Tsunami of Compassion

By Carlos Cedillo

We are in the middle of a truly spectacular shift towards heartfelt compassion that can finally propel humanity towards a different destiny; one that we collectively manifest from within the heart of the universe. Humanity has moved far away from the ancient Cartesian logic and into the Post-New-Age Heart consciousness. Things simply cannot go back to the status quo where conflicts just simmer and wait for another explosion.


Our hearts demand that we recognize the oneness of all forms of consciousness and that we all behave and treat each other with mutual respect and dignity, as we each want ourselves to be treated. Does that sound familiar?

We are less than one 40-day “step” until the end of another tzolkin round, on Sept. 2, 2014. That date is 13 Ahau/Sun. According to the Chilam Balam (the Jaguar prophet books of the post-invasion Maya) “The Perfumed Flower will Open,” as we had celebrated Oct. 28, 2011.

That was the end of the 9 “underworlds” of the Maya calendar according to Dr. Carl Calleman (please see Ian Xel Lungold on Mayan Majix for more information). The fruits of this tzolkin round will be ripe for harvesting. As we continue climbing the universal DNA ladder, a new cycle of creation begins with 1 Imix/Crocodile Sept. 3, 2014.

The current uinal (20-days cycle) ends on 6 Ahau/Sun (Aug. 13, 2014), a great time for healing light energies. This begs the question, how can we as Lightworkers use our Light and Love to make a difference? We are all tired of seeing lives destroyed by senseless violence. How did so many people lose their senses?

The mind has a way of latching on to words, symbols or unwritten rules shared by the local tribes. The heart chakra can be cut off by folks who grapple with these heavy religious ideas and irreconcilable myths. It is especially difficult if you have only been exposed to one book and one community’s narrow interpretation of that book. Do all these things written in old books have to apply to living in the “Now?”

Leaders that have been hanging around since the previous Baktun era (the one that ended Dec. 21, 2012) are spinning these ancient tales to keep their constituencies under control. By simply using loaded words, media and politicos can alter public perception, and thus manipulate what direction events take in reality.

By calling the children fleeing Central America “illegal immigrants,” instead of “refugees” like they truly are, people’s heart chakras can be shut off from feeling compassion and empathy for the children who clearly need us to protect them. Calling tunnels under Gaza “terror tunnels” instead of “survival tunnels” allows Israeli’s military, mostly young adult males, to feel justified in their current incursion into Gaza.

As Humanity “grows up” and learns that we need to stand up on our own feet and think with our own minds, we can take the wind out of the sails of these old-school politicians by becoming less reliant on sectarian religions and doctrines that prevent our minds and hearts from acting in solidarity.

Fortunately the universe is granting us much more energy to heal than those political leaders can find to create wars. We can all feel a spectacular lift in positive bio-resonant vibrational frequencies coming from every human soul who holds a peaceful space for themselves, in this same world where such chaos and violence seem at a crest right now. We can feedback-loop those positive frequencies to conflict hot spots right now.

Saying prayers of peace near the ocean or any other natural water source can help connect us all in a harmonic of blissful peace.

The current treceña began with 1 Ik/Wind last Sunday along with the new Moon (July 26, 2014). Thankfully there was a 12-hour ceasefire in the Israel/Gaza conflict last Sunday, a little “breathing” room.

One Ik was also the time of the Venus Transit of June 6, 2012, for those in Europe and the Eastern Hemisphere. Here in Central Texas, on June 5, 2012, (13 Imix/Crocodile) we celebrated the Venus Transit at a plum orchard in Blanco, Texas. We honored the newly restored divine feminine energy and its balance with the divine masculine.

Perhaps we should take the peace initiative as we build up to 13 Ix, Cosmic Jaguar day, coming Aug. 7, 2014. We have all been in suspense as to when the great dramatic shifting of the ages would occur. As if direct instant access to all the world’s information and world-wide communication through the Internet was not enough, we need to work harder on developing oneness-consciousness through our heart chakras and we need to figure out how to quell the remaining anger, hate and other negative vibes holding us back from becoming citizens of the Galactic community. This time around we could be co-creating with the Celestial Jaguars returning to devour the universe!

July ends on a mellow healing vibe on 5 Kame/Death and 6 Quej/Deer. The number 6 is infused with the energy of Kame because Kame is the sixth day in every uinal cycle. Also, because we are in a uinal that ends on 6 Ahau/Sun, there is plenty of transformational healing going on.

August roars in with 7 Qanil, the Lucky Rabbit Venus warrior (Aug. 1, 2014). Saturday, Aug. 2, 2014, is 8 Toj/Water, a day of great offerings and strong emotion.

Tojil is the Mayan deity that promised humans fire if they allowed him to “suckle” them; suckling was actually the heart sacrifice ritual! This 8 Toj will be a somewhat dramatic turning point in the real conflict — those who finance wars versus everyone else on the planet.

