Wikileaks website. Data source is Whois Directory.

For those who are new to astrology or think you’re inexperienced, I still encourage you to have a go at this chart. Just take a breath, click “comment” and type what you see. We will post a directory to the glyphs soon.

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  1. Here is a preview of tomorrow’s Planet Waves Astrology News.

    This 2005 report was a rare example where it was clear what happened: the Marines were called in to quell demonstrations, and did so by opening fire on unarmed civilians, killing 37 and injuring 10. This is what we’re not supposed to know about. We’re probably also not supposed to know that the military’s jargon word for unidentified “person” or “persons” killed is PAX — the universal Latin word for peace. It is worth meditating on the crude, vicious cynicism of this as a way of glimpsing the military’s state of mind.

    Earlier this week, I asked Carol van Strum, one of our editors and part of the legal team that trained me in corporate document analysis, to dip into the database and tell me what she saw. Here is the text of her first reply.

    “Here’s what I did, for what it’s worth: looked at the first and last ten entries in several categories, and noted the following: 1) The absolutely insanely, improbably vast ratio between enemy killed and civilians killed (e.g., repeated air strikes on populated areas resulting in many enemy killed, but zero civilians); 2) Numerous discrepancies between the text reports and the accompanying charts, e.g., text reporting two enemy killed, chart listing zero; text reports eight enemy killed, chart lists 50 enemy killed; text reports 60 civilians killed, chart lists zero. Even to themselves and each other, military reports are unquestionably glossing over or lying about civilian casualties.”

    Carol found this example of an air strike on a populated area where the Army reported 67 killed — all of them allegedly enemy combatants, but with no combatants wounded, and no civilians killed or injured. “A striking, consistent discrepancy is that the ratios of killed to wounded is preposterous, with frequent reports of many killed and none wounded,” she wrote. “Either they’re killing everything/everyone in sight, which would have to include civilians, or they’re making up numbers like in a Monsanto dioxin study.”

    Here is another example of an air strike on a populated area where 17 “enemy combatants” are killed, none are injured, and no civilians are killed or injured. One potential reason for a “kill everyone and let God sort them out” policy would be to leave no witnesses who could testify to what happened.

    From doing this preliminary research into the Afghan War Diary, it is clear that WikiLeaks intended to provide the media with a resource to conduct primary source research, rather than the usual policy of reprinting press releases or writing articles based on quotes from Pentagon briefings.

  2. Kitty,

    There is a long tradition of pamphleteering in the United States in particular, and some say the American Revolution was won with posters and leaflets as well as musket balls.

    As a lifelong journalist, I see little evidence of the ‘4th estate’. The newspapers have always come along for the ride (quoting Bob Dylan in “Hurricane”), almost always rallying around the flag and telling the many lies necessary for waging war. Some have had a better appearance of credibility. Some have made a point to abuse that in particular. I suggest you familiarize yourself with the environmental crimes of New York Times and Keith Schneider. Here is a link from one of my websites.

    While I’m at it, here is something sure to disappoint Malcolm Gladwell fans. Here is a link:

    There are occasional coups amidst a lot of yellow journalism. Even the best in the mainstream media buy into some of the biggest lies or cannot step out because it would be off with their talking heads: so far as I hear them, Olbermann, Maddow, Stewart, some of the best we have on television, all buy into “Osama bin Laden did Sept. 11.”

    What happened this week was unusual, it was special and it was the use of many different tools to effect a goal; and yesterday the House approved $59B in funding for the wars, as if to make a point.

    And we have to take the tools that we have and make the points that need to be made, we need to involve ourselves with the media, and in the words Jell-o, we need to become the media.

  3. efc: “Mockingbirds also seem to have a sense of humor. I get it, anyway.”

    It was the humming that finally catches up with me, rolling down to the bottom of the dream, so far down that I can’t tell where it leaves off and I begin. “Here are the three states,” she says, “Sleep, Dream and Wakefulness. And no, they are not at all separate, but roil one throughout the others, like strands of chocolate in the ethereal halvah of your mind.” She laughs in my sleep, as the crimson at her throat turns smoke-blue. Pulling in from the edges, she crinkles up like a wadded valentine, then smooths out again into the mockingbird. Twaddle, the mocker assigned to our address, sits just outside the window, rocking back and forth on his rudimentary feathers. “Was that you?” I ask. He cocks his head and glints from the branch. Apparently not. “But what about Death?” I am probing for the source of the sound, but rising swiftly through the blue fog, the humming has clotted into the shoopshoop of feathery skedaddle.

