We Are Our History

By the very title of my column — Fe 911 — it’s been my assignment here to provide an antidote to the shock doctrine we’re continually bombarded with culturally, politically and socially. Some days, these shocks come faster than usual. These last two months in particular we have seen more than what we’re used to, and perhaps even more than what we should bear.

I have been keeping vigil on the blogs like a watch in a ship’s crow’s nest. The ongoing investigation into the handling of the Trayvon Martin shooting in Sanford, Florida stays high on my radar. The promotion of even more stringent laws in state legislatures curtailing women’s reproductive freedom keeps me transfixed. I am looking for the trends in the Supreme Court arguments as they rule on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act — also known as Obamacare. These three current and seemingly disparate events are and continue to be the loci of the present-day Uranus-Pluto square in America: the struggle to provide equal justice under the law regardless of race; the struggle for a woman’s self-determination over her own body; the struggle to define the role of government in the life of the individual. These are historical flash points spanning three centuries of our country’s history, spilling over into the fourth.

Trayvon Martin and the current crop of ultrasound laws are the reverberation of the abolitionist and women’s suffrage movements from 160 years ago when Uranus was conjunct Pluto in Aries, returning again with the civil rights movement of the 1960s when Uranus was conjunct Pluto in Virgo. Our current drama surrounding the Affordable Care Act is the third in a series of aspects that began with Roosevelt’s New Deal while Uranus in Aries squared Pluto in Cancer in 1930-34, then proceeded with Medicare, approved by Congress during the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in the mid-1960s.

If it seems that we are trying to resolve problems that should have been fixed long ago, I keep remembering that our country’s social and economic structure required racism and gender oppression to successfully control and commodify our natural resources. This seems to be hard-wired into our national psyche. We are now at the point where national health care — a standard by which the advanced development of a country is rated — is a political battleground. That battleground is another form of oppression.

When Uranus aspects Pluto, challenges to this mindset not only happen, eventual change and the necessary revolution to create that change comes more easily. As painful as it is, Uranus and Pluto seem to act like a necessary lathe to further refine and civilize this country. Let us hope for all our sakes that that lathe makes it somewhere into the recesses of Justices Kennedy’s, Scalia’s and Alito’s minds these next few months.

Today, as Venus enters Gemini, and with Mercury stationing direct, the one word that I hold like a talisman against all the forces attempting to push our country and consciousness backwards is courage. It’s easy to be afraid, angry and reactionary. But time is ready for clear-headed forward motion.

We were an empire with too many dangerous toys and dark interests wrestling for the empire’s control. We need to ask ourselves, “What are we now?” to self-scrutinize and re-evaluate our role in the world before wrecking havoc unchecked on the rest of the planet. A fallback to days gone by — even just to the 1950s as some of our more conservative friends demand — is not just anachronistic. As we’ve said before and will repeat: it is dangerously impractical socially, geo-politically and environmentally to continue.

For today’s piece, I found Bkoehler’s comment in this morning’s daily astrology thread particularly inspirational. She says:

In 1960 the Moon’s South Node was in Pisces and now in 2012 Neptune and Chiron are in Pisces, and recently, Sun, Venus, Mercury and a host of newly discovered astral bodies too. It signifies the end of an era and the preparation or clearing for a new era. It is very important that the world, through the experiences of American citizens, fully grasp, absorb and accept the changes begun in 1960 that define the on-going evolution of humankind. What you sense happening in your own lives is partly due to those global and societal imperatives to grow in consciousness, and a recognition that you are part of the solution, and therefore part of the whole. It is a wonderful opportunity to be part of History in a really, really good way.

We need to keep reminding ourselves that the big picture — the power of us — has dawned. Thanks to the Internet, regime change is sparking in the Middle East, we’re holding a spotlight on the criminal wrongdoings of the US financial industry, we’re exposing and ridiculing politicians seeking to strip our human rights away and we’re working to find justice for one young man caught in the wrong place at the wrong time by the wrong people. We have the tools that can help us overcome forces looking to destroy us and our world.

The late great poet Sekou Sundiata once said that “our ancestors dreamed us into being.” When he wrote that, he was talking about the people who, in the mid-19th century, risked their lives for freedom from a horrifically inhumane economic institution. Since then, the struggle has been one that has proceeded forwards, not back. In this day and age, with the ability to connect instantly across the globe and a world needing us to take a critical look at ourselves, our institutions and our foundering sense of compassion, what else are we capable of?

