Weekend Astrology: Eclipse Bobs and Bits: Varuna and Eris

Just when I thought I had nothing left to say about Sunday’s eclipse (I’ve been writing about it since Cosmic Confidential), I found the chart for Friday’s weekly horoscope and noticed that I have not mentioned Varuna anywhere. And I haven’t mentioned Eris, either.

The eclipse Sunday is conjunct Varuna. It is a two-degree conjunction — pretty close. It’s all the more significant in that Varuna is currently square Eris; that’s to say Eris is square the eclipse. Said another way, the eclipse alignment is Juno, Moon, Sun, Varuna (in a conjunction in Cancer) — square Eris (in Aries).

Varuna is a planet worth knowing about. Here is the Small World Stories writeup. Just reading the lead of that article, methinks, hmmmmmm gee whiz. I forgot about that. Here is a sample:

My keywords for Varuna include the great equalizer. Though it may not seem reassuring, he is often depicted carrying a noose. He warns us that life and death are under the purview of God, and we need to respect that and act ethically while we are on Earth. One of Varuna’s themes, both astrological and mythological, is the punishment of liars and those who do not honor contracts.

This being said, Varuna does not seem to be patriarchal or even domineering, but rather something that works on our own level and responds in a direct way to real human needs. I think of Varuna as a force that we invoke personally; we ask for the help of this seemingly invisible energy, and it responds.

So this eclipse is conjunct Varuna. As for a moment of backstory, Varuna was discovered in 2000 and was considered so significant that it was given minor planet number 20,000. It is named after the pre-Vedic god of law, order and justice. Properly it is referred to as (20000) Varuna. In case you like to get wonky about planets, its original designation was 2000 WR 106 discovered by a R. McMillan of Spacewatch Team (the guys who try to protect the Earth from asteroid impacts, so they spend a lot of time gazing into space). It is a classical Kuiper Belt Object, with an orbit of just over 282 years. That’s to say, it’s just outside of Pluto’s orbit.

Given the extent to which the eclipse is about shakeups and rearrangements in relationships, this involvement of both Varuna and Eris is pretty interesting. I could say a lot about this — I’m a little too fatigued to get too deep here but I want to point it out. My theory here is that we can do two things, in harmony with this astrology. One is that we can suspend and go beyond the power drama that characterizes so many relationships. This is the Varuna factor. The power drama often includes jealousy, as I elaborated in today’s edition. And jealousy, beyond being a ‘natural enough’ response, is often abused as a cudgel to pound one another into submission in relationships. Reading the signs and symbols I am here to tell you that there is an alternative.

Next: the square to Eris is about reintegrating a cast-off part of ourselves. I will leave you with an archive pick, called Calling Home the Castaway Woman. Note, this is premium content from 2008. This will give you a hint about Eris. The relationship to Varuna and the eclipse is: I think that jealousy is based on casting off part of ourselves, that then finds a home in a projection into someone else; and when that is threatened, we tend to go bonkers from jealousy.

Here is a little something more about that: an article from earlier in the year called The One and The Many. At the bottom of this article are links to many other resources, if you catch the wind of this theme over our total solar eclipse weekend.

Catch you soon.

love and lovingly —


15 thoughts on “Weekend Astrology: Eclipse Bobs and Bits: Varuna and Eris”

  1. Carrie,

    Well said and in total agreement.

    The superficiality with which both men and women (today) consider “sex workers” (for example) goes against my personal grain but might (today) be considered the archetype of Lililth.

    I agree that what she represents goes far deeper than just sex-for-sale – and that Marion Zimmer-Bradley expressed it quite well.

    (Really love the Mysts of Avalon book; made for tv movie too. Not great film-making, but lots of good stuff in the writing.)

    Lilith has always been my hero – never been sure why but then recently began working in ernest at learning planets/astrology/mythology and there she is sitting on natal Aries Zero. And near enough to Mercury to whisper in his ear – so I presume she’s got something to say.

    Speaking of it – the men I have experienced as most whole (and fun to be with) are not remotely afraid of “pussy” – rather they embrace us and do not fear other men (or women) in their worship of the feminine side of both (men and women).

    I suppose here on PW that’s stating the obvious.

    Really appreciate how you discussed Lilith, Carrie. Thank you.

    The Eclipse Air around here seems to be full of World Cup whoops and hollars. For what they’re worth…?

  2. Lillith and her submission only to self reminds me of a part of Mysts of Avalon where author Marion Zimmer Bradley wrote (to paraphrase) that Morgaine and the women surrendered to the life force within themselves in the service of the Goddess and God; that life force which all people have which is called desire. Lillith was a woman unafraid of her own lust and desire; the patriarchal mindset fears her because men fear their ability to keep up with her desire and her ability (and perhaps desire) to have more than one man.

    Lillith also represents every man’s fear of the hold female pussy has on him hence she must be made the villain in the retelling of her story through the lens of male dominance. Hers is the life force, the unashamed lust, the feminine desire for pleasure and the unwillingness to be restrained for that desire.