    From one of my abandoned books.


  4. hmmm…. mockingbirds just do what mocking birds do…. maybe it is humans with the sense of humor?

    I had a mockingbird living outside my bedroom window in a rental house once, he used to piss me off — at 3am he would go at it…. and I would trip out on him until 6 am when he would go to sleep and my alarm clock would ring….

  5. oh, and speaking of detectives… I just read Amanda Painter’s post on Cosmic Confidential… it is wicked clever…. if you havent seen it already, check it out….

  6. KittyJ, your post gave Me goosebumps!

    I saw that Mercury in Scorpio too! but, not the square to Chiron in the 8th… isnt that a bit of the detective?!!

    question: does the current Jupiter/Pluto square generally play into a new form of publishing — underground movement expanding its reach internationally…

  7. Previously, uncovering and reporting the hidden facts would have been the responsibility of the Fourth Estate. That was one of the intended purposes/benefits of the Bill of Rights to the US Constitution: freedom of the press, a primary vehicle for making sure that the government and other vested interests were not able to squash the rights and interests of the people.

    The news media has been absorbed by the corporate world, and news has become synonymous with entertainment, for the purpose of making money and keeping consumers distracted and overwhelmed. The result has been that “we the people” have been wallowing in a stupor for years now, passively accepting what we’ve been fed.

    The “new and improved” (and I’m thinking “newly empowered”) Wikileaks as an information source has the potential to sidestep all the news media and their corporate masters and the governmental bureaucracy – and bring the information directly to the people. There seems to be an energy developing here, people reaching out to this source, actively engaging with it, and wanting more, which tells me that something in the mass consciousness may have shifted. I’m getting goosebumps thinking about it.

    BTW, Shanna mentioned the Sabian symbolism for 29 Gemini, “The first mockingbird of spring sings from the tree top.”

    The thing to remember about mockingbirds is, they speak in many voices, they are loud, and they never shut up.

  8. 2nd Money – Resources.

    War Profit Litany by Ginsberg.

    Trace minerals worth what, $1 trillion? Needed for “green” technology? Uzbekistan oil pipeline, initial impetus.

    Obama is not prosecuting the war. My Grandpa Sam, born April 15, told me, “The president of the United States is a figurehead.” We know that…

  9. Money? Obama continues to prosecute this war for mere *money?* I have my doubts.

    The oil monoligopoly means business. I have a friend who engineered zero-point energy technology in the 1980s. He has had more than a dozen attempts on his life. I suspect that Mr. Obama was reminded that he had two little girls who were *never* beyond reach.

    When Ingrid Betancourt (of the 6-year kidnapping) made her senatorial debut in Colombia (early 90s) she had to send her children out of the country. She was a serious political candidate, engaged in amazing anti-corruption work, and within a month after garnering her first federal seat was threatened by Colombian Federal *police.*

    After sending her husband and kids to Paris she continued toward the presidency –with a very strong early showing in the polls. So her kidnapping was arranged.

    (And then it was “unarranged.” Ahem.)

    The axiom used to be that ‘the mill of God grinds slowly, but exceedingly fine.’ The mill has apparently be re-set to “Turbo.” I doubt the molasses-consistency of blood money can slow it down for long.

  10. Eric,
    Very, very goood. Been trying to get somebody to see this. It’s not just money. It’s the most powerful form of money. Under the table money. There are few things more powerful than money that is off the books. It’s just like Vietnam. It’s about the opium.
    Feel free to feel sick. Been feeling that way myself for decades. Uncle Sam is a drug dealer. Bottom line.

  11. “We so rarely ask: if the US is spending $8 billion to $12 billion a month on Afghanistan and Iraq, who is getting the money? Who, as in what are their names and what do they eat for dinner? Why do we never hear about them?”

    Thank you Eric!

    I have scratched my head my entire life wondering why when “we” talk about the cost of war and when “we” joke about the million dollar rolls of toilet paper – why do “we” never ask for the actual WHOs collecting those dollars to be identified.

    That is the multi-truckload question.

    When American Chrysler share-holders realize it is NOT them that is getting the pay-back dividends then the cost of war will seem less friendly. Except for those who never put that two-n-two together at all (that investing in killer-corporations kills their very own sons’n’daughters literally.)