Instead of wondering when the next attack on our freedom as individuals is going to come from, what do we dream of? In spite and because of our Sibley chart — a bag of mixed blessings — the most compelling moments in the timeline of our history are when we take the initiative to follow through on the impetus to change. We need to act in the full knowledge of our history, changing and transcending our history’s self-serving trajectory. Like our ancestors before us, if we are to become our history, it’s time to write a new chapter, one that will make future generations proud to look back.

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  1. Fe,
    Hope you get an answer from michele. Soon.

    I felt it too my friend. And thanks for the stone story. Remember Len saying what we each discovered would connect all our discoveries together? That was when the Sun was conjunct Uranus.

    I wonder if the Hopi corn is connected to April 4 1960 Ceres conjunct QB1 and the April 4 2012 Ceres conjunct QB1. I wonder if it has anything to do with Monsanto. Between 14 Aquarius and 27 Aries is 73 degrees. The Quintile aspect is 72 degrees and is allowed an orb of 2 degrees. “One of the abilities unique to this family of aspects (divides a circle by 5, 10 and 20) is the capacity to understand the inner relation between seemingly isolated sets of circumstances” (The Minor Aspects by F. Sakoian and L. Acker).

  2. Fe ya. i tossed and turned until the shift occurred.

    Be Never heard about the broken stone before – fascinating. Ive gotten even more curious after reading the stories and the history and after recalling how Pueblo Bonito called to me at the same time did a friend from Tuba City AZ – in the summer of 1968.

    The stone:
    “Author Frank Waters claims that he was shown this third tablet in Oraibi in 1960. He describes the stone as “approximately 10 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 1½ inches thick. The stone resembled a dull gray marble with intrusive blotches of rose.”[26] The physical existence of such a stone is substantiated by a few other sources. For instance, in the late 19th century, several Mormon missionaries were visiting a Hopi named Tuba in Oraibi. Tuba took his visitors inside the village kiva and once there, he produced what appeared to be a marble slab about 15″x18”. This was covered in “hieroglyphic” markings including clouds and stars.[27] As well, the later Ethnological Report No. 4 produced by the US government seems to uphold the existence of such a stone, based on the testimony of John W. Young and Andrew S. Gibbons. This describes the stone as made of “red-clouded marble, entirely different from anything found in the region.”[27]”

    The city where is may be?:
    “The name of the town honors Tuuvi, a Hopi headman from Oraibi who converted to Mormonism. The Navajo name for? Tuba City, Tó Naneesdizí translates as “tangled waters”, which probably refers to the many springs below the surface of the ground which are the source of several reservoirs.”

    (all from Wikipedia)

  3. BTW, did anyone else just feel the world change? It just went “ka-chunck” and changed. Really something. Like a railroad car hitching or unhitching.

  4. a broken stone? oh my. This is the subject of my current screen play. Thanks for the tip.

    All of us here – thank you for the enlightenment that has occurred here today now. xo

  5. Michele:

    The predicament you described — where crack replaces what was once an economy and perhaps even, a complete society and culture — is common amongst the more vulnerable, politically invisible societies. What happened? How did you lose a generation? Was it to drugs? Was it due to leaving the circle? The community? Was something taken from your community and culture that caused the loss?

  6. Recommended Reading 🙂

    For a remarkable story of creation, follow the link liminali has provided below. Now I understand better the History of Us, and also why the goddess asteroid Diana has been conjunct the north node, along with Juno for some time now. Spiders, doves, chipmunks, coyotes and even more, Diana, as ruler over wild life, has provided another method to access better understanding of our ancestors and our future. Keep your eyes open for “a certain Bahana” who will come from the East and carry a broken stone. He will bring good fortune to us all.

  7. michele,

    You are the perfect person to bridge the gap of generations where you live, and you must; to heal the wounds of the generation who barely remembers the land and what it means. Your story is heart-breaking, but up-lifting at the same time. Bless you and thank you for sharing.


