Astrology Today: Oracle for Monday, February 10, 2013

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Scorpio weekly for April 27, 2007

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Those born under your sign are typically too conservative to express their full potential in the world. Though few would associate Scorpio with any kind of reticence or prolonged hesitation, I don’t need to convince you. But what I may need to convince you of is that the idea that is currently exploding in your heart and soul, and moreover the feeling of freedom that is coming with it, is something to mount like the white tiger and ride like the master you are. You have not waited this long merely to remain pure of heart, or to live a life unsullied by ever having made the wrong choice. There was a time when you used to love making mistakes, because they were proof that you were trying passionately. But that is who you are, not who you were.

Note, The Oracle is a random selection from the Eric Francis horoscope archives. Each day we publish one entry from among the 10,000 in our database. It’s a little slice of horoscope history — but chosen by our Oracle program, which always speaks to the present moment. New horoscopes are published each Friday plus twice a month in Planet Waves subscriber edition and Planet Waves Light.

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