  12. And where is the money?

    Transiting Chiron conjunct that Moon (ruler of the 2nd, placed in the 10th) is a clue that this is all about money. Government money. Which is public (Moon) money. Which is veiled in the “fog of war” (Pisces).

    Why the fuck is this war persisting????

    M O N E Y. For those involved it is a huge cash cow.

    For Barack, with the Sun opposite Damocles, I am sure they made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. All those international secrets (Chiron-Nessus 8th/9th) about death (8th) that Mercury is leaning on, and all those contracts (8th) concealed behind the thin veil of Aquarian populism, hide a vast fortune of money. Truckloads of the stuff, literally.

    We so rarely ask: if the US is spending $8 billion to $12 billion a month on Afghanistan and Iraq, who is getting the money? Who, as in what are their names and what do they eat for dinner? Why do we never hear about them?

    In this sense, Wikileaks has scratched the obvious surface of the story; it has cracked the veneer.

  13. Well, yes, Eric. Was just trying to put a good word in for the tenacity of a Libra Mars.

    After all that blather, you’re right: Mercury is the key here. It’s all about what you know, right? Who’s secrets do you share? Looks like a game of poker. What do you hold? And what do you fold?

  14. Another quick thought, Len:

    Initiating houses in Mutable signs, but Fixed houses in Cardinal signs = stuck on the pioneer track, even as it appears to flex for you.

    I remember Eric’s lesson from David Roell, “It’s all about the houses.”

  15. how about that Scorpio Mercury, applying in a square to Chiron/Nessus 8th/9th?

    With Gemini in the AC that Mercury is a key player and it tells us what this chart is about.

  16. You know, I would have taken that 11th house at face value (fights for an ideal) before I would have thought about the upcoming Full Moon. Again, you remind me a natal chart is not the static picture we first see. There’s a little story playing out there, even as this company got registered.

    As it is, the Libra Mars is in a 3 degree opposition to Eris up there. Controlled chaos? Ha. And Sun opposed Aries 11th cusp. Clearly trying to split the difference between going one’s own way and going one’s own way. 🙂

    But note the 4th house grounded in the earth sign of Virgo. Juno/SN/Vesta there has me thinking about whatsisname’s previous experience as a hacker.

    Wonder where Makemake is running around here?

  17. Shanna,
    So that explains the placement of the MC and that the 11th house cusp is where the Full Moon is about to happen? Frankly, detecting some grit in the idealism from this perch.

  18. No, I think this 5th house is dedicated to playing “fair”, or at least trying to even up the odds. Note the diplomacy-loving and steely Mars in Libra planted there.

    The Sun is dedicated to autonomy. Doesn’t want to partner –at least knows that’s where the gamble is– in other people. Advantage is to invest instead in broad, impersonal connections (8th house POF in Aquarius). Inherits the pain/exploitation of other people’s experiences (also 8th house Chiron/Nessus). Aquarius, mass technology. Saturn in Leo. Does this echo a bounded identity? 2nd house– Wikileaks prefers it this way?

  19. Your tech note is well taken, Eric. With houses (unlike signs) there is a gradient as one approaches the cusp. My Freudian error of assigning Venus as the ruler to the 4th house (instead of Mercury) should have been the alarm clock going off for me but as per my comment about waking fols up – it appears that i resemble that remark. So, this 5th house is a little kinky, eh? You think it comes from the top, so to speak?

  20. well, i just looked at this now and im half asleep and i dont know squat about wikileaks and not much more about astrology — but the first thing i saw was moon (public image) in 9th house (publishing) conjunct Uranus (technology, surprises) 10th house reputation (very wide orb) in Pisces (merging, dissolving boundaries)

  21. Tech note — that Sun/BML (osculating apogee or Black Moon Lilith) is as 5th as it gets. It’s well within the five degree range, and it’s it’s hugging the cusp, and it’s the 5th sign from the ascendant — Gem to Lib

  22. Eric,

    That is extremely bizarre that you mentioned the chart of the Reichstag fire. My best friend and I were on the phone late last night and the Reichstag fire came up in conversation. In fact, I looked up its chart online to see what I could learn about it. I would really be interested to read what you have to say about that chart at some point.


  23. Cool, Len.

    I like the Black Moon Lilith as the Sun’s conjoined twin. And Venus nearby, too boot. This is a great image of someone who values autonomy at the heart of their identity.