    In my experience I have found that both women and men fear a lustful woman. Guys would fantasize about a sexually aggressive woman but when it came right down to it, they were not happy if they were actually confronted with one. Women fear her because she represents a sexual freedom and honesty they are not ready to embrace.

    Just my two cents on the subject of Lillith, etc.

  3. PS
    So for me, Lilith represents feminine sexuality that is without submissiion to any other than Self.

  4. Clara,

    My reading on LIlith indicates to me that her story was and is mis-used by various religions to frighten women into being sumissive or “good” aka women that submit to men and are primarily child-bearers (non-sexual beings).

    Lilith was very sexual, every version of story seems to agree that she dumped Adam because he would not treat her as a sexual equal. She then coupled with an angel/demon. In one version, she was cursed to see a hundred – or three – of her sons perish every day…..seems to be she was not barren after all ……. in her anguish she then became the killer of other women’s (Eve’s decendants I suppose) children – although in jewish-lore she agreed not to harm children who were “protected”. So even in her tremendous anguish she did not unilaterally destroy.

    What we can know for sure is that she was a sexual being – and that she was punished for being this. In some myths it was she who came to men in the night – to explain away, I suppose, their erotic dreams.

    Well, I am no scholar but hugely interested in Lilith, so I look forward to any new posts concerning her back-story and forward-story.


  5. Thanks Eric for noting Eris’ role (yet again) in the times we live in….Your entire coverage of the eclipse has been spot on, and I have found myself being pleasantly surprised and grateful frankly, for the information. I have (surprisingly!) found myself in an opportunity to break jealousy patterns and shake the negative of Eris in last degree of 12th house/Pisces (one degree shy of the Aries Point). It is UP for me and being who I am and owning myself, in all my imperfect glory and hotness! I most definitely have been made aware (thanks to you and my diligent studies) of what the climate is, and how I can MOVE THROUGH it and evolve at this critical juncture.


    ‎”The individual has always had to struggle to keep from
    being overwhelmed by the tribe. To be your own man is a hard business.
    If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But
    no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.” *
    Rudyard Kipling

  6. Hi Chelsea:

    Hope your summer is Great.

    Please tell Eric that he did a fantastic job on the Midyear audio
    report. He sounds great; he is charming; he is warm and funny; he is
    an understated, generous, balanced expert who is a great leader. He
    is the real thing.

    Thank you, Eric.

    Pamela McMullen
    Portland, Oregon
    Excited Cancer

  7. I remember the article about the “castaway” from when it originally appeared, but it resonates even more for me now. I have Venus at 19 Cancer (in my 8th house, no less), so knowing now that in addition to the eclipse, I have Varuna and Eris to contend with, as well…I’m definitely going to keep in mind the notions of integration and equalization over the next few days. It’s been a wild ride for me over the last few months, and this feels like the climax of all that’s transpired. I’ll revisit this article from the archives again…like most women, I have to be reminded to own my whole self.

  8. “The hormonal instability and old baggage is making me weepy and fearful like a teenager and I don’t much like it because I have been the strong, stable one for a long time.”

    Carrie… look up ‘Rhodiola sacra’ (and R. rosea as a backstop). If what you see resonates with you, send me your address and I’ll mail you 2 ozs that I tinctured in 2008 which contains both roots.

    Or, if you want to buy the root and do this yourself, there’s always the fine purveyors at Tibetan Gold. Tell Seekverta hi for me.

    mystes…at humandala dot org, yes?


    “discinctaque in otia natus”
    …Born to lounge around in naked sloth.
    Ovid, Amores 1.9

  9. This whole thing is manifesting for me as insecurity, not jealousy. I don’t feel jealous in my marriage but I have made some changes recently that might actually work and they are causing me some insecurity. Not only is my Chiron Return in full swing (with all the emotional stuff that drags up) and my hormones changing (peri-menopause backwards-puberty-teenager stuff), but I am finally losing the weight I have carried for so long because of a diet that is actually working. The lack of food means my emotions are hovering at the surface more than ever before; feeling full all the time kept my feelings (those kind you feel in your stomach) at bay but now they are rumbling through me like a freight train. The hormonal instability and old baggage is making me weepy and fearful like a teenager and I don’t much like it because I have been the strong, stable one for a long time.

    My husband married me as a fat woman and he likes breasts…BIG breasts. Everything I have read about relationships that start out that way says that when the woman loses all the weight and becomes normal (read “attractive”) the husband gets very uncomfortable and they split up. My breasts get a LOT smaller when I am thinner; I worry about being attractive to my husband but I can no longer keep living under this weight that is part of my past baggage. My husband is losing weight too but he was thin when I married him and his weight ups and downs don’t worry me like mine do; I find him attractive no matter what he weighs.

    My husband is also getting his ADD diagnosed and treated which means our whole relationship is being shaken up. While I am glad that maybe I won’t have to bear the burden of doing all the thinking for both of us (having an ADD spouse does that to you) I am worried about how it will feel to both of us and how we will interact.

    Amidst all this, one of my twin daughters who will turn 18 this fall is chomping at the bit to become more independent and we want to allow her that but we may not be able to do it as quickly as she needs because of our finances. Both of the twins are also diagnosed ADD (at their request they got checked for it) and are considering natural remedies first and then medication second.