    Couldn’t decide. . go to the Hopi site first or acknowledge the wealth of insight you have provided us with . . again. I found that the way you listed your own ‘dot-connecting, by planet or body, and the dates and entities that connected them, to be much easier to follow than my random-thought meandering-through-the-facts style. I’ve learned so much from you and that one is a biggee! Also, grateful for your sussing out just one more remarkable event for this upcoming month of June. The hits just keep coming. Now on to the Hopi site for even more connectivity (thank you too Juno for your guidance).

  8. Thank you, Fe, and thank you, Be for continuing to connect various dots that help tell the stories of our times. When y’all began discussing 1960 recently, I kept thinking, I’m living that astrology! I was born in 1960; about 4 hours after Mercury stations will be my 52nd solar return.

    Be, I wanted to thank you for your response to my comments 3/30 re the Trayvon Martin chart(s). One thing I noticed about the timing in this case is that when Saturn retrograded to 27 Libra on March 21, people started taking a lot more notice. The million hoodie march in NYC was March 21st. 27 Libra is opposite 1992 QB1 at 27 Aries, and sextile the Galactic Center, 27 Sagittarius.

    When I first read the PW Small Stories article about 1992 QB1 and her lack of a name, I thought she ought to be named Gogyeng Sowuhti, Spider Grandmother of the Hopi.

    One thing that stood out was “While 1992 QB1 does not have a name, its temporary designation led to a specific class of orbiting objects, the Cubewanos (Q-B-1-o’s).

    Cubewanos, according to current guidelines, are planets beyond the orbit of Pluto that (under the astronomical naming guidelines) get named for gods of creation, ascension and resurrection. Plutinos (planets with orbits more similar to Pluto, in the range of 250 years) are named for underworld deities from various cultures. However, 1992 QB1 appears to have archetypal similarities with both classes of planets. She seems to be a bridge between the ‘underworld’ and the ‘world of creation’. ”

    From The Fourth World of the Hopi by Frank Courlander


    From Be’s earlier comments re the Trayvon charts

    “I feel that (don’t laugh) maybe these two people were possibly brothers in another lifetime and that they are here to teach us something we need to learn now.”

    Be, I think in some way these two people are brothers in THIS lifetime, and they will teach those who are able to listen and open their hearts. The Spider Grandmother stories also feature twins, and teach the Hopi cosmology, history, values, and spiritual practice.

    This is what Martha Lang Wescott says about the asteroid Hopi.

    “HOPI: Attack or ambush; contact with knives/cutting; corn-based foods; culture; deep-seated defense feathers; indigenous peoples; memories and behavioral inclinations; minority groups; Native American peoples; perceptions; snakes and ambushes (inc. psychological); territorial claims and disputes”

    In the event chart of 2/26/12 Hopi is at 13 Scorpio, forming an exact T-square with Trayvon’s(13 Leo) and Zimmerman’s(13 Aquarius) natal Ceres positions.

    Fe, it’s interesting you tie the nascent women’s movement of 160 years ago to what is happening today. There are so many aspects and hot spots on the celestial zodiac wheel that reverberate from 1848, 1960, and 2012. Uranus, Pluto, Neptune, Eris, Saturn, the North Node, Mars, Ceres, Vesta, Pallas, and Juno. One chart that fascinates me is the noon chart for the day Elizabeth Cady Stanton first drafted the Declaration of Sentiments and the planning of the Seneca Falls convention took place. (July 16, 1848, Waterloo, NY 76w52 42n54)

    Neptune: 2 Pisces in July of 1848 and April 2012, Chiron 0 Pisces, Mars 2 Pisces in April 1960. NN in 1848 and 1960, 23 Virgo.

    Eris: 1848 1 Pisces (conjunct Neptune), 1960 9 Aries, square 2012 Pluto 9 Capricorn, 2012 22 Aries conjunct 1848 Uranus 22 Aries. 1848 Pluto 27 Aries, 2012 QB1 27 Aries.

    Oh, and Be, thank you for correcting my Merc Rx moment re May 20th, it’s not Mars clearing the shadow phase(that’s June 20th, thanks!) it’s the Gemini new moon at 0 Gemini! And an eclipse, too. Hey, we have Gemini new moon at 28 Gemini on June 19th. How often are there two new moons in the same sign? I guess it is somehow connected to eclipses? Is there a name for that, like a blue moon? A blue new moon? 2006 seems to be the last time this happened. I’m still feeling the Sagittarius eclipses from late last year.

