Astrology Today: Oracle for Saturday, November 3, 2012

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Capricorn weekly for June 18, 2010

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It turns out that honoring leadership is a theme of many astrological signs these days; Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius all have significant movement in their 10th solar house. So while you have company on the leadership council, which by the way suggests strongly that a team approach to leadership is the way to go, nobody else but Capricorn has Saturn about to cross their 10th house cusp. This has a quality of ‘the buck stops here’, though the involvement of Libra puts a strong emphasis on cooperation, balance and an elegant approach to problem solving. But more than anything the implication is that you must be prepared to take responsibility for what you have created, and for what you intend to create. Nobody can have this transit without some big plans, so while you are getting yourself organized, think for the long run.

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