  24. emily! Top drawer! First rate! If you ever need anyone to carry your OED, please consider me.

    As to the chart – Since the ascendant is well jumped on, let’s look at the Moon in the first degree of Pisces (where Chiron has just burned a hole in the stage) very nearly trine the ascendant. Luna is coming off a conjunction with Neptune (9th house, ruled by Saturn) and is heading for one with Uranus (10th house, ruled by Jupiter). From obfuscation to explosion in front of dog and everybody. However with BML conjunct the Sun 4th house, ruled by Venus) just before the Full Moon and Pluto in the dark below the descendant (6th house, ruled by Jupiter), it’s an uphill battle to get folks to notice that the empowerer has no clothes. Whenever you try to wake people up you are going to encounter resistance.

  25. susyc– Those empty houses (actually, there are asteroids, etc. probably in them) on the left side give this chart a right-hand dominant, so to speak, emphasis. The vertical axis right side of the chart tells us about our receptive experiences. This is a big generalization, but it’s good to note an overall pattern in a chart.

    So, we can guess this chart is about a person/entity that is more receptive (or experiences the world as a receiver) than a left-dominant creative/active/initiating.

    That gives us some clue about the empty houses.

    Next, you would look to the planets/objects “ruled” or associated with each of those empty houses: Taurus/Venus, Gemini/Mercury, Cancer/the Moon. Each of these are busy on the right side of the chart. It’s like they took a walk over to a neighbor’s house. What are they doing there? Who are they talking with? Does it look like these conversations are easy, cozy chats, where the sympathy’s so obvious that no one asks questions (trines, sextiles –the green and blue lines)?, or negotiations (square, oppositions –the red, purple lines) where everyone is asking questions?

    You’ll see lots of green lines connecting Air signs (Libra/Aquarius). Lots of information and ideas predominate. And the Ascendant is also an Air sign (Gemini). Which numbers connect with which? Are they same number? (Degree) Or very close? How “intimate” are these conversations?

    I also think it’s interesting the Moon’s placement: 0+ Pisces, which Chiron just passed over.

    If this helps, yea! If not…carry on.

  26. Maybe we should call this the “Crack Degree”. As in, 1) it cracks open another story, and 2) you’re smokin’ if you take this event at face value.

    The Sabian symbol for 28+ Gemini:

    Gemini 29: The first mockingbird of spring sings from the tree top.

    This reminds me of one of Chiron’s many skills –the canary in the coal mine.

  27. Correct again. The Moon was not only in the same degree for both the Banda Aceh quake and the Sept. 11 strike, it was within one quarter of a degree. Just to give you an idea, it’s in that zone of the sky 12 times a year for about 30 minutes each time. So whether that was “pure chance” or “stunning synchronicity,” it’s pretty interesting. Six hours a year scattered randomly…and it comes up for the two biggest events of the decade. One is supposedly natural. One is supposedly artificial.

    Now that degree comes up again in the Wikileaks chart, where it appears for 4 minutes every 24 hours. That is how fast a degree moves through the ascendant.

    I don’t know the connection to the quake and tsunami, though at the time I observed that it appeared to have been set off by oil drilling.

    The Wikileaks development is pointing to: someone spills the beans on 9-11. That is the elephant in the room. We don’t really know the truth about 9-11. Even Keith Olbermann still blames Osama bin Laden, which is a ridiculous notion given that he’s basically a guerilla warrior who was running a scrubby resistance faction against the Russians on the ground. He orchestrated the highjacking of four jet liners — the very day of military exercises — like I run France from my kitchen.

  28. somewhere somewhere on this site i came across a list of the glyphs and what they stood for… i was sure i’d printed it, too. but i’ve moved a gazillion times. can you link to it, please?


  29. Okay I’m not posting the Bad Vibes Chart of the 2nd Millennium — the Reichstag Fire — but instead I’m posting the chart for the Wikileaks website. The Internet is cool in that (at least in some cases) you can look up the time that a Web domain was registered, right in a directory called Whois — the main registry of info associated with a website. It’s not a chart for the corporation or for a business, but it’s a good starting point if the entity is Web-based, and this chart has something super duper uber interesting going on. That something is in the degree of the ascendant — the very degree — which came up with the same feature in two positively huge charts of the past decade.

    Can anyone say which? Clue: two of THE most significant news events between 2001 and 2005 had this degree prominent.

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