.html

  2. Here’s what struck me after reading the new constellation piece.
    02:10:01 UT – 1992 QB1 stations retrograde (2 ta 28′ 8″)
    For Aug 4 but Sunday night EDT.

    Perhaps what got me to look at Tracey’s site was closing comment @ earth. Hmm. Within 28′ of my MC, time to revisit 9th house?

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