Astrology Today: Oracle for Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Libra weekly for Feb. 14, 2003.

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The better things become, the more you recognize that there is a problem you have not dealt with. Just what it means to deal with this problem, however, is the question. It might be summed up in the contradiction: how can I feel so good when there is so much pain in the world? What right to I have do feel so alive? I suspect you have noticed the beauty and poignancy of the human dramas now unfolding in the world around you, and in your private world. Imagine that your role is simply to feel. That can be anything from an anti-war statement to a bold quest for liberation in a relationship to a solution to a family crisis. The problem you’ve inherited is trying to feel and not feel at the same time — to keep your feelings in the next room, or in a proverbial heart-shape box.

Note, The Oracle is a random selection from the Eric Francis horoscope archives. Each day we publish one entry from among the 10,000 in our database. It’s a little slice of horoscope history — but chosen by our Oracle program, which always speaks to the present moment. New horoscopes are published each Friday plus twice a month in Planet Waves subscriber edition and Planet Waves Light. And for your annual reading, check out Light Bridge.

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