Wednesday Audio: Leo New Moon, Mercury & Healing Process

Good morning. Planet Waves weekly audio/podcast is done.

This edition covers the current aspects — particularly Mars, Venus and Vesta getting mixed up in the cardinal T-square. I then look at the coming New Moon on Aug. 9, which has the Sun and Moon conjunct Nemesis and Atlantis, opposite two minor planets — Damocles and Nessus. This is about how we address or don’t address our psychological abuse patterns, and how that in turn influences our lives.

In the third segment, I offer some opening thoughts on the forthcoming Mercury retrograde in Virgo (Aug. 20 to Sept. 12). These ideas include working with unfinished healing projects, as well as looking at how our self-criticism detrimentally influences our lives.

Below is the chart for the Venus ingress into Libra on Friday. I’ve removed the points that don’t describe the T-square, with some exceptions — I’ve left in the Sun, the Moon and Eris, as well as the Chiron-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius that I mention. A glyph key has been added at the top of every post. I suggest that you open this in a new window, or print it and put it up near your desk till you at least recognize all the planets and signs.

Eric Francis

PS, those who were participating in the basic astrology site, please see that post below. Thanks!

Venus ingresses Libra.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday Audio: Leo New Moon, Mercury & Healing Process”

  1. OMG, I just noticed, the ASC of this chart is 1o behind my N uranus 17o taurus…………..should be an interesting day!
    I applaud your efforts to get the word out to as many as you can. You are the Thomas Paine of the Astrological World!

  2. Eric,

    I love how you described the asteroids and centaurs in the t-square for the new moon and related it to what we are seeing in our world. It is a very sensitive and accurate reading….

    I am going straight to Serannu to view the full chart…. (love ;you Tracy xoxo)

    Prior to listening to the audio, I looked at the chart you posted and saw vesta, venus, saturn, mars in a sort of line up straddling the virgin and libra in the 5th opposing Uranus conjunct Jupiter in the 11th !!) ….. I thought

    “wow” if this isnt a picture of learning to recreate and revision an ideal of relationships that is based on self love, self-expresson and wholeness !!

    If we were to place it on the thera mundi chart it would change to 3rd and 4th houses?!

    Okay, Well…..

    Take care, enjoy your time/space dream vacation/expansion,

    Love and peace, brother,


  3. haha

    The Moon Also Rises. It rose in Seattle at 12:19 am, just past midnight.

    When mentioning something like moonrise, I only reference that locally. It’s not usually an astrologically significant event, though it’s one of those everyday miracles.

  4. Have a wonderful week away, Eric Francis!

    This piece deserves a couple more attentive listening sessions.

    My first time through, I find that the chart is a helpful visual. But I am stuck on the notion that all the planets in the top half (novice here, what is the term for this portion?) of the chart are retrograde and those on the bottom are direct. That seems to hold some significance, but I don’t know what it is or if it holds any weight.


  5. Hi Eric,

    I’ve looked at two different sources that indicate that there is no moon rise today yet they list a moon set time of 4:15 pm here in Seattle. I can’t seem to wrap my mind around that. If the moon is going to set it certainly must have risen? No? Can you help me to understand this.

    Thank You,

    Dave Ralph

    P.S. Due to having a dial up connection I haven’t had time to load & listen to the audio today. So if you happened to have mentioned this in the audio I would have missed it.

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