Are Opposites Really Opposite?

Your Daily Astrology for Thursday, May 8, 2014 by Eric Francis


The Moon enters Virgo Thursday at 2:24 am EDT, and soon after forms an opposition (180 degree aspect) to centaur planet Nessus — which is one of those not-so-subtle newer discoveries similar to Chiron. Centaur planets add intensity to any equation, and Moon opposite Nessus may feel like anything from a restless night to anxiety to gaining clarity into an emotional situation. Through Friday, the Moon opposes Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, describing a confrontation between the emotional and the rational; between what makes no sense and what supposedly makes perfect sense. The dynamic may express itself in your environment — or in your inner space. Then as mentioned yesterday, Venus is moving into an opposition to Mars, creating more tension, though one wrinkle is that Mars is retrograde. In this equation, Venus is definitely the more assertive or aggressive planet. One reason that’s true is that Mars is at the end of a long retrograde. It’s not ready to express itself fully yet; we will learn a lot more when Mars stations direct May 19. This opposition may represent another example of a face-off or stand-off, or the image of a ‘war between the sexes’. Yet there’s a question implied in both of these aspect patterns — are the seeming opposites really opposite? Not if you consider everything from its seemingly mirror point of view. Though this may be the last thing you’d think of, it’ll be worth the effort. You’ll discover things that ease your social and professional interactions, and that ease your mind. Read yesterday’s post.

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13 thoughts on “Are Opposites Really Opposite?”

  1. I have Nessus/NN opposite the Moon/SN in my natal chart, and this is square the current Nessus opposite the Moon, making a grand cross of Nessus and the Moon (and a few other planets and asteroids). I have had two examples of how this played out recently.

    Transiting Nessus is in my 8th house and I am experiencing a lot of emotional issues regarding money, someone else’s money that directly effects me. This person was stabbed in the back (I say this phrase because Wednesday night I had a dream that someone was stabbing this person in the back, I knew exactly what it was referring to, it was heartbreaking to watch), they were given a large check that bounced and then spiraled into other peoples checks bouncing, fees and all that stuff. It’s a long story that I won’t go into, but it also clearly relates to the 11th/5th axis based on the people involved. The situation is clearly a confrontation between the emotional and the rational.

    The second example is that at times I find myself being used unwittingly as a pawn in someone else’s issue. Wednesday night I received an email from someone related to an issue that she put me in the middle of a while ago. At the time I was publicly humiliated by the other party involved, and yet I had done nothing but follow up on an offer that someone posed to me that sounded interesting. That put me in the middle of their battle, and the negativity and abuse of power was directed my way (I have Nessus in the 11th so I am familiar with these kind of group dynamics). But this time, after the email Wednesday, I was able to inquire with another person involved and the “leader” of this particular organization, and she offered to handle it, so I was able to redirect the confrontation because of my awareness.

    It seems to me that these are the projections of other people’s power trips or hang ups that they can’t see (like I didn’t see what I was walking into the first time), and so I try really hard to see their lack of awareness and feel compassion for it rather than animosity, it can be very difficult with the moon opposite Nessus, it always feels so personal. But switching perspective to see them as you, can shift the emotions to a healing energy.

    Nessus always forces me to stop what I am doing, no matter how important, and face the issue. Currently it is continuously surfacing things that I prefer to put on the back burner, but I recognize the anxiety I start to feel with strong transits to Nessus, and take a deep breath and dive in, tuning out the outer world to explore the inner nuances of the situation based on what arises, and what feelings arise, allowing the thoughts to flow, but always bringing them back to the issue if they drift away. This exercise is especially helpful with Nessus in Pisces and the moon involved. I haven’t realized until now that Nessus plays a role in my skill of seeing the bigger picture, seeing all sides of a situation, and ferreting out the best response, by looking at everyone’s perspective and role. Of course this does not happen when I am too emotional. If I can’t separate the emotion, I try to look at it as a play and put an actor in for me, and then I can work with the script, because it then becomes less personal.

  2. be~
    I’m glad you could follow along with that example without a background in “yoga-speak”:) Put simply, an “asana”, is a sanskrit word for a pose performed during hatha yoga, (the physical aspect of yoga). In yin yoga, these poses, or asana, are held for a longer period of time, so that on a physical level, the connective tissue might be accessed…. a prime example of an area of the body that holds emotion and is often physically tight, is in the hip area — strong emotions can be stored here for obvious reasons for many, many years. So, by holding a position for an extended period of time, emotions may be accessed and energy re-leased. It is not uncommon in a yoga class that is yin or restorative in nature, for people to have huge emotional releases — and have no freakin’ clue where “all that” came from….

    here is a quote that I just came across that holds import in this discussion:

    “What drew me to the practice of asana was an intuitive feeling that these movements were not just “stretching”; they seemed to have some greater connection with my soul. It was only later after years of training that I began to learn the deep symbolism each asana represents. I now believe that each asana represents an aspect of myself and as such offers me a powerful doorway inward. Thus for many people the practice of asana can become more than a physical act; it can be a form of moving meditation.”