    We chose not to move to another state because of astrocartography and astrological considerations but we are changing in big ways so maybe it was good to remain here, despite the lack of teaching jobs for my husband.

    My husband’s mother, who never has given him her attention or help except when she wants him to be there for her suddenly gave him her old car. We needed a car right now and suddenly, out of the blue she changed her long-time behavior of treating him like an afterthought (and our kids as well) and gave him her car free and clear. We are both completely astounded because this was the woman that didn’t attend our wedding. Back when the twins were babies, we were being evicted from our duplex because the new owner wanted to live in it and his mother would not allow us to live in her empty second home (and pay rent) until we could save enough for a new place. This is the same car she bought in his birthday back in 1998 right when our only car had died and we were desperate to get a car; she called us and bragged about buying a new car when we had none and no bus service to get to work with three kids to support. This change in her is just amazing.

    All these changes are making me feel insecure. Yet they are inevitable, I cannot stop them and I don’t want to stop them because I feel like they are the outward manifestation of inward progress.

    Jealousy? Nope just insecurity…. but then they are related so in a round-about way, the above article fits.

  10. Eric, I’ve noted your reference to jealousy this week and in the article above. I don’t consider myself a jealous person. I may have moments of superficially envying those who seem to be skating unaffected through the challenges of this time frame, while I am very aware of being very anxious and full of tension – some days more than others. The planets are pushing my financial survival buttons – and the government is helping out with that as well. And, of course, my husband gets the brunt of my upset. Fortunately, he has strong shoulders! However, jealousy is not a strong motivator in my life – never has been. And yet, I can see as a Libra with Cancer rising, I am being challenged in all the interpersonal relationships in my life. I’m very glad I have Eric’s articles to keep me on course and balanced as best I can while we evolve into the future.

    I will be checking out the links you’ve offered and reading about Varuna and Eris and maybe find more of myself there to work with. God knows, we don’t want to live in denial of our authentic selves any longer. Sylvia

  11. Echoing “Kiwi Susie!” — this midyear reports IS astonishing.
    I found the Virgo report (natal) and the Sagittarius (moon) inspiring and comforting. Eric’s insights resonated with all my soul’s perambulations of late.
    Simply astonishing and a gift of immeasurable portions. I cannot thank you enough Eric for sharing your talents with us. You really rock.

    So in accordance with those insights:
    Yes this Virgo has to find a tribe that vibrates in kindred frequency.
    Yes I’m saying goodbye to ridiculous people who think they show their strength by being in my face.
    Yes I love to be surrounded by beauty, so I am diligently creating a sumptuous sanctuary from which to launch myself into the skies……..(I’m going to be blazing a trail right along side you Awordedgewise…..!!)
    Yes I have felt like a field left fallow, though I could also describe it (in the spirit of Cancer and water) as stagnate water that has needed an influx of fresh, flowing oxygenated H20 for a very. long. time.
    Yes I have shaken my world up BIG time since the winter solstice and though, like Carrie said in a post below (Stop Making Sense) I should be doing something but I don’t know what yet. All I can say to that impasse is that, while I attempt hold that uncertainty and give it room, I am also 100% certain that I AM going to plug into something — all in due course.

    Hold tight Carrie (and fellow Wavers who feel stuck or uncertain) and try and make some space for yourself, far from the madding crowd.

    So to tomorrow and a unique solar eclipse bang smack in the middle of a rare major global event. Quite neat I think. As tomorrow’s solar eclipse unfolds, I will be glued to a teevee screen in a very packed and excited pub, hoping that Spain gets to hoist the cup after the final! 😉 I actually don’t mind if Holland takes it, as both teams were my top two………nice call huh? Just wish I was with one of my brothers who will be watching it on huge screen, on a beach in Spain…….Ole!
    (Lucky sod……and he doesn’t even dig soccer like I do!)

    All the end of it all this is what I intend to be doing around 4:15EST tomorrow, somewhere in downtown Toronto!

    Love, y’all.

  12. what a great post. the article on eris is really valuable reading right now, especially for the ladies. and the connection to varuna makes this justice-obsessed libra sing with joy.

    note the god varuna’s dominion over the waterways of earth. if there were ever a time we needed water-related lies exposed and RESPONDED TO (as opposed to just exposed, as they are being daily now, if only people seemed to care), it is now.

  13. Faaak! Eric, this midyear report is absolutely astonishing. Folks, I’ve only listened to the intro, and I will listen to it several times – not got to the signs yet, but I have a sense of entering a three-day instructional ‘seminar’ – hugely insightful and relevant – and hugely encouraging and inspirational – all about the Now.
    This is more than worth the loot, this is incredible material and for subscribers it has to be obligatory. This is a huge transferance of knowledge, I think – And no I don’t work for Eric.
    What I’m saying is – since we’re all in this together – get this before the Eclipse if you can and as soon as you can anyway!
    I am very apprecative of this offering, Eric – I guess what I’m saying of course, is that it goes straight to the heart of it. What better can a soothsayer do?
    Cheers and hugs
    New Zealand

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