The Devil in the Blue Dress

Alyssa, photographed for Book of Blue by Eric Francis.
Alyssa, photographed for Book of Blue by Eric Francis.

This is Alyssa, whose blue dress was the point of discussion in the thread below (What does this photo say to you?, and this followup on the a feminist theory called The Male Gaze.

6 thoughts on “The Devil in the Blue Dress

  1. When I first looked at it, I was not actually seeing a gender, I was seeing the knot and with the self esteem article I thought of people being all tied up in knots about the stuff our parents, religions and society have programmed in us. After a second look, it looked like the style of shirt was feminine instead of masculine but it still didn’t look threatening or against women or erotic. It was just a knot, almost a tying up of our voices because we are afraid to speak out and be ourselves. Low self esteem is all about not speaking up; not telling people in our lives our beliefs, our needs, our feelings. Yet the knot is a bit loose, like we could untie it if we chose.

    Whatever the reason the woman had that reaction, I would bet it has a whole lot to do with things in her life, not really with the picture itself.

  2. You know it’s funny — I don’t see this as an erotic photo. I see her eye and only her eye. The rest of the image is trivial to me, or it is like a book that leads to one conclusion: fixating on that eye and wondering what is going through her mind.

    But yeah, if I take it all in…she has the same magnetism that she has in person, which can get my attention from across the room when I am looking the other way.

  3. It is an erotic photo. The “her” is not prepped to sell a product, so I am not getting object. A photo was taken, presented, and I respond. There’s alot of response and that is a good thing. As stated it has to do with me, not “her.” So it is art. And what is the function of art anyway?

    The question of the subject being a person with feelings and opinions is a head fuck because it is a work of art I am responding to and not a person. The person could be photoed at another time or another place or I could be at another time or another place and my response could be different. It is a moment in time. A good moment. One to reflect on. And well chosen.

  4. I felt the same way. Sometimes I cannot see how beautiful these sessions are till a couple of months later. Actually we both loved it at the time.

    Now we can deconstruct this one. Am I turning her into an erotic object, or does she still get to be a person with feelings? Does her opinion matter?

  5. Thank you. After the discussion and the other photo, it feels really good to see this one! It makes me breathe.

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