The Mars Effect for Libra — sample of text

Read about the Planet Waves annual edition project, now in its 15th year — and dip into past annual readings. Here is a sample from the reading for LIBRA:

To you who have been developing your inner relationship for some time, you will get a chance to deepen your experience of that relationship, and start to see some of the ways that it manifests in everything you experience.

Part of the Mars Effect is how this experience of ‘projection makes perception’ will manifest for everyone, since everyone has Libra in their chart. But you who have it in the first position — your 1st house, your Sun sign or your ascendant — the message is distinctly personal and individual.

It will influence you many ways, including having the effect of stripping off your veneer and insisting that you present yourself to the world in an authentic way, all the time. This may entail bringing more of your inner questing, ambivalence or conflict to the surface, where people can see it and relate to you through it, rather than your usual impeccable presentation that you show the world.

You are aware that many forces have been moving and shifting within you, going back at least five years. It’s as if the very ground of your being is shifting. It’s challenging to find anything or anyone that is truly stable, and it’s difficult to know who and what to trust.

There are astrological significators suggesting that you’re digging deep into your past and may even be letting loose the ghosts of ancient history, sifting through ancestral material on what seems to be a huge archeological dig that is at the center of your emotional word.


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