Astrology Today: Oracle for Monday, March 3, 2014

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Virgo weekly for April 1, 2011

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You have some amazing new opportunities opening up, but to take advantage of them will require trust on a level that you may have experienced only at rare moments of your life. Remember that all trust is trust in yourself; the reason is that no matter where or in whom or what circumstances you may invest it, you have to trust your decision to do so. So it all comes back to you. If people are offering you opportunities that seem way outside what you have ever considered possible, you’re going to need confidence in order to make the most of them. Despite the startlingly quick turns of developments, I suggest you consider the next few weeks a test phase. You don’t need to make ‘final’ commitments about the future — only about what you’re willing to explore right now. Therefore, you can go in as deeply as you want, remembering that everything is an experiment.

Note, The Oracle is a random selection from the Eric Francis horoscope archives. Each day we publish one entry from among the 10,000 in our database. It’s a little slice of horoscope history — but chosen by our Oracle program, which always speaks to the present moment. New horoscopes are published each Friday plus twice a month in Planet Waves subscriber edition and Planet Waves Light.

3 thoughts on “Astrology Today: Oracle for Monday, March 3, 2014”

  1. Venus leaves the shadow phase of her retrograde today (28’15” Cap), as Venus & Mars are within a degree of square. I’m reminded of Len’s essay from November in which he talked about the way that during Venus’s retrograde period, choosing to be here (in the form of a drawn-out “Long Dance”), would be important to all of us. Also, that morning, I had my dream about Ceres in which I died and had to choose life.

    Looking back, I can see so many ways in which I actively chose life over non-living, much of which was not easy and has created uncertainty in so many aspects of my existence. But, as our dear Ericle is pointing out, those uncertainties are making way for amazing new opportunities.

    So much of the time, you just have to do the work — choosing to live, every moment — not knowing what will come. It does take a great deal of trust, but when you can do it, life becomes beautiful.

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