    This year, WOW! Hang on and find some enjoyment in the ride!

  9. This is all so spot on. Especially (well, maybe not especially but certainly.)

    I live in a place that was introduced and at once decimated by … Speed. Cash. Forgetting.

    I never felt it so strongly as did a couple of weeks ago. Though it has been a common background refrain. The grandfathers and grandmothers are WORRIED. They were born on the land, they lost their own chidlren, and now they wonder about their grandchildren. (And some of these generations intersect.) There is a word for that phenomenon – about a huge chasm between two generations. But it escapes me.

    They worry about their grandchildren because their grandchildren are absent form the web of their people’s history. Some sweeper may as well have come forth and swept all those life-webs away… But that sweeper is not a person you can take out in a covert operation.

    I’m hoping, in the next few months, to bring together the elders and the youth to discuss: what happens when that diamond mine closes and that money and speed (fastness) and crack has run out… But I am not really sure that the young people have any concept of thinking about the land… Because the in-between generation has also shown me they barely remember how to think that way… Their ancestors were removed from their thought process.

    To think in ancestor terms… I’m sorry. This reminds me of the fact that I spoke only French until I was five. I learned English. And eventually I thought in English. So, in that scenario, I would have to be devoted to teach myself to think in French again.

    That is minor in relation to re-learning or re-training that would have to happen here.

    I know I am partially missing the point. Perhaps I am still in mourning. But I imagine one has to snap out of that…

    Thanks, Fe. Always keeping me thinking.

  10. Fe, it is you who provides us the inspiration to get inspired. I really think Brendan says it best, that this is one of your finest writings and they are always excellent. I am so sure you have got the right perspective, “We Are Our History”, which requires that we step back from our immediate problems and concerns so as to see our place along the time line.

    The quote from Sekou Sundiata, that “our ancestors dreamed us into being” was so prophetic and I couldn’t help but think that we will be somebody’s ancestors one day. Now THAT is inspiring!

    I just read Alex Miller’s article on the Trayvon Martin killing and he has worked long and hard to connect the dots (and there are lots of them) between asteroids, blackholes and what have you to the charts of Trayvon, Zimmerman and even the town of Sanford. Perhaps it’s not important, but I was looking for a specific asteroid called Hidalgo but didn’t find it there. Hidalgo the asteroid was named after the Spanish priest “who led the first major revolution of peasants and Indians against the Spanish overlords” in the 1800’s in Mexico. This asteroid was located at 18 Sagittarius 46, conjunct Pholus (small cause big effect) and Ixion (2nd chance) on the day Trayvon was killed. It formed a mutable cross with Hekate, the underworld dwelling witch, in opposition, and they both squared Mars in Virgo and Hermes and Atropos in Pisces. Like the people Sekou Sundiata spoke of, Hidalgo’s followers in the Mexican Revolution suffered from oppressive treatment. In Zimmerman’s chart Hidalgo is conjunct Terpsechore (dance) at 1+ Sagittarius, opposite Hades (what we hate to look at) in Gemini and they square Magdalena in Pisces and Sisyphus in Virgo. On 2/26 and still today, Zimmerman’s Hidalgo was square transiting Neptune.

    Trayvon’s Hidalgo at 23 Scorpio 51 was less than 4 degrees from his natal Nessus and on the day he died, transiting Nessus was squaring them both at 23 Aquarius 48. Hidalgo was no myth. He was a real-life liberator for the Mexican people and today is a patron saint of Mexico. Most of us feel some type of oppression and many of us are ready for revolution, if that’s what it takes. Even as individuals we might, if not seeing things clearly, feel the need to take up arms against some evil and single-handedly fight our own private war. It is sad to see the results of the actions of these deluded souls but perhaps this time in this Aquarian Age our revolution will be fought without guns, but words and actions. Our future generations could look back at us, their ancestors and marvel at how brave we were, how courageous.

    Alex’s article: http://www.daykeeperjournal.com/2012/04/the-trayvon-martin-killing/
    Hidalgo sites:

  11. Fe – truly, this is one of your best. A call to action, to shift away from the materialism of money (and things) and look to our true wealth, ourselves.

    Merci, ma bonne sœur!

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