    ~Judith Hanson Lasater, Phd

  3. muddpi, thanks so much for your intuitive example. I wish you would describe what the asana position is (me not being a yoga person!)

  4. be —
    I definitely feel like I am being asked, or demanded to stretch ….. this ” testing the elasticity of our souls as well as our bodies…” — well said ! such tension and awareness held in the cardinal cross, combined with the fluid nature inherent in the water trine — reminds me of doing yin yoga — the body is held in an asana for a prolonged period of time — allowing the body to open up slowly — releasing the tension safely, and allowing awareness to bubble up from an embodied level for awareness, and release.

  5. It’s interesting that Shelley mentions the last Uranus/Pluto square was supposedly linked to the 5th chakra of communication.

    I have heavily been feeling the pressure of things said and things unsaid, and those things said but said in vagaries to either protect ourself or another from the harshness of the truth.

    The eclipse in April followed by the grand cardinal cross tipped a few dominoes that had been pecariously lined up for some time (in my case since roughly August 2013).

    A whole stand off has been created in several of my relationships. It almost follows like a story line- stubborn Taurus in Mercury would rather not say and just goes about his business.

    Suddenly Venus is in Aries and I can no longer “try and understand” why certain people’s actions toward me are so angering, nebulous, or under the table, as I did while Venus was in compassionate Pisces. It suddenly seems much more logical to make my needs known. Many emotional bombs started to pop like fireworks.

    Mars’ present retrograde in Libra adds to the frustration, because behind everything the peace loving tendency is feeling thwarted or sidetracked, yet Mars is hellbent on persevering, still trying to keep the harmony however long it may take to get there.

    Now the picture is painted of a situation that Mercury in Gemini could majorly help. Gemini is straightforward like Aries and knows that a few words could clear up all of this, but the fastly approaching square with Neptune brings those slippery urges to sidle around the truth and avoid the hard edges.

    The story is unfinished but it’s seeming that the best antidote to Neptune’s avoidance tendencies is to approach communications (Mercury) in touchy relationships (Venus) from a place of love and transcendence (Neptune), hopefully remembering during the Mars and Venus opposition that behind all the frustration the ultimate point of confrontation (Aries) should be resolution (Libra).

  6. I’ve been getting this feeling that the Mars – Venus opposition, along with the Mercury ingress to Gemini, and now the Moon in Virgo is part of a stretching process; testing the elasticity of our souls as well as our bodies. It most certainly is associated with all the recent cardinal cross and eclipse stuff. We need to be as pliable as possible for the ensuing energy and the activity it will manifest as. Mutable signs facilitate that and so do oppositions. Call it growth.

  7. This astrology absolutely nailed my current situation at home. Our emotions got the best of us and now we are moving forward to being rational. We all came to an agreement and we are moving on. Amazing!

  8. Thanks for the reality check. I needed some encouragement working with a sudden influx of seemingly opposing energies and ideas. This was a great reminded that all aspects (and experiences, I suppose!) are about integration.

  9. Mary, thank you. Would you please read the new column when it posts (which will be scheduled for 8 pm ET) and place any corrections in the comments field? This will save the “middle man” of emails and avoid the issue of potentially missed emails. Once I enter the corrections, I will delete the comment. Thank you!

  10. hey eric,

    always ready to read (as in “proof”) for you, anytime of day (just give me a heads-up) … I am honored, btw.

    Nessus ends up playing such a massive role in my life, not unlike my 12th house Chiron in Aquarius … searching for ways to open up an Aquarian-group therapy on a site that is progressive and the definition of integrity. Ideas? I’m open.

    Bless ya’ll,

  11. I have moved the posting time back by a couple of hours for that reason. We used to post at midnight; I will post as early as possible. Note, I am not doing magic here, or sticking to the exact events of that day exclusively — the outlook of the column is always a few days ahead.

  12. I would like to make a suggestion if I may?
    Since many of us are ahead in time in Australia, would you be willing to consider posting earlier than usual? It feels like the energies pass us before we get a chance to read up on them.
    Thanks guys, and I love to hear about the technical side more as well.
    Cheers Ele

  13. Eric: Once again you maintain your place on the wave front of astrology, with an innovative PED-friendly format which combines the traditional horoscope with a non-traditional form. An excellent hit on the Moon, by the way.

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