Astrology Today: Oracle for Monday, February 3, 2013

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Virgo weekly for March 18, 2006

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It must be challenging living at the whims of others, but you’ve been a bit whimsical yourself lately – or so it seems from the outside. People close to you would love to know a little more about what you’re going through. Listen and you’ll see and feel that close partners and loved ones understand you a lot better than you may be giving them credit for. This includes having a space in themselves for the aspects of yourself that you claim not to understand. You may have your reasons not to believe that this is so, but you have even better reasons to accept the acknowledgement you need.

Note, The Oracle is a random selection from the Eric Francis horoscope archives. Each day we publish one entry from among the 10,000 in our database. It’s a little slice of horoscope history — but chosen by our Oracle program, which always speaks to the present moment. New horoscopes are published each Friday plus twice a month in Planet Waves subscriber edition and Planet Waves Light.

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