Remember to stay in gratitude and that you are co-creating in the Big Dream.

All together relations,

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Carlos is available to help you along your road of spiritual awareness through private Maya tzolkin readings and sacred ceremonies. Contact him at cosmicjaguar@yahoo.com and check out his website, Violet Flame Records.

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9 thoughts on “Tsunami of Compassion”

  1. Hi Carlos,
    Thank you so much for the interpretation for August 3 – 9 Tzi/Dog. Tzi day was fabulous! I definitely had my “pack” around with my son and his cousin helping my partner prepare the food, and serving everyone. My cousin turned up unexpectedly and played the blues, and turned the afternoon into a really jolly happy occasion. There was a lot of love and respect – so much healing and acceptance – definitely light and interconnectedness! Thank you.
    Thanks also, Be, for the article in the Mountain Astrologer. We really are waking up from the dream and seeing everything for what it is – refugees, survival tunnels – no matter what they tell us! The manipulation is wearing off like anaesthetic.

    In love & light,

  2. Yes, like a gold mine (as Lea says, thank you Lea!)!

    Your suggestion/s remind me of a vision I have long had of “hovering” over black obsidian cliffs above the ocean, at one time I was wrapped in black shroud, but a number of years ago, the shroud was gone (in these visions). The energy of the sea is powerful (spoken like a Pisces Sun with Jupiter and Neptune and the NN conjunct on the IC at 1+ Scorpio!)

    I know that I am moving into something (and literally closer to those cliffs and the ocean) and your words here (each week) are a consistent testament to that. Thank you.

  3. Your posts are like gold mines with ore deposits throughout–one ore deposit I overlooked commenting on earlier is this:

    “By simply using loaded words, media and politicos can alter public perception, and thus manipulate what direction events take in reality.
    By calling the children fleeing Central America “illegal immigrants,” instead of “refugees” like they truly are, people’s heart chakras can be shut off from feeling compassion and empathy for the children who clearly need us to protect them. Calling tunnels under Gaza “terror tunnels” instead of “survival tunnels” allows Israeli’s military, mostly young adult males, to feel justified in their current incursion into Gaza.”

    What you mention here is so self-apparent and deep at the same time–don’t we deep within know those words are not true when we hear and see them?–but do we stop and ask ourselves what ARE the TRUE WORDS for what is being spoken of? and then do we say them over and over to our souls in order to be set free from the mind control that false words are intended to create?

  4. So grateful for your piece, Carlos, and for all the comments too. Am pretty overwhelmed by the energy that’s coming in now – it’s really knocked me off my feet. It’s as if it’s saying it’s time to let go of all my parents’ stuff, that has ‘possessed’ me since birth – and to reclaim my own spirit. At the same time I find the constant barrage of missiles plunging into Gaza and killing xcores of people, in shelters and marketplaces no less (what the hell are they playing at!), totally unbearable. I find some soalce here. Thank you.

  5. I live close to Lake Erie. Have done some little ceremonies down there intuitively. Your understanding and speaking of how we become more connected to one another through the waters really resonates with me. Thank you. Need to think about that Tojil suckling/heart sacrifice….


  6. Carlos and Leilani,

    Transiting Neptune has returned (moving retrograde) to the degree of Pisces symbolized (Sabian) by a large cross lying on rocks surrounded by sea mist, and illuminated by a shaft of light. To me this indicates some synchronicity with saying prayers near the ocean and Leilani’s home.

    A new article at The Mt. Astrologer magazine site explores the way humanity is and has been manipulated into believing what is not true and accepting it. If we are – as I believe – moving away from the mind control and illusion that we have been brainwashed into accepting as normal life, then the author, Robert Bonomo, in his “The 7 Pillars of the Matrix”, has a fascinating concept as to how this happened. Using the 7 visible planets, Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon, he has assigned to each one of them a process or form of indoctrination (a Pillar) that has been in practice for 50,000 years. It might shed some light on how to move through these transformative times and into The Big Dream creation.


  7. Leilani,
    Aug. 3rd is 9 Tzi/Dog. Dog days are great for family and friends, your “pack”.

    9 is about light and the interconnectedness of all things, completion.

    Best Wishes!

  8. Hi Carlos,
    Thank you for the uplifting messages, seeing the healing in all the chaos, and encouraging us to open our hearts and reside in that peaceful space, sharing it with all. I love the idea of praying near water to share with the world. Living on a “rock” in the middle of the Pacific ocean allows me to use the power of the greatest ocean on Earth to send love and healing all around the planet, so thank you for that great suggestion.
    Can you tell us what the day and energies are on Sunday, 3 August please? I am planning a special party and hoping to bring my son into the fold with my new partner, whom he has skirted around these past six months. My partner is so looking forward to being friends with my 19yro as he only has daughters. We have not put any pressure on him at all, but would like my son to know he has two families now instead of one.
    In gratitude for your great work,

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